Summer has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s great news for the sun-lovers flocking to beach resorts. But what about those of us who want to beat the heat? If cool weather and even cooler destinations are more to your taste, read on for our pick of seriously chill travel spots.
Head to Norway for fjords, fun, and cooler temps.

1. Enjoy midnight sun in Norway

For a Scandinavian getaway, you can’t a-fjord to miss (not sorry), hop over to Norway. With long days, short nights, and no shortage of gorgeous nature, a summer trip here will be one well spent. From strolling down Oslo’s avenues to checking out Tromso’s jaw-dropping subarctic fjords in all their splendor, there’s something for every type of traveler (especially wannabe Vikings).

See the best of southwest Iceland on an 8-hour Golden Circle tour.

2. Explore the Land of Fire and Ice

Even in the summer months, this Nordic nation enjoys cool, temperate weather. Start your Icelandic tour in Reykjavik — the perfect place to admire modern architecture, check out a hip bar scene, and sample local cuisine. After you’ve explored the capital, check Iceland’s rugged landscape on a tour of the Golden Circle. If things get a little too chilly, you can always jump into the Blue Lagoon! This stunning thermal spring is sure to warm you up (and is perfect for even more gram-worthy snaps). Read more about things to do in Iceland here.

Take a full-day trip to Los Huemules Reserve, one of the most beautiful areas of El Chalten.

3. Dance around Argentina

It may be summer in the Northern Hemisphere, but the cold is starting to bite at the other end of the globe. If the idea of bundling up right now is all too appealing, take a trip to Argentina. You’ll fall in love with the vibrant spirit of the elegant capital, Buenos Aires. If urban jungles aren’t your thing, try trekking through El Chalten or channeling your inner Darwin on a boat tour through Beagle Channel.

Head for the hills in Switzerland for picture-perfect views among the mountains.

4. Take a hike in Switzerland

It may be summer in Switzerland, but if you climb high enough in the mountains you’ll be none the wiser. Make the picturesque yet buzzy city of Zurich your base for an epic trip into the Swiss Alps, where you’ll get up close and personal with glaciers and ice grottos. You might even need a pot of fondue to warm up afterward!

Bali is at it’s most pleasant from June to August.

5. Stay cool in Bali

Has your picture-perfect vacation to Bali but been put off by the island’s sweltering weather? From June through August, the island enjoys cooler weather, where you’ll find the heat and humidity much easier to manage. After you’ve enjoyed the hustle and bustle of Kuta, head up to breezy Ubud. This mountain town offers cooler climes, and a postcard-perfect landscape of rice terraces, mountains, volcanoes, and forests to explore.

Alaska’s pleasant daytime temps sink to comfortable crispness as the sun sets.

6. Discover the Last Frontier

There are some parts of the world where you’re guaranteed to beat the heat — the Arctic Circle is one of them. Summer is the perfect time to visit Alaska: the weather is cool but the days are long, leaving you plenty of time to discover this isolated state’s natural beauty. You can’t go wrong with a stunning trip on Alaska’s legendary Klondike Highway up to the dizzying heights of the White Pass.

A summer visit to this South American destination promises warm (not hot!) weather.

7. Explore Brazil minus the crowds

Rio de Janeiro, famed for its beaches and its wild Carnival, is a city that comes alive in summer. From June to September, however, the party crowd stays away and the temperatures cool — aka prime time for travelers looking to beat Brazil’s heat. In these months, visitors can enjoy the spectacular views from the Christ the Redeemer statue without fighting the crowds. The weather’s also perfect for hiking in the nearby Tijuca National Park, too.

Scotland’s summers are just the way we like them: perfect with a light jacket.

8. Wander through the Highlands

Scotland is reliably temperate — there’s a reason they wear those woolen kilts all year round! Discover charming Edinburgh or hip Glasgow, then make for the rugged Highlands. Here you can enjoy countryside rambles, tour whiskey distilleries, and even look for Nessie in beautiful Loch Ness.

Tasmania’s Bay of Fires is best-known for it’s orange lichen-covered granite dotting the white sand beach.

9. Go off the beaten path in Australia

If it’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, then Australian winter is in full swing. There’s no better place to experience it than beautiful Tasmania. This island off the south coast is often left off tourist itineraries, but travelers in-the-know don’t skip it! The capital, Hobart, is a great destination for foodies and history buffs alike. For a more active Aussie experience, the Cradle Mountain trail is unmissable!

Head to Russia for a dose of history, amazing architecture, and sweater weather.

10. Stay cool in Russia

Summer is a great time to visit Russia: the days are long and light but you’re hardly likely to find yourself in the middle of a heatwave. In such a big country, there’s an abundance of experiences to choose from: explore Moscow’s Red Square, cruise through the canals of St Petersburg, or laze by the shores of Lake Baikal.

This summer, skip the sunburn, pack a jacket, and get ready for your coolest trip yet!