Looking for an unbelievable experience? You’re in luck. Europe’s littered with tons of activities that are guaranteed to get your heart rate pumping. The only hard part is deciding which one to tackle first…
Enjoy a scenic round trip by railway and cable car to Schilthorn, where the 1996 James Bond movie was filmed.

1. Test your head for heights in Switzerland

You’ve really got to like heights to enjoy this one. The Thrill Walk clings to the edge of a mountain and features a glass walkway, tightrope, and terrifying mesh tunnel. After you’ve crawled through the tiny tunnel, visit Schilthorn’s rotating restaurant, which is just a short cable car ride away. The mountaintop restaurant was a Bond villain’s evil lair in 1969 and is a must-visit for 007 fanatics.

2. Scream if you want to go faster in Wales

If you’re not sure about following in the footsteps of Mr. Bond — try Indiana Jones. You’ll sure feel like him as you fly down the fastest zip line in the world in Wales. Speed along a line that’s suspended 500 feet (152 m) in the air at an eye-watering 123 mp/h (200 km/h). Before you know it, you’ll be on the other side of the line. If you don’t want to do it all over again, you’ll have plenty of spare time to explore the surrounding Snowdonia National Park, which is perfect for hikers and climbers.

Sail to Hvar and stop to swim in peaceful bays before returning to Split as the sun sets.

3. Make a giant splash in Croatia

Cliff diving doesn’t just look awesome on your Instagram — it’s also perfect for adrenaline junkies. There’s no better place to take the plunge than in Hvar. Here, you can jump from cliffs as high as 82 feet (25 m) into the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Post-splash, hop on a boat and check out the nearby Blue Caves. The water there is a magical shade of blue that begs to be photographed.

4. Zoom down a tower in Rotterdam

Thrill-seekers will find more than their fair share of awesome activities in Rotterdam. If abseiling down a giant tower sends your heart a-flutter, make for the Euromast. The 328 foot (100 m) descent may be at a slow and steady pace, but one look down will remind you just how high up you are. Less enthusiastic visitors can also opt for the elevator. Afterward, get your heart rate back to normal with a relaxing bike tour of this up-and-coming city.

Throw yourself off one of the largest dams in the world, just like James Bond did in Goldeneye.

5. Be as brave as Bond in Ticino

It seems whenever 007 needs an adrenaline kick, he comes to Switzerland. This bungee jump off the Contra Dam in Ticino is not only one of the highest in the world, it’s also James Bond-approved. You can recreate the opening scene of GoldenEye and free fall a breathtaking 721 foot (220 m) toward the river. Bonus points if you do it in a suit and drive off in a really cool car.

6. Go cliff climbing in Split

Are you brave enough to climb towering sea cliffs with your bare hands? If your answer is yes, then Split is your ideal vacation destination. The region’s coastline is a paradise for hardcore explorers, and extreme rock climbing tours are easy to book. Be sure to wear swimwear (and apply sunscreen) as diving into the azure ocean may just be too appealing to pass up.

Go tandem skydiving in Prague and enjoy almost 60 seconds of free fall.

7. Fall out of the sky in Prague

Jumping out of a plane at 15,000 ft (over 4,000 m) is a surefire way to make anyone’s heart rate skyrocket. But, after the initial shock, you’ll enjoy gracefully gliding over the Czech countryside before touching down near Prague. We’re pretty sure you deserve a drink after this hair-raising experience. Good thing you’re in one of the world’s great beer capitals!

8. Adventure around the Canary Islands

Spice up your standard beach vacation by adding a pinch of adventure. The Canary Islands boast everything from off-road buggy tours to very hikable volcanoes. What’s more, the islands sure don’t disappoint when it comes to water sports. Hop on ajetski and face off against the waves of the Atlantic Ocean for an action-packed experience.

Brave the rocks and rapids of the Sušec Stream on an amazing canyoning tour.

9. Jump headfirst down a canyon

If you want to push your boundaries a little further, head to Slovenia where another pulse-raising adventure is waiting. The Sušec Stream is ready-made for thrill-seekers. It’s full of river rapids, rock pools, and narrow canyons just waiting to be explored. This experience combines the best of cliff jumping, swimming in rock pools, and climbing.

10. Raft through glacial water in Norway

Norway is a haven for white water rafters, especially on the Sjoa River. Whether you’re a pro or a complete beginner, this stellar rafting location is sure to show everybody a good time. Let the waves take you along the river, past narrow canyons, waterfalls and incredible Norwegian landscapes.

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