We’ve all been there: you’ve just taken the most amazing trip. Everyone needs to know about it. But how to spread the good news? You can’t sit people down for slide shows disguised as dinner parties anymore. As luck would have it, we have the internet. Here are five handy ways to let your friends (and followers) know how incredible your vacation really was.
Post #takemeback before you’ve even left.

1. Throwback early (and often)

We all post them: the throwback. A social media staple, this type of post transports you and your followers right back to your incredible vacation, whether you explored Bali’s rice terraces or saw Berlin from the top. And honestly, what better way to convey how much fun you had? If you really want to go the extra mile (emphasis on extra), post a throwback before the wheels are even up. That’s right — before you’ve even left the runway. You’re that serious about what a good time you’ve had. Tell the world to #takemeback.

2. Strut your stuff

One of the best ways to prolong an amazing vacation well into the future: bringing it home with you. Our tip? Broadcast your trip with some fancy new duds. When people notice your new look (and they will notice), you can smile knowingly, “Oh, this old thing? I found it in a cute boutique in Greenwich Village. I guess they only sell them in New York.” You guess? You know. But still — now everyone else does, too.

Bring the magic of Barcelona back home with your very own pan of paella.

3. Get your gastro on

Traveling exposes us to new horizons, new experiences, and — tastiest of all — new foods. Not to get too philosophical, but if you enjoy the best meal ever and don’t come home jonesing to recreate it, was it even good? Exactly. For all the foodies out there, this means tying up those apron strings and trying your hand at the pah-ey-yah (paella) you can’t stop raving about. While it might not be exactly like the one you enjoyed in your cooking course, you’ll be one bite closer to Barcelona. Extra points: posting your meal on social media.

4. Make it about the experiences

You’re not bragging about your vacation to make people jealous (unless you are). You can’t stop talking about your trip because it was the best. And who can blame you? But instead of making your brag about you, focus on that special something you’ll never forget. So go ahead — tell everyone about your afternoon at the Benedictine Abbey in Hautvillers. Reminisce about the vintage Moët you sipped, and how tasting it there was just…different, you know? More authentic. More French.

Don’t stress out over captions — let your amazing snaps say everything.

5. Let your photos do the talking

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to sharing your once-in-a-lifetime experience with your followers, consider the “less is more” approach. That afternoon you spent sailing around the Canary Islands? Scrap writing a short novel about it (The beaches! Snorkeling in a natural marine reserve! Cocktail hour!). Instead, post a slew of gorgeous images that perfectly capture the magic of your trip. Your caption can hint at the fantastic time you had and leave friends and followers wanting more. And if you really want to commit to photo quality, try an Instagram tour of Balis’ most scenic spots — aerial footage included.

Can’t stop talking about your last vacation? Tell us your favorite ways to spread the word. Hint: make sure you’re logged into Facebook to share your tips with us.

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