When it comes to making the most of Europe’s warmer months, there’s no more idyllic destination than the Greek islands. With over 200 inhabited slices of paradise to choose from, there’s an island — or three — to suit every traveler’s taste. Read on to discover which ones are right for you.
Mykonos is located in the heart of the Cyclades.

If you like a good party, you’ll want to visit…

Mykonos. Equally popular with the international jet-set as it is with backpackers, you’ll never run out of things to do on Mykonos. Discover trendy beach bars and a club scene that rivals Ibiza’s. For a change of pace, take a yacht to nearby Delos, said to be the birthplace of the Greek god Apollo. Here, you can visit ancient temples and take a refreshing dip in the sapphire waters of the Aegean before you head back to the hustle and bustle of Mykonos.

Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades island group.

Sample the simple life on…

Naxos. Vibrant Mykonos isn’t for everyone. Peaceful, family-friendly Naxos is the perfect place to unplug and unwind for a few days…or weeks. Here, life is lived slowly and simply. You’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time as you swim on secluded beaches, learn to make local dishes, and explore quaint villages and historical sites.

Milos (or Melos) is a volcanic island north of the Sea of Crete.

For the best beaches, head to…

Milos. This peaceful, secluded island may just be Greece’s best-kept secret. Here, you can discover white sandy beaches that rate among the most beautiful in the Aegean. Many of these stunning swimming spots are accessible by car or on foot — but to experience them in their full glory, there’s nothing quite like a yacht cruise. Snorkel, sunbathe, and splash to your heart’s content.

Perhaps the most iconically “Greek,” Santorini is home to hundreds of cliffside whitewashed houses.

If you’re a foodie, get a taste of…

Santorini. This island doesn’t just boast stunning coastal scenery and charming cliffside villages — it’s also foodie heaven. Wander from taverna to taverna, sampling local delicacies like traditional fava stew, ntomatokeftedes (that’s tomato fritters in English), and chlorotyri cheese — not to mention fish so fresh you’ll be dreaming about it until your next visit. Get more hands-on with a cooking class led by professional Greek chefs. And try not to get so caught up in planning your next meal that you forget to explore Santorini’s sparkling waters in style — you are in the Greek islands, after all!

Crete, Greece’s largest island, is known for its varied terrain.

If you’re a nature lover, don’t skip…

Crete. The largest and most rugged of all the Greek islands, Crete is the destination for travelers who want a more high-energy vacation. It offers plenty of walking trails with something to suit beginners and hardened hikers alike! Our pick? The unforgettable Samaria Gorge in the island’s south.

Corfu is located off Greece’s northwest coast in the Ionian Sea.

If you love to swim, paddle over to…

Corfu. The island is famous for Corfu Town, a colorful historical city nestled on the waters of the Ionian Sea. But it also offers some of the most interesting swimming experiences on the islands. If you want more than sunbathing, try exploring Corfu’s underwater caves and grottos. Cruise to the Blue Caves from Corfu Town and meet the local monk seals, with a stop-off at Paradise Beach — it’s just as nice as its name suggests.

Can’t decide where to go? Head to the mainland.

If you’re feeling indecisive, why not try…

The mainland. There’s truly something for everyone on the Greek mainland, home to the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki. Visit the must-see Acropolis, and discover some more hidden treasures, like the picturesque Pelion peninsula and the pine groves of Sithonia. And remember, even on the mainland, dreamy blue waters and picture-postcard beaches — like those of the Chalkidiki Blue Lagoon — are only ever a boat-ride away.

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