If you ask us, there’s somewhere special to visit any time of year. May, however — May has our hearts. This balmy month leaves April showers behind and heads into the warm promise of a hot summer ahead. From the historic streets of Split, Croatia to the reefs Down Under, here are May’s must-visit destinations.
Take a walking tour of Charleston and learn about the historic district, national landmarks, and more

1. Saunter through Charleston

Grab your mint julep and linen suit, it’s time to explore this southern gem of a city. With a dramatic political past and the architecture to prove it, it is definitely worth taking a stroll through Charleston this May. While summer can get very warm and humid, save your hairdo by visiting in this more temperate period.

As America’s only walled city, Charleston definitely has some stories up her sleeve. Discover the French Quarter, or wander through the cobblestone streets at your own pace — stops for tasty local snacks are definitely encouraged. There’s even the obligatory ghost tour if you want to take a walk on Charleston’s darker side.

Not ready to tackle Mt. Everest? No problem. Nepal has plenty of paths for outdoor enthusiasts (regardless of skill level)

2. Trek across Nepal

Spring has already sprung and the rhododendrons are in bloom. If you want to make like a mountaineer and hit the normally icy slopes, then May in Nepal is ideal for you. Join a trekking expedition and savor the views (minus snow goggles and layers upon layers of snowsuits).

So much more than just mountains, Nepal has lots of things to do for those of us less fitness-inclined. If you’re already in Kathmandu, swing by the markets or discover the rich cultural history of the region through its temples and art.

A trip to Split in May guarantees gorgeous views and smaller crowds

3. Discover the past in Split

Planning your Game of Thrones tour but aren’t headed to Dubrovnik? Split is the place for you. Home to (fictional) dragons and incredibly maintained ruins, Split is perfect in May. That famous Croatian sunshine isn’t too intense and summer vacations are a while away, so you’ll have room to explore.

Learn about the history and cultural diversity of Split just by hitting the pavement, or take a quick day trip north to the national parks. Of course, you can’t leave before you have seen the stunning Blue Cave and the islands off Hvar. Pro tip: make sure your camera is fully charged. This is prime profile pic real estate.

Enjoy a cruise on Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest navigable lake

4. Dip your toes in Lake Titicaca

As the historical home of the Incas and one of the highest navigable lakes in the world, Peru’s Lake Titicaca is most definitely a unique experience. If you’re planning a visit, include a few days if you can as the range of sights and must-dos is as broad as the lake itself.

Take your time with a week-long exploration of the area and head across to Machu Picchu for an even deeper dive into local history. If you’re on a stricter schedule, day trips are also an option and May is the perfect time to visit. There are a number of waterfront festivals just perfect for a drop-in, including a handicrafts fair in early May.

Meet some underwater locals as you swim and snorkel along the Ningaloo Reef

5. Swim along the Ningaloo Reef

Aside from exotic wildlife and unbelievable tans, reefs are one of Australia’s biggest draw-cards. One of the best places to go this time of year is Exmouth’s, Ningaloo Reef. Much less crowded than its northern counterpart this time of year, Ningaloo features wrecks, dive sites, and friendly marine life.

A visit to Ningaloo Reef is your chance to explore huge coral gardens surrounded by manta rays and turtles. Sound amazing? We think so too. For those of us more partial to staying firmly on land, enjoy the sunshine on a day cruise where you can spot whale sharks from the comfort of the deck.