Goodbye winter, hello spring! Temperatures are finally on the rise, and many fascinating destinations are slowly waking from their icy slumber. To make the most of the turning of the seasons, we’ve found seven stunning destinations around the world sure to make nature lovers swoon. Whether it’s walking around beautiful gardens or enjoying the spring sun in vibrant metropolises — there’s something out there for everyone.

Tuscany’s poppy fields in bloom during the spring

1. See the poppy fields of Tuscany

As if Tuscany weren’t pretty enough, it’s also home to fields of red poppies come spring. Head to Val d’Orcia (preferably in a vintage Fiat 500) in April and May to see the stunning red-covered fields. Stay for some snaps, a picnic, or both. After you’ve gotten your fill of the region’s famed flowers, head north to Florence, a city that needs no introduction. Not only does it house incredible works of art at the Uffizi, but it also lays claims to some of the best wine in the world. And that’s without mentioning the food…

Japanese cherry blossoms in the spring

2. Marvel at Tokyo’s iconic cherry blossoms

Who hasn’t dreamt of visiting Tokyo when the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom? They turn Japan’s already spectacular landscapes into something magical — especially near Mt Fuji. If you’re strapped for time, stay in Tokyo and explore its cherry blossom-filled parks from March until late April. It’s hard to beat sipping a steaming cup of green tea as you soak up the flowery scenery.

Sénanque Abbey near the village of Gordes

3. Discover the gems of Provence

Nothing says spring quite like Provence. The region is completely covered in flowers this time of year. In fact, few places in the world can compete with southern France when spring is in full flow. Those who visit are rewarded with truly magnificent vistas. Stroll through the alleys of old villages like Cassis and discover Avignon, the city with the famous medieval bridge. From Avignon, you can visit Pont du Gard, a Roman aqueduct that you may recognize from the €5 note.

Keukenhof in Lisse, Netherlands

4. Soak up Amsterdam’s spring charm

Enjoy the mild spring sun on your face while you explore Amsterdam’s charming network of canals. And don’t worry about getting lost along the way — there are no wrong turns in a city this pretty. Find your comfiest sneakers and take a wander through the leafy streets that border quaint waterways. Make sure to stop by the masterpieces on display at the Van Gogh Museum. Of course, no springtime trip to the Netherlands is complete without visiting the colorful tulip fields of the Keukenhof Gardens. Known as the Garden of Europe, Keukenhof’s sea of flowers and traditional windmills combine to create perfect spring scenery.

Central Park in the spring

5. Enjoy nature in New York

Escaping the Big Apple’s hustle and bustle is easier than you might think thanks to the city’s numerous parks. But there’s one oasis of calm that stands above the rest: Central Park. More than just a famous name, Central Park is the go-to spring spot for both seasoned New Yorkers and newbie visitors. It provides a peaceful slice of nature, away from the breakneck pace of city life. So pack a picnic, treat yourself to some ice cream, and enjoy springtime in the city.

Madeira Botanical Garden in Funchal, Madeira

6. Explore Portugal’s flower island

Madeira, the Portuguese island situated off the coast of Morocco, is known for its stunning display of flowers every spring. Thousands of plants in all shapes and colors line the green hills to create a unique spring spectacle. But it’s not only flowers that make Madeira a great spring destination. From hiking and surfing to swimming in the Enchanted Terraces, spring is the perfect season to explore the island. Madeira’s capital, Funchal, is also well worth a visit. The coolest way to explore the city’s sights is definitely by Tukxi, a tuk-tuk-like vehicle.

Windsor Castle, England

7. Live like a royal in London

The UK’s capital charms visitors throughout the year, but its appeal is definitely dialed up to 11 when winter passes. A spring day in London is best enjoyed by strolling through Hyde Park before heading north to Camden Lock Market. And if you’re lucky enough to enjoy a sun-soaked spring day, pack a picnic and head to Windsor Castle. The royal palace famously hosted Harry and Meghan’s wedding and the Long Walk Royal Park is prime picnic territory. If that’s not enough spring scenery for you, visit one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe, the Kew Gardens. It’s a real gem (and full of ‘grammable spots).