So much more than fireworks and glitter, the new year is a time for self-reflection. Who do you want to be in 2019? And if you’re like us, where do you want to go? Answer: everywhere! This year, we’ve turned to some of Instagram’s most inspiring travelers to hear the things they loved seeing and doing in 2018 and where they absolutely have to go in the new year. Get ready — here’s what’s hot in 2019!

Marta Greber, aka @whatforbreakfast

Who is she: We can’t get enough of Marta Greber, a Berlin-based foodie with a serious case of wanderlust. Known on Instagram as @whatforbreakfast, Marta documents the amazing meals and experiences that she enjoys with her family around the world.

Why follow her: Because she’s been everywhere, from Apulia’s subterranean city to Taiwan’s rocky coast. Equal parts inspirational and informative, Marta’s blog is filled with favorite recipes, city guides, and personal anecdotes from her travels. We love how Marta takes her little one on all of her adventures — it’s never too early to see the world!

Where’s she going: This year, Marta’s already packed her calendar with trips: “In 2019, I’ll be traveling along the south coast of Australia with my parents and in-laws — it’ll be fun. Then, hopefully, we’ll manage to camp around Canada. Also, I’ll see a bit of Iceland, South Korea, and Sri Lanka.”

Elena Shamis, aka @elensham

Who is she: A professional photographer whose feed makes you want to pack your bags yesterday, @elensham’s snaps aren’t just beautiful — they draw you right in. Based in London, Elena takes gorgeous pictures and shares her experiences on her blog.

Why follow her: From week-long adventures in Japan to how to make the most of two days in the Swiss countryside, every post and picture is both inspiring and down to earth. We love how every single picture tells a story: a day walking through lavender fields, a rainy morning spent exploring Paris, an afternoon floating along Amsterdam’s canals.

Where’s she going: 2018 was busy for Elena: “I visited South America for the first time (Brazil) and the trip really inspired me to see more in this part of the world. This year, I’d also love to explore Asia a bit more. So many countries, so little time!”

Melissa Hie, aka @girleatworld

Who is she: If you’re not hungry now, you’re about to be. Melissa, or Mel, of @girleatworld has snacked her way through 36 countries (and counting). Originally from the States, Melissa now calls Singapore home. When she’s not exploring her adopted city, she’s on the go.

Why follow her: Whether she’s eating churros at the Santa Monica pier or Hungarian cheese biscuits in Budapest, Melissa inspires her followers to see the world one bite at a time. We love how she fears no food and will go any distance to try something new. Isn’t that what travel’s all about?

Where’s she going: In 2019, South America tops Melissa’s list, “I’d love to explore Peru, Brazil, and Argentina! I’d also love to check out the Nordic countries as they’re an unexplored territory for me.” To that, we say: safe, travels, stay hungry, and we’ll see you there!

Alex Zouaghi, aka @a_ontheroad

Who is he: A true citizen of the world, Alex of @a_ontheroad has called Paris, London, and New York home. Best known for vivid snaps of charming facades, cityscapes, and tasty meals, Alex pairs each post with personal insights into his destination.

Why follow him: Whether you’re headed to the English countryside or off to explore Prague’s winding city streets, Alex has been there — and has the pics to prove it. When it comes to A on the road, we love how Alex’s travel is aspirational, but also attainable. His trips are the ones we can see ourselves taking — be it over a long weekend or for a few weeks at a time.

Where’s he going: In 2019, Alex has his sights set on Japan, “I want to learn more about the culture. Then, I want to head to China to visit where I used to live.”

Martina Bisaz, aka @kitkat_ch

Who is she: With her trusty camera and an amazing vintage ride, @kitkat_ch travels the world snapping incredible sights. Based in Switzerland, last year she took an epic road trip through Iran in a bright yellow VW van. (Next time, we want to hit the road with her!)

Why follow her: Whether using a DSLR or her iPhone, Martina has a talent for capturing the most incredible vistas. For her, it’s not about fancy equipment or lots of editing. It’s a good eye that brings about amazing travel shots. From train rides through the mountains to desert safaris, her photos make us wish we were there, too.

Where’s she going: In 2019, Martina’s looking for new horizons. “I want to travel to a continent and country that I have never been to — Bolivia in South America.” We can’t wait to see the country through her picture-perfect page.

Marion Vicenta Payr, aka @ladyvenom

Who is she: A self-described nomad, Marion Vincenta Payr (@ladyvenom to her followers) is well on her way to seeing all four corners of the globe. What began as a desire to share her travels and a knack for taking good pictures turned into a full-time job.

Why follow her: Based in Austria, Marion explores close to home as well as far away (Indonesia, anyone?). We can’t get enough of her landscape shots — her feed goes from snow to sand in seconds. What’s more, we love how Marion took a hobby and mastered it (we bet you can, too).

Where’s she going: In 2019, Marion’s going places: “I’m headed to Zambia for a river safari, Argentina to get back to my roots, and Sri Lanka.”

Jana Zieseniss, @sonneundwolken

Who is she: There are dozens of excuses not to travel (“I’d be going solo! It’s too far away!”). Jana Zieseniss of Sonne & Wolken, or “sun and clouds,” puts an end to those doubts in a hurry. A strong proponent of making your dreams come true rather than waiting for them to take shape, Jana’s Instagram and blog reflect her adventurous spirit — and take her followers along for the ride. This year, she explored Machu Picchu, the Bavarian Alps, and more.

Why follow her: We love so many things about Jana’s feed: the views, the gorgeous landscapes, the friendship. That’s right: she loves going it alone just as much as traveling with friends. And yes, she has a best friend already (we checked).

Where’s she going: In 2019, Jana’s headed to the Bahamas and St. Lucia along with some destinations closer to home: “I’m really looking forward to the small adventures in Europe and my home country, Germany.”

Feeling inspired yet?

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