Looking for a world of taste? Pack your bags, because we know just where you should go. Leave with your appetite satisfied and your waistline stretched after exploring these culinary capitals: Rome, London, Dubai, Paris, Krakow, Reykjavik, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Hamburg, New York, and San Francisco. Who’s hungry? Let’s go!

1. Rome

When in Rome, do as the Romans do eat! There’s no place like bella Italia to enjoy soft cheeses, piles of pasta, gourmet wines, and deliciously cured meats. Treat yourself to a selection of seasonal Italian specialties and get a little tipsy off regional wines, the perfect afternoon for any lover of Italian cuisine.

 2. London

From freshly fried fish and chips to sticky toffee pudding and old-fashioned ales, Londoners know how to cozy up with treats at the local pub. And who can blame them? Escape the rain and try a selection of English delicacies. After you’re finished, stretch your legs around London’s best markets while expanding that stomach. 

3. Dubai

A capital of global multiculturalism, Dubai’s food culture is a reflection of its population traditional, diverse, and truly spectacular. Take a bite of local flavors while touring the bustling maze that is the old quarter of Dubai and crack into the local scene by tasting everything from Indian samboussa to Lebanese tabouleh and fattouch.

4. Paris

Paris takes the cake when it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth. Indulge in a world of mouth-watering sweets — from milk chocolate and croissants to multicolored macarons — while touring the quaint streets of Le Marais, one of the city’s liveliest neighborhoods.

5. Reykjavik

Salty black licorice, stockfish, and more — not exactly your typical grocery list, but all too common to Iceland. Experience an entirely novel culinary tradition while enjoying the sights and sounds of Reykjavik. Bundle up and be prepared to try some seriously delicious traditional treats!

6. Krakow

The culinary capital of Eastern Europe, Krakow is much more than one of the most dazzling cities on the continent. Sample a variety of dishes from street food to Polish specialties while visiting bustling Kazimierz. Home to cozy cafes, traditional restaurants, and art galleries on almost every corner, you’re sure to enjoy the sights — especially after a shot of wodka!

7. Amsterdam

There’s more to Amsterdam than the Red Light District and coffee houses. From fresh-caught fish to traditional cheeses and deliciously sweet stroopwafels, the capital is full of tasty bites to enjoy. Stroll through the Albert Cuyp Market and the picturesque Pijp area while snacking and sipping on local cuisine classics for a perfectly Dutch afternoon.

8. Barcelona

World-class drinking and dining make for a regular night out in beautiful Barcelona, where the sound of clinking glasses over tapas is the standard soundtrack of the streets. Learn how to cook a traditional Spanish seafood paella while sipping on sangria and don’t forget to bring a big appetite.

9. Edinburgh

Full of history, Edinburgh is a city begging to be explored. But all that walking demands a full stomach. While meals like haggis, a meat pudding boiled in the stomach of a sheep, may not sound the most appetizing…you won’t know till you’ve tried it! After you’ve had your fill, sip a single-malt whiskey for a singularly Scottish experience.

10. New York

Ah, the Big Apple it even sounds tasty! The epicenter of all things, New York is a densely woven medley of culture and cuisine. It only makes sense that true foodies head here. Explore one of New York’s most exciting culinary hotspots on a tour through legendary Greenwich Village.

11. Hamburg

If there’s one thing German’s love, it’s beer. Explore one of Germany’s most vibrant cities with a pint and a prost while seeing the sights of the St. Pauli district along the way. With over 1,000 years of brewing history, Hamburg maintains traditions passed down from the Middle Ages.

12. San Francisco

Stunning and serene, San Francisco has a way of taking one’s breath away but it can sure build up your appetite. Venture a little way out of the city and take in California’s wine country, a remarkable landscape including the world’s tallest trees along the way to a variety of vineyards. Swirl, sip, sigh (repeat).