Think the Alps are all about adrenaline-pumping adventure? Think again! We’ve found the most relaxing things to do to ensure your winter getaway is nothing but pure bliss. Let’s start with a glamorous helicopter ride…

1. Sit back, relax, and take to the skies

Ever wondered what a glacier looks like from above? Now you can find out in the most luxurious way imaginable by taking a helicopter ride over the Swiss Alps. If flying isn’t your thing, visit France and book a one-day cable car tour of Valle d’Aosta. You’ll enjoy amazing views of the Mont Blanc glacier as well as a hearty lunch and a thirst-quenching wine tasting session in Europe’s highest producing wine cellar. 

2. Visit breathtaking national parks

The Alps are home to 14 national parks, so it’s easy to leave the crowded slopes to explore the region’s stunning scenery at a tranquil pace. To get off the tourist trail, head to Slovenia’s underrated Triglav National Park where you’ll discover the jaw-dropping Julian Alps. If you truly want to escape the crowds, pack your bags and spend time in France’s enormous (and beautiful) Écrins National Park.

3. Tantalize your taste buds

After a leisurely mountain stroll, your thoughts will turn to food – and with good reason. The Alps is a veritable treat for the senses so keep an eye out for delectable dishes like fondue and tartiflette. These tasty treats are common-place in French-speaking alpine destinations. It doesn’t matter which mountain-filled country you visit, the food will be delicious. Be sure to sample a fleisch knödel (a deep fried bread and meat dumpling) in Austria and an accouterment of cured meats (including divine bresaola) in Italy

4. Step back in time

There are plenty of picture-perfect villages for you to unwind in throughout the Alps. Wander through the age-old streets Zermatt and sip a glass of glühwein in the shadow of the famous Matterhorn. Italy more your scene? Check out the always charming Cortina d’Ampezzo, which is nestled in the Dolomites.If you’re after something a little different, why not dabble in some local history and folklore with a castle tour? Explore Neuschwanstein Castle and learn about the tales of mad King Ludwig II of Bavaria while taking amazing photos. 

5. Treat yo’ self

What better way to round off your trip than to pamper yourself with massages and treatments at a mountaintop spa? Make the most of natural exfoliators, mineral water, and steam rooms as you unwind at a wellness center on Switzerland’s Mt Rigi. The two-day experience is the ultimate ticket for anyone looking for a relaxing alpine getaway.