The Swiss Alps are home to enough adrenaline-pumping experiences to last you a lifetime. But where to start in a region of breathtaking peeks? That’s where we come in. From paragliding and skydiving to canyon swings and mountain zip lines, here are six unforgettable things to do in the heart of Europe.

1- Run off the edge of a mountain

Paragliding is about as close as you can get to having wings, and there’s no better place to take flight than in Interlaken. Sandwiched between Lake Brienz, Lake Thun, and the Bernese Alps, Interlaken has become a haven for the adventurous. And it’s easy to see why – especially when you run off the edge of a mountain to glide, spin, and scream with a paraglider (and knowledgeable guide) strapped to your back.

2- Ride the world’s highest toboggan

Glacier 3000 is home to the world’s highest (and funnest) toboggan run! You’ll reach speeds of 40 km/h as the cart whizzes along the Alpine Coaster’s 520° circles, steep curves, and even a couple of jumps. Glacier 3000 also features a 107-meter long suspension bridge that links two mountain peaks. If you’re brave enough to venture across, you’ll enjoy camera-filling views of the Matterhorn, Mt Blanc, and Eiger.

3- Jump out of a helicopter

Imagine: You’re 15,000 ft in the air, the helicopter door opens, and in just a few moments you’re free-falling over the Swiss Alps. The start of a parachute jump really is the ultimate adrenaline kick, and this two-hour skydiving experience adds the scenic to the spectacular. You’ll jump with an experienced tandem guide who’ll let you open the parachute before guiding you safely to the ground.

4- Walk into the sky

First’s cliff walk will make even the bravest person feel a little nervous. The path hugs the mountain before a viewing platform juts 45 meters into the sky. Walk to the end, and your braveness will be rewarded with a glass floor that lets you look thousands of meters down to the valley floor. If you’re looking to up the adrenaline stakes, First has you covered. After the cliff walk, strap in and fly down a zip line at 80 km/h. Finish your alpine adventure with a speedy Trottbike ride down the mountain.

5- Plunge 90 meters at 120 km/h

This might well be the most scream-inducing thing to do in Europe. You’ll stand 90 meters above a canyon before stepping into the abyss. You’ll clock 120 km/h as you hurtle to the ground before swinging between the canyon walls. It’s not one for the fainthearted.

6- Slide down a waterfall

Saxeten Gorge is a playground for the adventurous. Spend the day in this picturesque spot and slide down waterfalls, rappel down cliffs, and jump into pools as you explore hidden gorges and impressive canyons. You’ll experience nature close up with guides who know the ins and outs (quite literally) of canyoning.