Looking to tantalize your taste buds with something new? Follow your stomach around the world, from the various spices of Bangkok to comforting southern cooking in New Orleans. Take each city by storm with your appetite leading the way — you won’t regret it, but your waistline might.

Hanoi’s cuisine blends French influences with traditional Asiatic flavors

1. Discover a world of taste in Hanoi

Vibrant and full of a seemingly never-ending supply of energy, Hanoi is known as the coffee capital of Vietnam. But it doesn’t stop with caffeine: Hanoi blends French influences alongside traditional Asiatic flavors. Taste them all as you zip along scooter-filled streets on a street food tour of the Old Quarters. Sample pho soup, rolled cakes, skewered meat, and freshwater treats such as prawns, squids, and more. Flavors of the East meet fine French cuisine: a world of taste tough to resist.

Experience the best of Montreal’s food scene on an evening cruise

2. Snack your way through Montreal

A multicultural metropolis with one of the most thriving food scenes in North America, Montreal is full of eclectic meals and savory snacks. Searching for variety? Look no further. Stop by irresistible patisseries, magnificent food markets, and generations-old Jewish delis alongside hipster cafes. After you’ve grazed your way through the city (and eaten all the poutine in sight), round off the day with a fancy five-course meal aboard the AML Cavalier Maxim.

Sweet, salty, or delightfully savory, Guadalajara’s food culture has something for everyone.

3. Spice things up in Guadalajara

Smaller in size and population than Mexico City, Guadalajara doesn’t come second in terms of taste — and we can prove it. How? Look no further than the city’s central farmers markets, which act as the pulse of a thriving food culture. Head there to sample traditional tacos filled with various toppings and salsas alongside a sweetly blended horchata, topped off with freshly fried churros. And if you’re still thirsting for more? No problem. A shot of tequila is never far away.

Indulge in the City of Love’s sweet treats on a tour of Marais

4. Nibble daintily through Paris

Who really needs another reason to visit the City of Lights? We bet you don’t, but we’ll tempt you with the tantalizing treats that make this sensational city even sweeter anyway. Renowned the world over for its delicate pastries, Paris is brimming with buttery delicacies. Find the perfect confectionary creations on a guided tour of the quaint neighborhood of Le Marais. Indulging your sweet tooth has never been this delicious.

New Orleans’ cuisine is shaped by Cajun, Creole, and French roots

5. Dig into New Orleans

If you’re headed to New Orleans, you’d better come hungry. A culinary capital of the U.S, this southern city mixes its Cajun, Creole, and French roots to great effect. Combining tradition with a gastronomic twist, New Orleans takes seafood and sweets to new heights. But don’t take it from us. See for yourself on a walking tour of the French Quarter. Bite into deep-fried beignets with foie gras, nibble on bacon pralines, and devour catfish po’boys alongside classic plates of étouffée and jambalaya. No, you’re drooling.

Sushi, sake, teriyaki — try it all on a walking tour of Tokyo

6. Try Tokyo’s street food

Tokyo is more than sushi and sake — it takes the cake when it comes to cuisine capitals. Head to the Japanese city to for bustling food markets, early-morning tuna auctions, and gourmet hotspots. While you’re there, enjoy local bites on a walking tour. From Kobe beef skewers and takoyaki to taiyaki, you’ll sample a little bit of everything. Oh, and don’t worry about spending your Japanese yen all in one place. Tokyo can be enjoyed on a variety of budgets, so there’s something for everyone.

Take a walking tour of Madrid and snack your way into the afternoon

7. Sample finger foods in Madrid

One of the richest culinary capitals of Europe, Madrid combines tradition and gastronomic innovation. Sound good? We think so. If you love tapas, you’re in for a treat. From patatas bravas to a variety of pintxos sandwiches, experience these world-renowned finger foods on a lunchtime walking tour. A haven for snacks and sips, Madrid is sure to keep your stomach full and eyes searching for more.

Experience Bangkok’s street food on a midnight tour

8. Experience Bangkok’s fresh flavors

Spicy, sour, sweet, and salty — Bangkok’s street food packs a punch. Home to roads packed with tuk-tuks and swerving traffic, the Thai capital is just as lively and colorful as its cuisine. By and large one of the most affordable dining destinations in the world, you can forget white tablecloths and fancy waitstaff. If you feel like skipping any black tie vibes, take a midnight tour of the Old Town. Enjoy passing temples and flower markets while snacking on the best pad thai and chicken fried noodles.