From snorkeling and whitewater rafting to dune bashing and mountain climbing, Africa has it all. If you’re looking for unforgettable adventures, stop searching and start packing your bags. Not sure where to start? Here are nine must-see sites you have to see to believe.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

1. See the “Big 5” in South Africa

South Africa is the ultimate safari destination. Full of safari lodges and game reserves, the hardest decision is choosing where to go. We recommend heading to Kruger National Park. This popular destination has loads of lodges in and around the park to choose from. Travelers looking to pair their South African safari with a tour of Cape Town should head to parks closer to the Mother City like the Aquila Game Reserve, Inverdoorn Game Reserve, or the Addo Elephant National Park.

Ouzoud Falls, Morocco

2. Discover the Ouzoud Falls in Morocco

Leave the rush of Marrakech behind and take a day trip to the 360 foot (110 meter) Ouzoud Falls, one of Morocco’s most amazing natural wonders. With various viewpoints, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take amazing photos before jumping in and enjoying the crystal-clear water. If you’re lucky enough, you may also spot the Barbary apes that congregate by the water.

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

3. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Scaling the world’s tallest freestanding mountain is on many adventure seeker’s bucket lists. The good news is that climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro’s 19,341 feet (5,895 meters) requires no technical skill. Climbers with a moderate level of fitness and a body that adapts well to altitude have a good chance of making it to the summit — with the right mindset, of course. Conquering the “Roof of Africa” is generally done in about five to nine days.

Diving in Hurghada, Egypt

4. Take the plunge in Hurghada

A world-famous hot spot for diving, snorkeling, and sailing, Hurghada offers ample opportunity for adventure. Diving can be enjoyed year-round as the water temperature only drops to around 65 Fahrenheit (that’s 18 C) in the coldest months. Expect to see dolphins, parrot fish, unicorn fish, whitetip reef sharks, hammerheads, and moray eels. And if you’re not a scuba diver, no problem — you can still enjoy the reefs by going on a snorkeling excursion.

Wildebeest in Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania

5. Watch the Serengeti’s Great Migration

Witness the Great Migration in the Serengeti, known as one of the most unmissable spectacles on earth. Watching massive herds of wildebeest, gazelles, and zebras move across the Serengeti National Park is an amazing and unforgettable experience. Take your trip up a notch (well, technically down) and descend 2,000 feet to the floor of the Ngorongoro Crater. Here, you’ll witness all kinds of wildlife including monkeys, elephants, and a large population of flamingos.

Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls, Zambia

6. Swim in the Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls

This one is not for the faint of heart. Popularly known as Africa’s ultimate infinity pool, Devil’s Pool is a natural rock pool found on the edge of the mighty Victoria Falls. You can visit the pool from Livingstone on the Zambian side of the falls, though it can only be accessed during the dry season (September to the end of January). Travelers with a fear of heights might want to avoid looking over the 355 foot (108 meter) drop from the pool.

Kayaking on the Zambezi River, Zambia

7. Go whitewater rafting on the Zambezi River

There are crocodiles, hippos, and who knows what else lurking in the Zambezi River…which makes it all the more exciting to go whitewater rafting down the rapids! This adrenaline-pumping activity is one of the most popular activities while visiting Victoria Falls. Internationally acclaimed as one of the best locations for whitewater rafting, it will test both strength and endurance. Be warned: put your game face on, the rapids can be fierce.

A cruise down the Chobe River in Botswana

8. Cruise down the Chobe on a river safari

Home to one of the largest wildlife populations in Africa, Botswana’s Chobe National Park is a must visit for safari lovers. Experience the park firsthand by joining a safari cruise along the scenic Chobe River. Expect to be surrounded by hippos snorting, crocodiles gliding past, antelope grazing on the banks, birds flying overhead, and if you’re lucky — a pride of lions stopping for a drink along the river. Located in the northwest of Botswana, the Chobe National Park is the perfect day trip from Victoria Falls.

Dunes in the Namib Desert, Namibia

9. Drive through the dunes of Namibia

Explore the world’s oldest sand dunes in the Namib Desert with a 4×4 vehicle. Get ready to prove your top-notch driving skills as you navigate the narrow dune passages between the desert and the Atlantic Ocean. Check out the mysterious Sandwich Bay, where sand dunes run straight into the ocean, resulting in breathtaking landscapes. Giant sand dunes, forgotten salt plans, and interesting wildlife await.