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Lusong Coral Garden

Lusong Coral Garden: Our most recommended tours and activities

Palawan: Coron Guided Tour with Island Hopping and Lunch

1. Palawan: Coron Guided Tour with Island Hopping and Lunch

Explore the breathtaking island of Coron on this shared day trip with a local guide. Be one with nature as you go island hopping, swimming in clear waters, and discovering sandy beaches with diverse marine life. Upon arriving at the meeting point, you will be acquainted with your guide who will then take you to the first location of the day. Start your exploration at Kayangan Lake, a small, scenic mountain lake with clear waters that has become internet-famous for its natural beauty. Then, head to the Twin Lagoon where the warm water from the open sea meets the pure water from the subterranean river. Feel the warm seawater on your skin as you step off the boat, and as you travel further into the lagoon, when clean water runs, feel it becoming cooler. The next stop is Sunset Beach, a popular tourist destination located around the coasts of Coron. There, take a swim in the crystal clear waters, do some snorkeling to see marine life, or just relax on the beach. Stay a little longer for a lunch break in one of the traditional huts called kubo. After lunch, head to the Reef Garden, which has a stunning underwater environment with a variety of corals and tropical fishes. Then, visit Skeleton Wreck, a small fishing boat located in Coron. The wreck lies on a slant and starts at 4 meters. Most of the boat has weathered away leaving the ribs, hence its name. You can explore the wreck, and since Skeleton Wreck is considered a small open wreck, it is suitable for beginners. Get the chance to see a wide array of macro life hiding there. Because of its shallow depth, Skeleton Wreck is also popular with snorkelers. The next island on the list is the CYC Beach where you can admire mangrove trees that surround a white-sand beach. You can also try to snorkel in the island's clear waters to see different species of corals. Lastly, go to Barracuda Lake, also known as Luluyuan Lake. Situated on the north shore of Coron, it offers a unique diving experience. Its blue waters hidden between majestic rocky formations aren’t big on actual barracudas. Instead, divers can experience a thermocline and halocline unlike anywhere else.

Coron Island Highlights Tour with Lunch

2. Coron Island Highlights Tour with Lunch

After hotel pickup, set off to discover the delights of Coron Island. First, board a boat to hop over to Kayangan Lake, a small, scenic mountain lake with crystal-clear waters famed for its beauty. Discover why it's so popular for snorkeling and swimming. Then, take in Twin Lagoon, where the warm water from the open sea meets the pure water from the subterranean river. Feel the warm seawater on your skin as you step off the boat before feeling it become cooler as you head further into the lagoon and it turns to freshwater. Next, head to Sunset Beach, where you can swim in crystal-clear waters, snorkel to discover the underwater life, or just relax on the beach. Admire the traditional huts known as kubo. Then, head to the hidden gem and deep sanctuary known as Reef Garden, with its variety of corals and tropical fish. Visit Skeleton Wreck, a small fishing boat located at Coron Island. Most of the boat has weathered away, leaving the ribs, hence the name skeleton. Keep your eyes peeled for the macro life hiding here. Next, take in Lusong Coral Garden, a deeper coral reef sanctuary. Finally, take a trip to Cyc Beach. Admire the mangrove trees backing this white-sand beach. Enjoy snorkeling in the clear water among unique fish and coral. Finally, return to Coran Town Proper, having explored the beautiful natural wonders of Coron Island.

Coron: Reef and Wrecks Tour - Full Day w/ Buffet Lunch

3. Coron: Reef and Wrecks Tour - Full Day w/ Buffet Lunch

Situated in the idyllic region of Palawan in the Philippines, the waters surrounding Coron are a diver's paradise. Here's a closer look: Natural Splendor The reefs in Coron are a living tapestry of vibrant marine life and intricate coral formations. The biodiversity here is staggering, from colorful schools of fish dancing among the corals to the larger pelagics that occasionally grace these waters. The clear turquoise seas enhance visibility, making every dive a visual feast. Historical Underwater Museum: The historical significance of Coron's underwater world is what truly sets it apart. During World War II, in September 1944, a series of air strikes by the US Navy led to the sinking of several Japanese Imperial Navy ships. Over time, nature has claimed these wrecks, transforming them into thriving artificial reefs. Divers can explore the hauntingly beautiful remains of these ships, with many still largely intact. Inside, artifacts of war lie juxtaposed against the backdrop of marine life that has since made the wrecks their home. Dive sites like the Irako, Okikawa Maru, and Akitsushima are among the most popular and offer a somber reminder of the past. **A Dive for Everyone:** Coron caters to all diving levels. Beginners can snorkel the shallower reefs or dive some of the wrecks that are closer to the surface. For the more experienced, deeper wrecks and challenging swim-throughs await. Ecotourism and Preservation: As tourism in Coron has surged, there's been a concerted effort to protect its underwater treasures. Regulations ensure that the wrecks and reefs are preserved, and many dive shops contribute to conservation efforts, ensuring that Coron remains a pristine dive destination for generations to come. In summary, Coron is more than just a dive spot; it's an experience that blends natural wonder with poignant history, beckoning divers from around the world to explore its depths.

Coron Private Tour D: Reef and Wrecks

4. Coron Private Tour D: Reef and Wrecks

Discover a historical WWII Japanese shipwreck that sunk and is now covered by the colorful corals, home of different fishes and sea fans. In a distance a large coral the garden lies that lives by different kinds of corals and thousands of fishes. Reef and Wrecks Tours is the best itinerary for snorkeling activities and diving experiences. • Pass Island Pass Island Coron is one of the whitest, sandiest & tropical islands. Imagine pure white silica, soft underfoot, and tall, green palm trees towering skywards and casting blissful shadows over the beach. Then imagine a cold beer in hand and refreshing, calm waters to swim in. • Lusong Gunboat This gunboat was strafed when cruising close to Concepcion village. Disabled by hundreds of machine-gun bullets she was caused to beach herself at the Southern tip of Lusong Island. The wreck is equally good for snorkeling and wreck photography and is often used for relaxation between main dives. The wreck has been salvaged and the entire top has gone. It is nicely covered with sponges and soft corals, many butterflyfish, angelfish, pufferfish, and batfish can be seen. There is also good snorkeling on the reef beside the wreck. • Lusong Coral Garden This is an absolutely amazing coral garden very close to the Lusong shipwreck spot. There are so many types of corals with breathtaking colors and shapes as far as your eye can see. • East TangatWreck East Tangat wreck sunk on the 24th of September 1944 that was believed to be either a tugboat or an anti-submarine craft. This happened during World War II. This shipwreck is 40 meters or 130 feet long and 500 gross tons. The wreck lies listing to starboard down a sandy slope with the stern at 22 meters or 72 feet. The top of the bow at 10 feet points at 320 degrees (compass bearing). This is because East Tangat Wreck has very good shallow water that is also enough to be enjoyed by the snorkelers. The site is also good for novices, underwater photographers, and writers. On the other hand, allocentric and adventurous divers could possibly not find the experience they are searching for at this dive site. These people prefer deeper water and sometimes strong currents. On the wreck, you can find a few corals, both soft and hard, and there are some large lettuce corals beside the East Tangat wreck. It has been home to many aquatic animals and a very good marine life. There you can see schools of small angelfish, butterflyfish specifically the Copper band butterflyfish, white sponges, and many more. Sea stars and crinoids are rarely seen. Location: Close to the southwest side of Tangat Island, Coron, Palawan, Philippines Main Attraction: Wreck diving, snorkeling Average depth: 10 meters or 33 feet Maximum depth: 22 meters or 72 feet Condition: Mild to strong currents

Boracay Island Hopping with Premium Buffet Lunch

5. Boracay Island Hopping with Premium Buffet Lunch

Island Hopping Itinerary : Habagat Season: June-November 8:00AM-9:00AM Meetup at at Astoria Station 1 or Bolabog Beach 9:00AM-10:00AM Boat Departure Firstop: Ilig-iligan Beach for Swimming /Sighseeing or Puka Beach (Weather Dependent) Secondstop: Crocodile Island for Snorkeling/Swimming Thirdstop: Lunch Fourthstop: Crystal Cove Island 2:00PM-3:00PM - End of Tour Amihan Season: December -May 8:00AM-9:00AM Meetup at at Astoria Station 1 or Bolabog Beach 9:00AM-10:00AM Boat Departure Firstop: Coral Garden for Swimming/Snorkeling Secondstop: Balinghai Beach for swimming Thirdstop: Puka Beach for swimmig/sightseeing (Depends on weather conditions) Fourthstop: Lunch 2:00PM-3:00PM - End of Tour

Coron Reef and Wrecks Tour (Private Tour)

6. Coron Reef and Wrecks Tour (Private Tour)

Pass Island is one of the hidden gems of Coron with pure white sand, coconut trees and a couple of bungalows. Lusong Gunboat Lusong Shipwreck is a World War II vessel that is now an amazing dive site and snorkel site in the Coron region. The Lusong Coral Garden is one of the top-rated reefs in Coron that is lightly visited due to its location compared to the popular lagoons and beaches of Coron Island. Just around the corner from the shipwreck is a beautiful reef known as the Lusong Coral Garden. Here you can find crystal clear water with incredible visibility. There is a huge variety of coral that grows up and down the drop-off wall. East Tangat wreck has a good visibility. The wreck dive here is recommended for beginners unlike any other wreck dive sites in Palawan. This is because East Tangat Wreck has a very good shallow water that is also enough to be enjoyed by the snorkelers. Destinations: - Pass Island - Lusong Gunboat - Lusong Coral Garden - East Tangat Wreck

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Tour guides were amazing and so were the destinations. Beautiful open water and snorkelling spots were incredible. 4 stars as unsure why the snorkels aren’t included in the package, you have to pay an extra 150 pesos for them. This is mentioned in the description, but consisering the price of the tour they should really be included. Wouldn’t recommend doing the tour at all if you weren’t going to snorkel. They also try and flog you a rented kayak for 1000 pesos for the day, which is a rip off and you don’t need it. Also arrived at the port area in the morning and they put us with the wrong group on a different package, at first. I think there are some teething issues booking this through GYG. They didn’t seem to have my name on any lists and it took a while for them to realise their mistake. We were minutes away from leaving on the wrong tour. They also made out like it was our fault for not knowing package name (I showed them the GYG confirmation email, which is all I could do).

The tour went smoothly! Nature was great. Lunch was good. Mark, our tour guide, was professional, communicative, helpful and friendly. Snorkelling gear was available to rent. Pick-up and return service well organised! We had fun with all activities.

As a solo traveller I really appreciated the extra effort made by the guys on the boat to ensure I didn’t miss out on the experiences at each of the stops. We stopped at so many beautiful spots and the food was delicious. I had a great day

What a great tour. The staff was so nice and friendly. Tuk tuk and van service to and from your hostel/hotel. Each location we spent a reasonable amount of time to explore and take pictures. Food provided was tasty. I would book again

the reef and wrecks tour was absolutely amazing. my daughter and I had a fantastic time and we will never forget this experience!