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Warsaw: Majdanek Concentration Camp & Lublin Guided Day Tour

1. Warsaw: Majdanek Concentration Camp & Lublin Guided Day Tour

Learn more about Majdanek Concentration Camp and the city of Lublin in Poland on a full-day guided tour. You’ll hear the history of the camp and how it fitted into the Nazi’s Regime plans during the Second World War. See the city of Lublin itself after the visit to the camp. After your pickup, your expert guide will escort you through what remains of the camp barracks, which was captured more or less intact in 1944. Hear how it was the first concentration camp to be captured by Allied forces and how it is unusual with it being located within the boundaries of a city. See the monument at the former front gate that symbolizes the conditions the prisoners lived in.   After a traditional Polish lunch, visit the city of Lublin, often dubbed “Little Cracow”, “Vienna of the North”, and “Little Jerusalem”. As you stroll through the narrow cobbled streets of the Old Town, you’ll learn how Lublin was a very wealthy city with its palaces, sacral architecture, and tenement houses, all of which make it one of the most beautiful cities in East Poland.

From Warsaw: Lublin and Majdanek State Museum Day Tour

2. From Warsaw: Lublin and Majdanek State Museum Day Tour

You will go to the one of the oldest part of Poland. Early morning you will be picked up from your hotel and transfered to the one of the oldest city of Poland - Lublin by air-conditioned car/van with English speaking driver. Journey will take around 1,5 - 2 hours. First you will visit the second largest concentration camp in occupied Poland, after Auschwitz, known as Majdanek which was established by the Germans in 1940, in the wastelands a few kilometers beyond Lublin. You will have a sightseeng with the local Guide in choosen language. There you will see an exhibition on the policy of the Nazi authorities in the General Government, camp equipment, equipment and clothing, but also thousands of pairs of shoes stolen from prisoners and a pile of manure for the camp farm, the most important ingredient of which was human ashes from the crematorium. After that you will be transfered to the town called Lublin. With the assistance of the same guide you will see Lublin, one of the oldest cities in Poland. It was here in 1569 that the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania signed the Union that created the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the largest state in Europe until the 18th century. From the sixteenth century, a phenomenon on a global scale operated here, the Council of Four Lands, i.e. the Jewish self-government, and from the beginning of the seventeenth century, a Jewish religious school "yeshiva" with the status of a royal academy. Today, you can visit the charming Old Town or walk along the promenade at the Krakow Gate. Than you will have a free time ( around 1 hour ) for the lunch and rest. After that you will come back Warsaw to your hotel with your driver.

Warsaw to Majdanek Concentration Camp One-Day Trip by Car

3. Warsaw to Majdanek Concentration Camp One-Day Trip by Car

Travel with us from Warsaw to Lubin, to explore the site of the best-preserved camp of the Holocaust and one of the first major concentration camp liberated by Allied forces, the Majdanek Concentration and Extermination Camp. Immerse yourself in the turbulent history of Lublin. During the 7-hour tour you will embark on a hassle-free journey from your accommodation in Warsaw to Lublin in an air-conditioned private vehicle with an English-speaking driver. Upon arrival, you will embark on an essential tour of Majdanek - a Nazi concentration and extermination camp built and operated by the SS on the outskirts of the city. The Majdanek State Museum occupies the the area of one of the largest Holocaust sites, with some 227 structures, including 7 gas chambers and 2 wooden gallows. In one of the barracks, you will find an educational exhibit of the Majdanek State Museum. Although the camp was originally built as a labour concentration camp, it was used to kill people on an industrial scale during Operation Reinhard. Discover the gruesome stories of forced labour, starvation, disease and death of Nazi war prisoners, including Soviet POW, Poles, and Jews. Choose the 12-hour option to extend sightseeing of Lublin Old Town. As one of the most important trade cities and military strongholds in Poland during the Middle Ages, Lublin boasts many impressive architectural monuments. See the charming Castle Square featuring the medieval Lublin Castle and stroll along the narrow Old Town streets to the beautiful Dominican Abbey. Follow your Private Guide to the Market Square to see the Old Town Hall, the iconic Fish Gate, and stunning old tenement houses. Continue along the ancient royal road Krolewiecka with many landmarks such as St John the Baptist Cathedral and Trynitarska Tower. Pass by the Stone of Misfortune - resisting the urge to touch it, to the last point of interest, Dominican Square. Immerse yourself in local history and culture, and learn about notable residents of Lublin, such as Potocki, Kraszewski and Wieniawski. After an exciting but long day of sightseeing, you will enjoy a convenient, private transportation back to your accommodation in Warsaw.

Lublin Old Town Highlights Private Walking Tour

4. Lublin Old Town Highlights Private Walking Tour

Discover the highlights of Lublin with a knowledgeable, private guide on a walking tour of the historic city center. The Old Town in Lublin is considered to be one of the best preserved historic complexes in Poland. In the past, Lublin played an important role as an administrative, trade, and military center in the Polish kingdom. During the two-hour tour, explore the Market Square and stroll down streets to admire renaissance buildings and see the former Town Hall. Walk through the historic gates which are remnants from the defensive walls of the 14th century, Krakowska Gate and Grodzka Gate. See the extremely old remains of Fara Square and Trinity Tower. Follow your guide to check out the beautiful neo-Gothic Lublin castle. Enter St. John the Baptist Cathedral and discover its rich interior and stunning organs. Finally, visit the Church the Holy Spirit with its spectacular altar. Extend your tour to three hours and admire other extraordinary sacral buildings like the Carmelite Church or the Roman Catholic Church of St. Piotr and Paul. Lublin is full of delightful architecture; look out for beautiful Romanesque townhouses in the heart of Lublin, like the building of Theatre of Osterwy. End the tour at Lublin Union Monument and find out the story behind it.

Lublin & Majdanek Small-Group Tour from Warsaw with Lunch

5. Lublin & Majdanek Small-Group Tour from Warsaw with Lunch

Lublin was competing for the title of the European Capital of Culture 2016, because it presents an idea of integration, tolerance and dialogue between cultures of the West and East. Amount of cultural festivals, galleries, theaters, places for artists is very impressive. You’ll never feel bored in this city. On the outskirts of Lublin there is a historical place of Nazi concentration and extermination camp – Majdanek. It was unique sample of camp located near population center. The camp was going to be the source of a free workforce for the realization of the plans to build a German empire in the east.  Prisoners came from nearly 30 countries, mainly Poles and Jews, also Russians, Byelorussians and Ukrainians.  The tragic history of the Lublin concentration camp came to an end on 23rd July 1944 after the Red Army entered the city. Now you can visit Majdanek National Museum, Monument of Struggle and Martyrdom at Majdanek, Mausoleum containing ashes from the victims of Nazi hate and some remains of the camp.

Gross-Rosen Camp & Jawor Tour

6. Gross-Rosen Camp & Jawor Tour

During this trip, you will get to visit 2 very unique places and experience the fascinating region of Lower Silesia. With its turbulent past, interesting culture, and incredibly beautiful landscape, it is one of the most visited "voivodeships" (provinces) in Poland. First up is the Gross-Rosen Museum in Rogoznica, which was the biggest Nazi concentration camp in Lower Silesia, with particularly harsh conditions and hard labor in the quarries. The motto of the place was "Vermichtung durch Arbeit" (extermination through labour). Around 40,000 prisoners died there including Poles, Jews, Russians, French, and Hungarian. The second part of the trip will be spent at the Churches of Peace in Jawor, one of the largest wattle and daub religious buildings in Europe, built in the old Silesia in the middle of the 17th-century. This place is a manifestation of the desire for religious freedom and a rare sign of Lutheran ideology connected with the Catholic Church. Situated outside of the city walls, the churches were made of wood or clay in less than a year and are currently on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Lublin: Local Jewish Heritage Full-Day Guided Tour

7. Lublin: Local Jewish Heritage Full-Day Guided Tour

Your guide will greet you at the hotel and invite you for the fully private sightseeing. The history of Lublin Jews is almost as long as the history of the city - it has about 700 years. Before the outbreak of World War II, the Jewish population constituted 30% of the citizens of the city. Over time, Lublin became the center of Jewish culture, religion and science. In the 1930s, the largest and most prestigious rabbinical school in the world was opened in Lublin. The town was called the Jewish Oxford and the Jerusalem of Poland. Go through a Memorial Trail of Lublin Jews, that commemorates places related to the tragic history of the Jewish community and marks the borders of the ghetto in Podzamcze and the last road of Lublin Jews to Umschlagplatz, from where about 28,000 people were transported to the death camp in Bełżec. Hear about a world that no longer exists. See the Lublin castle, the Grodzka Gate (called also the Jewish Gate), Chewra Nosim Synagogue - the only preserved pre-war Jewish temple, the Old Jewish Cemetery, and the former Academy of the Sages of Lublin – currently hotel and synagogue. Finally, visit the Majdanek State Museum – the former German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp. Enjoy the most important places for Jewish history in Lublin and learn from your guide what else you can discover on your own after this tour.

Lublin Private Polish Beer Tasting Tour

8. Lublin Private Polish Beer Tasting Tour

Sample the best Polish popular, craft, and regional beer throughout a beer-tasting tour in Lublin. This experience aims to better introduce you to Polish beer, including its history, Polish tradition, and customs. This fun and cultural evening offers an insightful introduction to the world of Polish beer. Spend time with your group of friends or family privately, as your guide takes care of you personally and explains each beer that you will drink. The beers sampled will include those from major Polish breweries, as well as specialty regional beers. Your first venue will offer you Polish appetizers, and each venue you visit will provide a different experience, including a different atmosphere and selection of beer to choose from. Throughout the 2-hour option you will taste a set of 7 beers and some appetizers at 3 different venues. If you want to try more flavors of beer, then the 3-hour option is for you. This includes 11 beers at 4 different venues with appetizers which are a perfect match to beer. There is also the option to choose a 4-hour option for those who would like to have the best combination of Polish beer and traditional food in 5 venues. With this option, enjoy 13 beers and more food than you are able to eat.

From Warsaw: Kazimierz Dolny, Lublin, Majdanek & Kozlowka

9. From Warsaw: Kazimierz Dolny, Lublin, Majdanek & Kozlowka

This Kazimierz, Lublin, Majdanek, and Kozlowka private tour is a comfortable and special trip. During it, you will visit some of the most beautiful cities in Poland with a professional guide in an air-conditioned vehicle.  Stroll through the medieval Old Town in Lublin with its winding streets full of fascinating legends. Discover Kazimierz, the pearl of the Polish Renaissance, and a popular holiday resort, and visit Majdanek on this private tour. In Lublin, enter the impressive castle and see the fabulous Byzantine wall paintings of the castle chapel. Visit the oldest surviving Jewish cemetery in Poland and discover the history of the Jewish community of Lublin. The picturesque Kazimierz attracts many artists who seek inspiration here. Visit the concentration camp, blockhouses, a gas chamber, and crematory in Majdanek. In Kozłówka, you will find unique sights such as a social realist art gallery.

Warsaw:1-Day Trip to Kazimierz Dolny Private Guided Tour

10. Warsaw:1-Day Trip to Kazimierz Dolny Private Guided Tour

Kazimierz Dolny is a charming town located on the Vistula River within the borders of the Lublin Province, which can boast of: a rich history, a charming old town, mansions built in the Lublin Renaissance style and loess ravines surrounding them. Come and see this small but great Polish gem where thousands of visitors come every year just to admire again! At first you will be picked up by private transport at your accommodation. No need to worry about any organization. Your guide will welcome you. Together let’s hit the road. On the way you will meet the history of Poland and some introduction of Kazimierz Dolny. Once you get on the spot you will see an adorable town with multiple attractions and rich history! Explore lovely Market Square and see the best tenements. Each tenement is related with some personal story of former residents. Your guide will find fascinating history on every corner. See also St. John the Baptist and St. Bartholomew. The interior of the temple hides unique treasures, such as: the oldest fully preserved organ in Poland and a baptismal font from 1587 straight from Florence. During your walking tour for sure you will also see the Synagogue and hear about the local Jewish community. Moreover, on the highest hill you will see a magnificent castle tower and castle ruins! Get inside - from the observation deck you will admire picturesque Vistula valley and the ruins of the Kazimierz castle. In the distance you will also see the remains of the Janowiec Castle. The hallmark of Kazimierz Dolny are deep (even several meters) loess gorges that surround the city with a network of picturesque walking routes. Visit the most beautiful of them! The Root Pit looks straight out of fairy-tale scenery. It is the perfect place to take a picture! And the last, but not least - The Wall of Crying. It is a monument located in the former Jewish cemetery to commemorate cruel fate that befell Kazimierz Jews during World War II. It was here that mass executions of civilians of Polish and Jewish origin were carried out. After the tour you will get back to Warsaw safely by our private transfers.

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Albeit somber and certainly not easy, this visit was an invaluable opportunity to learn about and reflect on this very difficult chapter of the European history. Our guide, Marcin, was very knowledgeable and gave us a lot of useful and interesting information about the camp and the Holocaust in Poland, while also leaving us some time for personal reflection. The subsequent visit to the beautiful city of Lublin was a good way of ending the day.

The day tour was fantastic though the tour was more emotional as it was one of the death camp. I am focusing on the tour guide. The more I praise about him will not be enough to measure his knowledge, his kindness as well as friendliness. I am very much satisfied to get him as tour guide in that entire day trip. I would really admire the effort of his to make us satisfied as well as filled with as much information as it can be.

It was the most interesting but emotional trip. My driver was fantastic. And the local guide so knowledgeable and easy to listen too. I have learned so much

Punctual transfers and very good explanation... Treat yourself to the tour... Booked English and got German... Service 5 stars 04.08.2023

We had an excellent trip with Piotre. He was very good in explaining everything and answering our questions