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Los Flamencos National Reserve

Los Flamencos National Reserve: Our most recommended tours and activities

San Pedro de Atacama: Valle de la Luna Sunset Tour

1. San Pedro de Atacama: Valle de la Luna Sunset Tour

Meet your group at the meeting point and travel to Valle de la Luna, located 13 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama. Explore the lunar-like landscape which will mesmerize you with its colorful geology. Discover interesting rock formations composed of natural minerals, including Las Tres Marías created by wind erosion over many decades. See other sights such as the Grand Dunes, the Salt Cave, the Amphitheater, and the Coyote Stone. At the end of the day, admire the sunset from an exceptional lookout point overlooking the valley. Enjoy a panoramic view of the rugged beauty of the Atacama desert, and see the beautiful colors of the sky as the sun gradually sets.

San Pedro de Atacama: 3-Day Activity Combo with 4 Tours

2. San Pedro de Atacama: 3-Day Activity Combo with 4 Tours

Delight in 3 days of activities and discover the must-sees in the Atacama Desert, from San Pedro de Atacama. The natural attractions of Atacama, the driest and highest desert in the world, are scattered around San Pedro. Get ready to find conical volcanoes, blueish lagoons, steaming geysers, and rock formations that appear to be from another planet. Llamas, vicuñas, guanacos, foxes, and graceful flamingos can also be experienced in this unique wildlife environment. The 3-day pack will be a combination of the 4 tours below. The local partner will contact you before to coordinate the days on which you will attend each one. El Tatio Geysers Tour: Visit El Tatio Geysers to be mesmerized by the largest geothermal field in the southern hemisphere and the third-largest in the world. Ride through the Putana Valley, observe flora and fauna, and stop at a lagoon to see flamingos. Red Rocks & Altiplano Lagoons Day Trip: Discover the gems of the Atacama Desert on a guided day trip from San Pedro de Atacama with a hotel pickup. See the Tropic of Capricorn, Red Rocks or Piedras Rojas, and the Miscanti and Miñiques lagoons. Valle de la Luna Sunset Tour: See sights such as the Three Sisters and the Grand Dunes before ending the day with an amazing sunset. Hidden Lagoons of Baltinache Tour: Visit the hidden lagoons of Baltinache or Seven Lagoons, one of the secret places of the Atacama Desert. This is a wonderful landscape, of which only the first and the last one can be used for bathing. Due to the high salt concentration they contain, you will experience the flotation effect like the Dead Sea.

Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley) from San Pedro de Atacama

3. Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley) from San Pedro de Atacama

Meet your guide in San Pedro de Atacama and head towards the Moon Valley, locally known as Valle de la Luna. It is around 10 kilometers away from San Pedro de Atacama and has been declared a natural sanctuary as part of the Los Flamencos National Reserve within the Salt Mountain range.  On this tour, see the beautiful and awe-inspiring place, which has multiple colorful formations creating a geological spectacle similar to the surface of the moon. You will also visit the Tres Marias statues, explore the salt cave, and climb the Gran Duna (Great Dune) to admire a beautiful panorama as the sun sets and the colors in the sky change. Return to San Pedro de Atacama after seeing this nature spectacle and creating unforgettable memories.

Moon Valley Tour

4. Moon Valley Tour

Pick up in the hotel in the afternoon and then we drive to the Moon Valley. We will spend a couple of hours in the park visiting the most famous attractions such as the Duna Mayor, Tres Marias and Anfiteatro. You will walk so come prepared with comfortable clothes and shoes! Also remeber that you are in the driest desert of the world so bring water with you! Once we visit the park, we will move into Ckari viewpoint where we will wait for the sunset with a nice apetizer and typical pisco sour. The tour will finish in the center of San Pedro de Atacama.

San Pedro de Atacama: 4-Day Magic Desert Tour

5. San Pedro de Atacama: 4-Day Magic Desert Tour

Day 1: Transfer from Calama Airport to your San Pedro de Atacama Hotel Day 2: RED STONES, HIGH PLANE LAGOONS AND SALT FLAT OF ATACAMA We will visit the Laguna Chaxa, with its flamingos in the Salar de Atacama. We can also enjoy the wonderful Altiplanic, Miscanti and little fingers We will be able to get closer to the local culture in the highland town of Socaire. We will observe the Salar de Atacama from above, and we will enjoy beautiful landscapes and broken. In turn, we will hallucinate with the impressive Red Stones. Day 3 AM: Tour Geiser del Tatio (altitude of 4,300 meters) After driving through the night, you will arrive at this spectacular sector of the Altiplano at approximately 6:45AM, normally the temperature at this time is below zero. You will begin your day by enjoying breakfast before a guided hike by the geothermal field. There you will be able to observe the impressive columns of steam (geisers), fumaroles, hundreds of pools of boiling water, and high peaks. In this sector you can see parts of the typical Andean fauna such as Vizcachas and Vicuñas. You will then move to the sector of the thermal pools with 40º water, where guests can take a rejuvenating swim. You will then begin the return to San Pedro, through the impressive landscape of the Andes mountain range. During this route you will also be able to see the Tocorpuri and Licancacabur volcanos. You will eventually arrive in San Pedro at approximately 12:00PM, where you will have free time before meeting in the office at 3:50PM. From here you will travel directly to the Salar de Atacama, where your first stop will be Laguna Cejar, a turquoise lagoon in which you can bathe. Due to this lake's great salinity, you will even be able to float on the water. Later, you will visit the eyes of the Salar, before your tour ends at the Tebinquiche Lagoon, where you will enjoy a beautiful sunset with an aperitif. You will eventually return to San Pedro de Atacama. Day 3: Pm. Moon Valley After beginning your tour, you will travel to the famous Valley of the Moon, located approximately 10 kilometers away from San Pedro de Atacama and declared a sanctuary of nature. Here you will discover a place with beautiful shapes and colors where you can walk and observe a geological show with sculptural forms, similar to the lunar surface. You can visit the salt statues "Las Tres Marías", as well as the salt caverns. You will then go up to the great dune at sunset to admire this beautiful panorama in all its splendor. Day 4: Transfer Hotel San Pedro de Atacama to Calama Airport On the final day of your tour you will be transferred to Calama Airport, or another centrally located part of Calama. The itinerary of the excursions can be modified, to be able to carry out all the excursions based on your stay in San Pedro

Full Desert. The most complete program you will find

6. Full Desert. The most complete program you will find

A program that you can tailor to your needs, according to your days. These are all the most emblematic products that you can configure and put them however you want. Tour Geiser del Tatio. From 04:30 am to 11:00 am. Valley of the moon. From 15:30 p.m. to 20:30 p.m. Rainbow Valley. From 07:00 a.m. to 12:01 p.m. Astronomical Tour. From 9:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Red stones. From 07:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. Cejar Lagoon, Tebenquiche Lagoon and Ojos del Salar. From 2:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Transfer In. Duration 1.5 hours Transfer Out. Duration 1.5 hours


7. Vallecito

Hotel pickup and drive to the Cordillera de la Sal (Salt Mountainrange) where you will find Vallecito. You will visit the "Magic Bus of Atacama" and discover crazy rock formations for an afternoon in the heart of the Atacama Desert. You will do some mini trekkings and explore the various rock formations. You will finish the day with a nice pisco sour while enjoyng a beautiful sunset looking at the Andes!

San Pedro de Atacama: Valle de la luna

8. San Pedro de Atacama: Valle de la luna

Discover the Atacama Desert in a unique way with the world! Meet the Moon Valley, a natural jewelry just 10 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama. In this unmissable excursion, you will experience the magic of a place that seems to have come directly from another planet. Explore the Moon Valley: a lunar scenario in the Atacama Desert Imagine walking through a place that was once the bottom of an ocean, a landscape that challenges the imagination. The Moon Valley is a true geological wonder, with its colorful and stunning formations that resemble the lunar surface. Strong winds, saline and unique -looking rocks create a stunning scenario just 17 kilometers from San Pedro. You can't help but visit this amazing place! An unforgettable experience in the desert of Atacama The La Luna Valley, located in a volcanic area, is a true natural paradise. Wind action and extreme temperature changes over time sculpt this unique landscape, often compared to the moon surface. Situated at 2,500 meters above sea level, at the same altitude as San Pedro de Atacama, it is the perfect tour to include in the first days of its script. What you will find out in this unique experience: Salt of Sal: Explore the majestic mountains of salt, a fundamental part of this spectacular scenario. Three Marys: Visit the statue of the three Marys and marvel at its beauty and meaning. Great Dune: Go up the Gran Dune and enjoy a panoramic view of breathtaking as the sun sets and the sky turns into a color show. Amphitheater: Discover the amphitheater, a rock formation that echoes your voice and provides a unique experience of natural acoustics. COYOTE STONE: Walk to the Coyote Stone and enjoy a spectacular view of the Moon Valley. Ckari Mirador: Admire the stunning views from the Ckari Mirador, where the beauty of nature reveals itself in all its glory. Do not miss the opportunity to experience Atacama's desert in a way that you will never forget. Reserve now and board this unique adventure with the world. Join us and be part of a group of travelers who value authentic and unforgettable experiences. Come find out the Moon Valley and experience the magic of the Atacama Desert!

San Pedro de Atacama: Tour al Valle de la Luna

9. San Pedro de Atacama: Tour al Valle de la Luna

The ancestors called it Las Salinas, today known worldwide as Valley of the Moon, a set of landscapes of incomparable beauty that resemble a fragment of the lunar landscape to which it owes its name. In 1982 it was declared a Nature Sanctuary and is part of the Los Flamencos National Reserve. In this place you can see a geological spectacle of great interest, especially at sunrise and sunset. During your visit you can see: Ckari Gorge, Salt Caverns, the famous natural formation known by our ancestors as The Three Vigilantes today called The 3 Marías, Greater Dune; majestic body of sand and viewpoints such as; Quebrada Honda where the famous Coyote Stone is located

Valley of the Moon: A place from another world

10. Valley of the Moon: A place from another world

Do you imagine how would it be to walk on a place that was once an ocean? The region of the Valley of the Moon, is, according to the geologists, an old oceanic floor. The result is an unforgetable landscape. This amazing place seems from another world. Heavy winds, salt carverns and rock formations with unusual morphology complete this scenery. And all that, only 17kms away from San Pedro. It´s a place you cannot miss. Located in one of the most humid and driest places in the world, the Atacama desert seen from the Valley of the Moon is an experience that you will tell everyone you know

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Nice trip. It was really hot mid afternoon for the hike and I don’t think people were necessarily prepared for it, both for the heat and the hiking ability. It’s not too difficult but not a walk in the park either. Sunset and the little picnic at the end were very nice but felt a little rushed to leave immediately after the sunset, even the employees of the park area are rushing everyone out right after. It was still really nice though!

It was wonderful and well organized but a mess - in terms of getting the ticket (ENTRY TO THE PARK) in advance of the excursion; why can't you pay for it in full immediately (as a package); would bring more holiday mood!

Excellent ! You get a lot of information. Cristian was great and our driver was also great. The end with sunset and before that a snack with Pisco Sour - top in this constellation can only be recommended

Superb expedition with our guide (Manuel) who was fantastic! We really feel like we're on another planet!

Great tour with a great guide. Was absolutely stunning and the sunset was amazing!