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From Melbourne: Great Ocean Road Full-Day Trip

1. From Melbourne: Great Ocean Road Full-Day Trip

Discover the beauty of Port Campbell National Park on this day trip from Melbourne. Travel in a comfortable and airconditioned coach and enjoy a refreshing morning tea. Stop for pictures viewpoints, take a stroll at Apollo Bay and admire the 12 Apostles limestone stacks. Enjoy morning views of Melbourne city and Port Phillip Bay as you cross the Westgate Bridge, Australia’s longest bridge, at just under 1.5 miles (2.6 kilometers). Embark on one of the world’s greatest drives to tour the Great Ocean Road. Take in a scenic journey along the Great Ocean Road. Stop for photos opportunity the Memorial Arch at Eastern View as well as at Kennett River, home to a large population of cute and cuddly wild koalas. A sighting is almost guaranteed as they munch away on Eucalyptus leaves. Marvel at Apollo Bay and walk around the famous coastal town. Afterward, follow the Great Ocean Road away from the water and into the mountains. Proceed through the spectacular Otway Ranges and stop to enjoy a stroll in the cool, temperate rainforest at Maits Rest. Continue to Port Campbell National Park, with its iconic array of rock formations. Visit Loch Ard Gorge and Gibson Steps, and be awestruck by the majestic monoliths of the 12 Apostles. Take advantage of a dinner stop on the journey back to Melbourne at the township of Colac. Enjoy a scenic view of the illuminated city as you cross Westgate Bridge on the way home.

From Melbourne: Great Ocean Road Minibus Tour in Reverse

2. From Melbourne: Great Ocean Road Minibus Tour in Reverse

Travel along the Great Ocean Road route in reverse to avoid the crowds on this guided day trip from Melbourne. Visit the Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, Port Campbell, Apollo Bay, and more. Stop at the Great Otway National Park for a guided rainforest walk. What makes this tour unique is that it goes in reverse compared to typical Great Ocean Road tours. Your guide will drive inland in the morning, arrive at the attractions before all the crowds get there, and come back through the world-famous coastline, the Great Ocean Road. First, stop at a rural town for breakfast, where you can get in a good stretch and enjoy a coffee (cost not included). From there, go straight to the first attraction, the Twelve Apostles. Enjoy the internationally famous limestone formation lookouts without the crowds of people. See the Razorback rock formation, the lookout at the Gibson Steps, and the enchanting Loch Ard Gorge Beach. Learn about Loch Ard's shipwreck story, then make a lunch stop in the town of Port Campbell or Apollo Bay (cost not included). Choose to go for a walk to the beach for more pictures. When you depart the Twelve Apostles area, drive through Great Otway National Park. Connect with nature during a 20-minute rainforest walk to witness some of Australia's most amazing rainforest scenery. On your way back, travel along the Great Ocean Road coastline, through Apollo Bay. Listen as your guide shares stories and facts about the city while on your way to Kenneth River. At the river, be camera-ready as you may encounter some local koalas and colorful parrots. Before returning to Melbourne, the final stop will be at the quaint coastal town of Lorne for another epic beachfront view. 

From Melbourne: Great Ocean Road Full-Day Sunset Tour

3. From Melbourne: Great Ocean Road Full-Day Sunset Tour

Drive along the spectacular Great Ocean Road and experience the breathtaking Loch Ard Gorge and 12 Apostles on a day trip from Melbourne. Gaze at picturesque coastal towns, sunny beaches, and lush rainforests as you look out for local wildlife. Depart Melbourne later than most other tour buses in order to avoid the crowds along the Great Ocean Road. Travel onboard a 24 seater bus with free WiFi. Your driver-guide boasts extensive local knowledge and will point out the best sights in Victoria. Journey along the coastline, enjoying breathtaking views at every twist and turn. Drive west through Geelong, Victoria’s second largest city, before heading south through the coastal township of Lorne and Apollo Bay. See wide beaches with uninterrupted views and the lush rainforest of the Otway Ranges. Look out for native wildlife, such as koala and birds in their natural habitats. To complete the tour you arrive at the Shipwreck Coast. Here you can visit Loch Ard Gorge to learn about the famous shipwreck, plus view the mighty 12 Apostles and enjoy a spectacular sunset.

ULTIMATE Great Ocean Rd scenery +gourmet, 12Apostles daytrip

4. ULTIMATE Great Ocean Rd scenery +gourmet, 12Apostles daytrip

Our “burger with the lot” epic scenery tour - a fun-filled daytrip from Melbourne with elevated seat viewing along the world-renowned Great Ocean Road with real wildlife viewing, stunning beaches & an ancient rainforest on the way to explore the majestic coastline of 12 Apostles, Gibson Steps or Thunder Cave, Razorback & the Loch Ard Gorge. Awaken with barista coffee or delights from a huge gourmet Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery, plus our Anzac biscuits to learn Aussie history before the Memorial Arch. Dine at a gem seaside town for lunch & take a dip in the sea if you wish. We really do make the Great Ocean Road AMAZING! Our thoughtful details along the way add-up to a big difference to all the others, we ONLY tour this incredible region so let us make your once-in-a-lifetime day here the best it can be with our medium size bus that can access real highlights the large coaches can't get to! Be collected from Melbourne, Southbank & St Kilda hotels to journey to: + rise 'n shine at a Chocolaterie for free tastings & purchase cafe delights if you wish, or just enjoy the morning juice & Anzac biscuits on us in the lovely gardens + drive by a kangaroo hang-out to see who's up + Memorial Arch album-cover-worthy pic before the jaw-dropping scenery unfolds + refresh under the gum trees enveloping Lorne bay + fabulous lunch options at Apollo Bay town, plus take a quick dip in the sea if you bring bathers! + step inside Maits Rest rainforest for a moment to feel like you're in another world - showcasing the diversity of the Great Ocean Road Now you've arrived at the Shipwreck Coast grand finale; + Gibson Steps view from the top or conquer the grand sea cliff steps to the rugged shoreline (if conditions permit) or the Thunder Cave - on a rough day the waves crash with a loud boom! On a calm day the serenity will take your breath away + Loch Ard Gorge jewel in the crown + Island Archway & the Razorback a beast when raging seas swell + 12 Apostles be mesmerised by the alluring stacks, optional helicopter ride if you'd like us to pre-arrange, after walking the coastal sites freshen-up with a drink & snack (card only) maybe try the local made Timboon Ice-Cream > journey back via farming countryside with whole hearts & wide smiles, forever grateful :) share your lifelong memory photos & now relax as we arrive to Melbourne around 7:30-8pm depending on variables in the day, to commence the hotel drops & for your dinner plans How does all that sound? One big, unforgettable day of bucket-list memories made

From Melbourne: Great Ocean Road Full-Day Guided Trip

5. From Melbourne: Great Ocean Road Full-Day Guided Trip

Enjoy this guided, nature-filled road trip and discover Victoria's stunning coastline and rainforest. Drive the Great Ocean Road, a winding road that reveals uninterrupted beaches, dramatic coastlines, and the lush rainforest of the Otway Ranges. Travel west to the start of the Great Ocean Road and pass the coastal towns of Lorne and Apollo Bay. Pass through the scenic towns of Lorne and Apollo Bay. There are plenty of opportunities to see the native wildlife and get a glimpse of cute koalas and a variety of birds.  Discover the Shipwreck Coast, stroll along the historic beaches, and see Loch Ard Gorge. Arrive at the 12 Apostles where you will be dwarfed by the high cliff line and these enormous offshore stacks. Snap a memorable photo before you begin your journey back to Melbourne.

From Melbourne: Great Ocean Road & Rainforest Full-Day Trip

6. From Melbourne: Great Ocean Road & Rainforest Full-Day Trip

Begin the day with an early start leaving Melbourne city where you will drive over the Westgate Bridge towards the Great Ocean Road - one of the few places where the destination and the journey are the same things. Once you arrive at the Great Ocean Road, enjoy morning tea along the Surf Coast at your first stop, a perfect way to meet your fellow travelers and your guide for the day. As you wind along this iconic road, each twist and turn reveals new spectacular views of the rugged coastline and into the Otway Ranges that lie inland. To hear the history of the road and its workers as you make a stop at Memorial Arch, also known as the Great Ocean Road sign. Keep your eyes peeled for Australian Native Wildlife as we pass through quaint yet popular holiday resort towns. Make your way to the historical town of Apollo Bay for a bite of lunch. Stroll the streets, meander the main beach, or try some unique and award-winning ice cream. After lunch, the road ventures away from the coastline and into the heart of the Otway National Park. Embark on a guided walk through the crisp, fresh air of an ancient rainforest. A truly magical part of the day as you're immersed among ferns and the world's second-tallest species of tree. The journey continues through the rainforest before reaching the Shipwreck Coast, where you will find some of the biggest attractions for the day. Hear about the coastline's most famous shipwreck before stepping down into the gorge at the center of the story of the Loch Ard ill-fated journey. Be towered by the sheer limestone cliffs that form the gorge as you stand on the beach or step into the cold waters of the Southern Ocean at the bottom before reaching the major attraction - the 12 Apostles. View these ginormous limestone monoliths formed by hundreds of years of erosion as they stand high and strong against the forces of nature. A true sight to behold and a perfect way to cap off the day before making your way back to Melbourne for the night. 

Melbourne: Great Ocean Road Full-Day Sunset Tour

7. Melbourne: Great Ocean Road Full-Day Sunset Tour

Take a scenic drive along Great Ocean Road and watch the sunset over the Twelve Apostles on a tour from Melbourne. Depart Melbourne a little later than most Great Ocean Road tours to experience the dramatic landscapes without the crowds. Get panoramic views of the coast in comfort. Drive past the famous sands of the Surf Coast then continue through the Great Otway National Park and gaze in awe at the massive eucalyptus trees. Hear tales of shipwrecks at Loch Ard Gorge and encounter koalas in their natural habitat along the way. Take souvenir photos of the Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch and get countless other photo opportunities during the day. Listen to the expert commentary and avail of the free Wi-Fi to share your experience on your favorite social media platform as it happens. End by watching a magnificent sunset at the famous Twelve Apostles rock formations before making your way back to Melbourne.

Great Ocean Road Coastal Day Tour and Chinese Speaking Guide

8. Great Ocean Road Coastal Day Tour and Chinese Speaking Guide

Departing Melbourne, head straight for the eastern end of the Great Ocean Road to begin the journey along the spectacular coastal drive. The Great Ocean Road is undoubtedly a photographer’s delight with its impressive coastline to drive along and unmatched scenery that takes your breath away. Your first stop is at Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery, where you can enjoy free chocolate and ice cream tastings. Watch the art of chocolate making, from handcrafting to hand packing, and say hello to European Chocolatiers.  Take the opportunity to capture a moment under the historic Memorial Archway marking the beginning of the Great Ocean Road before passing through the quaint seaside resort towns of Lorne and Wye River. Stop in the seaside township of Apollo Bay, where there will be time to grab a bite to eat. Passing through Great Otway National Park, keep your eyes on the trees and count how many koalas you can spot. Enjoy spending time with some of Australia’s native parrots, lorikeets, and kookaburras.  Once out of the trees and back by the Southern Ocean, arrive at Port Campbell National Park, home to the iconic 12 Apostles. Enjoy free time to take in the views from every angle, walk along the boardwalks, and get the perfect pictures of the wild and rugged coastline.  Afterward, move on to Loch Ard Gorge, shrouded by impressive limestone cliffs. Here, you can learn about Australia's most famous shipwreck, which tragically wrecked on jagged rocks in 1873. Finally, return to Melbourne via the road inland, traveling through quaint country towns along the way.

Melbourne: 12 Apostles, Great Otways and Great Ocean Road

9. Melbourne: 12 Apostles, Great Otways and Great Ocean Road

Discover the iconic 12 Apostles, see picturesque beaches, and make your way through the trees in Great Otways National Park and Redwood Forest on a minivan guided tour. Snack on local fruit and spot native koalas, as you explore this stunning part of Australia. Departing Melbourne early with your knowledgeable guide, head straight to the famous 12 Apostles before the masses of people arrive. Take a short stroll along the boardwalk and appreciate the stunning views. Continue to another spectacular scene, Gibson Steps, and walk down the 70-meter cliff-side pathway to the beach, where there will be plenty of time to take some incredible photos. Next, it’s back in the van to start a drive through the magical Great Otways National Park. Pull over and take a short hike through ancient rainforests to one of the Otways' pristine waterfalls. With your energy restored, continue your tour along the iconic Great Ocean Road. Pass by Apollo Bay before reaching Kennett's River, where you'll get the chance to spot native koalas going about their daily routines. Stop at the beautiful town of Lorne for 30 minutes to shop and explore at your leisure, or take a swim in the ocean.

Melbourne: Great Ocean Road & Wildlife Tour for Backpackers

10. Melbourne: Great Ocean Road & Wildlife Tour for Backpackers

Check out the Twelve Apostles' limestone stacks, visit Loch Ard Gorge and learn about its tragic history. Experience Apollo Bay, the rainforest and see some koalas, kangaroos and birds along the way. The only goal is to have an amazing day full of spectacular sights and some laughs, too on this guided group tour for 18-35 year olds. Begin your tour with a convenient pickup run from selected Melbourne accommodation, before you head out of the city to the furthest part of the Great Ocean Road. Your first scenic stop will be at the Twelve Apostles, where you'll get to experience the boardwalk and viewing platforms and get your first glimpse of the natural limestone rock stacks and cliffs. Next, head onto the beach in front of the first Apostles at Gibson Steps, where you can spend some time taking in their size and beauty. Then, it’s a short drive from the Twelve Apostles to the beautiful Loch Ard Gorge, where you will walk on the famous 'shipwreck beach.' While here, check out more magnificent limestone formations, like the Razorback, Three Sisters and the Salt and Pepper Shaker. Afterwards, it's off to the Great Otway National Park, which stretches or over 1000sq km. Here, find adorable koalas in their natural habitat and grab some photos, before arriving in Apollo Bay for some free time and lunch. While in Apollo Bay, feel free to grab some food at any of the different cafés, restaurants and bakeries, or even head to the Gin distillery or pub for a well-earned drink. Spend the afternoon driving and stopping along the scenic drive between Apollo Bay and Anglesea at places like Cape Pattern Lookout, Kennet River, Lorne and The Memorial Arch. And then onward to spot some kangaroos grazing in the fields.

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This trip is a must do. The view on the drive there was gorgeous. I was sitting on the other side of the bus so I had to look past people so I would suggest sitting on the left side of the bus. Our tour guide was amazing! She shared lots of interesting facts but didn't talk too much, had a killer playlist going on the bus, made sure we all got the pictures we wanted, stopped along the way to show us Koalas, and planned it so we missed the crowds. The stops we took along the way were stunning and equally if not more impressive than the 12 (really 7.5) Apostles. Very much recommend!

We had a wonderful day trip to the great ocean road with Bill! His smart sense of humour, great taste of music and thorough guidance made the trip an unforgettable experience! Highly recommend it! Do notice that this kind of trips include a lot of hours in the bus though that can be a bit tiring. But if you wanna do it as a day trip.. go west ;-)

Our guide Paul was simply wonderful. He saw that the day went well for all of us...making sure we all saw the wildlife and scenery.

very good. The guide was very bright and energetic and was wonderful. thank you so much🧡🇯🇵 ありがとう‼︎

Jools and Gumnut are amazing as tourguide. they have great humor, knowledge and playlist