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Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge: Our most recommended tours and activities

Hanoi: Food, Culture, Sightseeing and Fun – Army Jeep Tour

1. Hanoi: Food, Culture, Sightseeing and Fun – Army Jeep Tour

Tour Hanoi in a vintage GAZ-69, the classic Army jeep from the 50s and 60s during the Soviet Era. Go on a journey through the city’s many neighborhoods and get to know the Hanoi of the past and of today with a private or shared guide. Start off with pickup at your hotel or at a meeting point in Hanoi Old Quarter. Get a safety briefing from your guide before driving off on an adventure. Begin by diving straight into the labyrinth of backstreets and tiny alleyways to find out what everyday life in Hanoi is really like. Get an honest and authentic insight into the good, the bad, and the weird sides of the city. Next, drive past and visit the must-see sights, including Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, the centuries-old Buddhist and Taoist temples of Tran Quoc, the Temple of Literature, the historical train-street, the enchanting French Quarter, the Old Quarter, the romantic West Lake and Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Opera House and the famous Long Bien Bridge. On the final part of your Hanoi Jeep tour, escape the bustling city to the peaceful and alluring villages around West Lake and Truc Bach Lake. Experience first-hand how such contrasting lifestyles can co-exist between the city center and the outskirts. Find hidden tranquil spots beyond the thousands of skyscrapers. Along the way, stop at local restaurants, eateries and food stalls to savor the tastiest dishes Hanoi has to offer. Sample authentic dishes with secret recipes that have been passed down through generations.

Hanoi: Bike Tour Through Hidden Gems and Banana Island

2. Hanoi: Bike Tour Through Hidden Gems and Banana Island

Hi friends! My name is Sang and I invite you to join me on a wonderful bike tour through Hanoi. I'll take you for a spin and show you Hanoi like you otherwise never experience! We will approximately cover 10 km or 6 miles and visit some of Hanoi's most iconic and inspiring locations. The tour is safe and for all fitness levels! I am passionate about sports, culture, and anything out of the ordinary, whether it be people, things, or concepts. In my free time, I enjoy taking my road bike to explore the greater Hanoi area. I have lived and worked in Hanoi as a local tour guide and storyteller for as long as I can remember. I can't wait to share my passion for Hanoi and my love for cycling with you! Hop on and join the ride Highlights: Visit hidden gem learn more about the daily life of the local people. Join the bustling traffic in Hanoi Discovering Hanoi is very different from tourist destinations Visit hidden area like banana island Enjoying traditional Vietnamese food Itynerary: You will move to the pre-arranged location in the tour I have set up to choose suitable bikes The cycling schedule around Hanoi that you mentioned covers some of the popular tourist spots in and around the city. Here's a brief overview of each location: Banana Island: Located on the West Lake, Banana Island is a small island that can be reached by a short boat ride. It's a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city, with lush greenery and a beautiful view of the lake. Long Bien Bridge: This historic bridge spans the Red River and was built by the French in 1903. It's a popular spot for photography and offers a stunning view of the river and the surrounding area. Old Quarter: The Old Quarter is the heart of Hanoi and is known for its narrow streets, ancient temples, and bustling markets. It's a great place to experience the city's vibrant street life and sample local street food. Train Street: Located in the Old Quarter, Train Street is a narrow street that has a railway track running through it. Visitors can watch as the train passes through the street, just inches away from the houses and shops on either side. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: The mausoleum is the final resting place of Vietnam's revered leader, Ho Chi Minh. It's a grand building made of marble and granite, and visitors can view his embalmed body inside. Lake B52: This lake is named after an American B-52 bomber that crashed into it during the Vietnam War and you can sit and chat with the locals people. Today, it's a peaceful spot where locals come to fish and relax. Finally, we will have lunch with local dishes such as Bun Cha, Banh Mi, Pho Cuon, Pho,.... Cycling around these locations is a great way to see Hanoi and experience its culture and history. However, it's important to be aware of traffic and road conditions, and to wear appropriate safety gear while cycling.

Hanoi Motorbike Tour: Hanoi FOOD, CULTURE, SIGHT & FUN Tour

3. Hanoi Motorbike Tour: Hanoi FOOD, CULTURE, SIGHT & FUN Tour

The tour starts by picking up from your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter or the meeting point. Choose to have a private guide or go on a fun group tour. You will be greeted by the guide and driver for a safety briefing and introduction to your Soviet-era Minsk bike. Then, begin your urban adventure to the best sights, neighborhoods, and food spots in Hanoi. Dive into the real Hanoi and visit the more hidden parts of the city. Taste a slice of Hanoian life in the maze of backstreets, tiny alleyways, local homes, schools, and markets, experiencing where and how locals live, work, and play. Next, move onto the second part of the tour, where you’ll pass by and stop at the must-see sights. You’ll see many places, including: Ho Chi Minh mausoleum (which is considered the Mecca of the Vietnamese), The 1000-year-old Buddhist and Taoist temples of Tran Quoc, the Temple of Literature, the historical training track, the enchanting French Quarter, the hustling and bustling Old Quarter, the romantic lakes of Hoan Kiem, West Lake, the Hanoi Opera House, and the famous Long Bien bridge. You will also visit the poetic and peaceful villages and floating community along the Red River. Enrich your experience with the harmonious contrast between the city and the countryside of Hanoi. The last part of your Hanoi Motorbike Tours is all about food! We’ve got authentic, healthy and organic Hanoi Food at the Hidden Gem Cafe where we savor the tastiest dishes of Hanoi. And if you’re vegan or vegetarian, don’t worry – our menu has ample options for everybody.

Hanoi Old Quarter & Red River Delta Cycling Half Day Tour

4. Hanoi Old Quarter & Red River Delta Cycling Half Day Tour

The ultimate Hanoi Old Quarter & Red River Delta 1/2 day cycling tour. Morning tour commences at 8.00am till 12pm / Afternoon tour commences at 1.30pm am till 5.30pm Meet up at 7:45am or 13:15am at our office located at 24 Hang Buom Street for a brief introduction of the trip as well as safety instructions on how to navigate safely through Hanoi on a bicycle. We set off towards the famous Street Murals, along the Train Street and our journey starts. On this cycling tour we will take you through the most interesting parts and markets of the Old Quarter. Our ride will take us through some very old street so you can get a real feel of how life has been here for centuries. We continue along beautiful treelined streets and breath in the fresh air around the West Lake area, Tran Quoc Pagoda and Truc Bach lake. Experience how tranquil and peaceful it is just 15-minutes from the buzzling Old Quarter of Hanoi. We adventure on narrow paths through impressive banana plantations and vegetable gardens on Banana Island that cover the fertile grounds of the Red River Delta. The noisy city suddenly seems to be so far away. We will B52 lake and pass the Mausoleum of (former) President Ho Chi Minh and visit the North Gate. We admire the old train railway with impressive old heritage buildings Hanoi is so famous for. The trip winds down with a local home-made egg coffee at the popular Giang café and will end whilst cycling back through the Old Quarter. Should you wish to include and experience a local Hanoian food (pho) or lunch (bun cha), our guide can accommodate this at an additional cost (to be paid directly to the restaurant). Tour ends at 24 Hang Buom about 12.00 pm in the morning and 17.00 pm in the afternoon.

Hanoi: Instagram-Worthy Tour of City’s Most Scenic Spots

5. Hanoi: Instagram-Worthy Tour of City’s Most Scenic Spots

Start the tour while posing at St. Joseph's Cathedral and wandering around the central spots of the Old Quarter. Your professional guide will not only take special and cool shots for you, but also make your picture spectacular and unique. Next to the cathedral, you also can capture a nice shot at the Hanoi House Cafe with its ancient features surrounding you.  After that head on to Hanoi Big Opera House built by the French for 10 years, located near August Revolution Square. And we can't miss out on the Sword Lake with the Temple of Jade Mountain too. The next stop will be the Ceramic Mosaic Mural, the longest and the most colorful street which was built to celebrate 1,000 years of civilization in Hanoi. Keep moving to Long Bien Bridge with its old rustic beauty. Your next scenic spot will be West Lake with the panoramic view of the biggest lake in the city combined with oldest Buddhist temple, the Tran Quoc Pagoda. After that, you will pass by Ho Chi Minh Complex with the noble, sacred mausoleum and the ancient One Pillar Pagoda. Last stop will be the Train street with the train track and coffee shops along the two sides. You can capture some ashtonishing photos here. Some destinations may change or close due to particular reason (weather, holiday,...), but we assure to give you the best photos.

Hanoi: Traditional Ao Dai Dress and Non La Hat Rental

6. Hanoi: Traditional Ao Dai Dress and Non La Hat Rental

If you are looking for an authentic experience in Hanoi, don't miss out on this Ao Dai rental service. Immerse yourself in the Vietnamese culture wearing a beautiful Ao Dai of your choice strolling through the scenic streets of Hanoi. Wear your Ao Dai along with a Non La conical hat and get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience. The Ao Dai is a deeply ingrained part of Vietnamese culture and mind. Seize the opportunity to wear an Ao Dai that has carried its national identity and spirit since its creation. An outstanding work of art, the Ao Dai is also popular in modern culture and worn by flight attendants, teachers, bankers, and students. Embark on a self-guided photo tour in your Ao Dai and take stunning pictures in front of famous monuments such as the Hoan Kiem Lake, Opera House, Cathedral or the Long Bien Bridge. Make your stay in Vietnam unique and memorable.

Hanoi: All-in-One Walking Tour Through a Millennium City

7. Hanoi: All-in-One Walking Tour Through a Millennium City

Let's start with the question why do you want to book this tour? Step back in time and explore the evolution of Hanoi on this all-in-one walking tour. From its origins as Thang Long, the thousand-year-old city, to its current status as a bustling metropolis, you’ll traverse the city’s rich history and vibrant present. Discover architectural gems, cultural landmarks, and local hotspots that tell the story of Hanoi’s transformation. This immersive journey offers a unique perspective on the heart and soul of Vietnam’s capital. Join us for an unforgettable exploration of Hanoi’s past, present, and future! Finally, you are here! If you would like to discover the city like a local, join me on one of my tours! I would be happy to guide you through this amazing city and show you everything that Hanoi has to offer! On the tour, we cover the most important sights and attractions such as: Ly Thai To Statue Ngoc Son Temple Egg Coffee or Salt Coffee or Coconut Coffee Long Bien Bridge Communal House Hidden Gem Local Market Train Street and much more… The tour is a great way to learn about the Hanoian culture and discover the city’s colorful history We will take you from the past of Vietnam to the present of Vietnam, from must-visit tourist attractions associated with ancient Vietnamese culture such as Ngoc Son Temple, ancient houses, .... Modern architecture with the look of the French people such as the oldest bridge in Hanoi, Long Bien bridge to modern emerging places such as the train street, ... these places combine together and create Hanoi capital is as interesting and unique as it is today. I cover the most important sights through stories and fun facts, but also go off the beaten track to discover some hidden gems! I will talk about the do’s and don't s in Hanoi, while I will also recommend where and what to eat and drink. This is not just a tour; it’s a journey through a thousand years of history.

Hanoi Night Lights Food Tour by Motorbike

8. Hanoi Night Lights Food Tour by Motorbike

Your tour guide will collect you from your hotel in the evening. Meet the group and have a full safety briefing about the tour. Then set off to tour around Hanoi’s Old Quarter and Hoan Kiem Lake and be amazed at the lively small alleys that are not even noticeable during the day. Take a number of short stops to take photos and learn about the history of the Old Quarter. Ride around the city, outside of the Old Quarter, where most tourists don’t visit, past some of the majestic, historical buildings. Enjoy eating a range of small Vietnamese snacks. Ride past Red river & Long Bien Bridge to see the night lights outside Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Then stop for Dinner. Experience dinner at an authentic Vietnamese Restaurant with a wonderful variety of unlimited food to cater for every taste. Travel down a historical street and enjoy Vietnamese traditional sweet desert. You will have the option for your tour guide to take you to any location in the Old Quarter or to your hotel. 

Half day Hanoi scooter with inner City and Battrang/Co loa

9. Half day Hanoi scooter with inner City and Battrang/Co loa

1/2 day scooter tour to explore inner Hanoi City with lunch OR dinner At 8.30 am OR 14.00 pm: Our tour guide will pick you up at your hotel in the Old Quarter then we begin our adventure! The first part of our Hanoi scooter tour, we pass by & stop at the must-see places of our beautiful city such as Ho Chi Minh mausoleum-the Mecca of the Vietnamese, the 1000-year-old Buddhist and Taoist Temples of Tran Quoc, B52 lake, the historical train track, the enchanting French Quarter, the hustling ’n’ bustling Old Quarter, the romantic lake of Hoan Kiem, Hanoi Opera house & the famous Long Bien bridge etc. The second part of our Hanoi scooter tours, we expose you the real Hanoi with a day in the life experiences, featured with the unknown treasures of the city with slices of life in the maze of backstreets, tiny alleyways, local homes, schools, random markets, experiencing where and how locals live, work and play. With the Hanoi Cycler and Foodie Tour, you will not only experience the good, but we also expose you to the weird and wonderful side of our city. For us, the run-off-the mill tourist sites are only the tip of the iceberg, the majority of your destinations remain hidden in the unknown hidden treasures of the city. The last part of the tour is the food! We will stop at local street stalls, where locals make Bun Cha (noodle with barbecue pork) or Pho Ga/Bo (noodle with chicken or beef) or Banh Cuon (rice paper wrapped with vermicelli, mushrooms and egg). Vegetarian options are available, please inform us before the trip. You will finish the trip at your hotel.

Hanoi 4.5-Hour Vespa Tour city tour

10. Hanoi 4.5-Hour Vespa Tour city tour

1: Our Vespa Tour will pick up you at 8.00 am for morning tour and 12.00 pm for afternoon tour start to rider though the old quarter though backstreet alley to french quarter 2: Our Vespa rider will take you to the second destination to see the Railway Train Tracks, where we can see how the locals live & work just centimetre from the train tracks in tall narrow houses. 3 : After a short ride on the Vespa toward Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum our rider will stop at the point where you can get a view of the area including President place, Parliament House and other governmental bodies, and our guide will tell you the stories about Hanoi then and now 4: Now it's time to move on to seeing botanical garden and ride pass Small Alley with narrow houses to visit Huu Hiep Lake and see the B52 Crash site in the area. This US bomber was shot down during the 1972 bombing raids of Hanoi, a poignant reminder of our history. 5: Our next ride is to visit West lake - one of the biggest lake in Hanoi city - and come to the places where we can see the overview of the city with beautiful houses and amazing views as well as the part of Hanoi where the upper class reside 6: Driving through Thanh Nien street next to west lake, we will stop by Truc Bach lake to see the Monument of John MC Cain along with the lake and the place where he got shot down. There, you will learn about the story of John MC Cain. 7: It's time to get back on the Vespa for the ride around the west lake. Our vespa rider will drive you pass spots where you can see a panoramic view of Hanoi city from the west lake side. After that, we will stop to visit The famoust temple called Phu Tay Ho. 8: Our next ride will take us along the lakeside where you will get chance to see flower farm depending on the season. In summer time you can see lotus flower, and during winter time many different kinds of flower, next to flower farm you will reach a stop where two dragon tails were built in 2010 as a simbol of Hanoi city. 9: Our team will continue to drive you to Van Nien pagoda, one of the oldest pagoda in Hanoi, built in 1010 by King Ly Cong Uan. Admiring the beautiful architecture, you will have the chance to learn its history and special stories from our tour guide. 10: After a long ride and many activities, now it's our time to sit back and enjoy a Vietnamese coffee. You could now have a taste of the famous Egg coffee in Hanoi. 11:In our last destination, we will ride out of the city to the Long Bien Bridge, a magnificent structure build over a hundred of years ago over the red river, connecting the Hoan Kiem and Long Bien districts and providing shelter to locals living on the boats underneath. 12: We then get on the Vespa and head back to the local restaurant for you to enjoy the Vietnamese cuisine , after lunch our Vespa team will ride you back to your hotel or anywhere you want. Just let our tour guide know the destination!

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If you only do one tour in Hanoi this your should be the one. Our guide Tam communicated well before the tour, he and the riders arrived to our hotel early. We were a family of seven and every single one of us rate this as the best thing we did in a busy tour schedule in Hanoi. The tour started with all guides introducing themselves to their passenger and making them feel safe. The bikes are old and very cool, the helmets that you are given are unique. it takes a few minutes to grasp the flow of traffic once settled in we all got the groove of how this chaos works. The stops we made were excellent with a great explanation from Tam our fantastic guide. We went over the oldest bridge in Hanoi with a stop on the middle, then for the next few hours covered so much of the city , food and drinks were plentiful and our dinner stop we would never have found, great food with a social responsibility and sustainability story, celebrating re-use. This is a tour with a difference. Do it

Best part of my trip in Hanoi! Motorcycles are fun and Lucas was a safe and so nice! Mary gave great history and explanations for all our stops. I saw so many I didn’t know about - banana island and going through the very narrow residential streets were highlights. Amazing!

The tour was great. However, what would make it even more fantastic to go with the "Instagram-worthy" title is to offer professionally taken pictures as an add-on service.

Leo is a good guide. He speaks fluent English and was knowledgeable about the history of Hanoi and surroundings. Will use GetYourGuide again soon in other countries.

Best tour we did in Vietnam. Our guide Finn was brilliant. We took the 8am tour which was great timing as we got to see the morning train come through train street.