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Expect historical buildings, Dutch art museums, and suburb beaches from the home of international law.

Our most recommended things to do in The Hague

The Hague: Mauritshuis Entrance Ticket

1. The Hague: Mauritshuis Entrance Ticket

Indulge the art-lover in you at the Mauritshuis, home to the best of Dutch paintings from the Golden Age. Explore one of the most iconic buildings in the Hague, located next to the Parliament. Look out of its windows for a view of the pond.  Discover the art museum's compact yet world-renowned collection. See more than 200 masterpieces, such as "The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp" by Rembrandt, "The Goldfinch" by Fabritius, and "The Bull" by Potter, on permanent display. Appreciate the collection's rich variety, with genre paintings by Jan Steen, landscapes by Jacob van Ruisdael, still lifes by Adriaen Coorte, and portraits by Rubens. Admire the 17th-century monument's historic yet intimate interior, with its silken wall coverings, sparkling chandeliers, and monumental painted ceilings. Stay as long as you wish and visit the museum at your own pace. Allow around 1.5 hours, which is the average visit duration. Visit the restaurant and coffee shop, purchase some souvenirs, or visit the temporary exhibition. From 16 February - 9 June our Laughing Boy will be on loan to the Rijksmuseum for the Frans Hals exhibition. Frans Hals is one of the most famous and remarkable painters of the Dutch 17th century. All of his paintings show that Hals was able to use colour and broad brushstrokes like no other to 'bring his paintings to life'. Even though our most populair Hals will be away there are still four other magnificent paintings by him you can visit at the Mauritshuis. From 6 February - 20 May 2024 Roelant Savery's Wondrous World, featuring over 40 paintings and drawings, including works on loan from museums in the Netherlands and abroad, will introduce visitors to this highly versatile artist. He was a pioneer in many fields, and introduced several new themes to Dutch painting. He made the Netherlands’ first floral still life, and was the most notable painter of the legendary (extinct) dodo. He was also the first artist who went out into the streets to draw ordinary people. His painted landscapes are often like a fairytale, featuring ancient ruins and marvellous vistas. And his animal paintings include so many species that it would be an understatement to describe them as 'crowded'.

The Hague: Hop-on Hop-off Tourist Tram

2. The Hague: Hop-on Hop-off Tourist Tram

See the highlights of The Hague with full-day access to the Hop-on Hop-off tram. Jump on and off the tram as much as you like, stopping by the Houses of Parliament, Peace Palace, the beach of Scheveningen, and more. You can start your journey at any of the 16 tram stops of the Hop-on Hop-off tram: • Stop 1 (plus code 38H5+5H Den Haag): Gravenstraat (10:15 AM, then every 30 minutes until 4:45 PM) • Stop 2 (plus code 38H7+5Q Den Haag): Centrum (10:18 AM, then every 30 minutes until 4:48 PM) • Stop 3 (plus code 38JF+87 Den Haag): Centraal Station (10:23 AM, then every 30 minutes until 4:53 PM) • Stop 4 (plus code 38M8+FWQ Den Haag): Malieveld (10:25 AM, then every 30 minutes until 4:55 PM) • Stop 5 (plus code 37XX+PX Den Haag): Madurodam (10:30 AM, then every 30 minutes until 5:00 PM) • Stop 6 (plus code 474Q+WR Den Haag): Nieuwe Duinweg (10:33 AM, then every 30 minutes until 5:03 PM) • Stop 7 (plus code 477M+7C Den Haag): Kurhaus (10:35 AM, then every 30 minutes until 5:05 PM) • Stop 8 (plus code 478Q+M7 Den Haag): Zwarte Pad (10:41 AM, then every 30 minutes until 5:11 PM) • Stop 9 (plus code 473G+JP Den Haag): Keizerstraat (10:47 AM, then every 30 minutes until 5:17 PM) • Stop 10 (plus code 37WC+JJ Den Haag): Statenlaan (10:51 AM, then every 30 minutes until 5:21 PM: last tram terminates in city centre) • Stop 11 (plus code 37VG+46 Den Haag): Frederik Hendriklaan (10:53 AM, then every 30 minutes until 5:23 PM: last tram terminates in city centre) • Stop 12 (plus code 37WP+67 Den Haag): World Forum / Johan de Wittlaan (10:55 AM, then every 30 minutes until 5:25 PM: last tram terminates in city centre) • Stop 13 (plus code 37PX+VF Den Haag): Vredespaleis / Peace Palace (10:59 AM, then every 30 minutes until 5:29 PM: last tram terminates in city centre) • Stop 14 (plus code 38M4+VG Den Haag): Mauritskade (11:02 AM, then every 30 minutes until 5:32 PM: last tram terminates in city centre) • Stop 15 (plus code 38J5+5R Den Haag): Kneuterdijk (11:04 AM, then every 30 minutes until 5:34 PM: last tram terminates in city centre) • Stop 16 (plus code 38H5+33 Den Haag): Kerkplein (11:14 AM, then every 30 minutes until 4:44 PM)

The Hague: City Canal Cruise

3. The Hague: City Canal Cruise

Board this canal cruise for a relaxing and informative tour through the canals of The Hague. Your guide will show you all sides of the city from the posh to the modest, both the working-class and upper-class parts of The Hague. The boat is very comfortable and your knowledgeable guide will tell you all that you could ever want to know about the city. During this cruise, you'll be able to learn about the history of The Hague and see its sights from a different perspective. While cruising the canals, you can take in many sights of this international city of Peace and Justice. Please note that not all of the canal cruises are conducted in English. The guide speaks 1 language per tour. Handouts can be provided in Dutch, English, German, French, and Spanish. Please also note that this year, due to work on and around the route, a different route will be used. We will offer you a nice and informative alternative.

From Amsterdam: Rotterdam, Delft & The Hague Guided Day Tour

4. From Amsterdam: Rotterdam, Delft & The Hague Guided Day Tour

See the best of Holland on a day-long tour that includes a visit to Rotterdam, and the old port with its charming yellow houses. Take a river cruise, visit the food market, stop in Delft and tour The Hague. Begin your tour with a drive to Rotterdam, famous for its modern architecture. During the city tour, drive along the banks of the river Maas, to the old port and the remarkable yellow cube houses. Embark on an amazing 1-hour river cruise and then visit the famous food market. Continue on to Delft for lunch (not included) and a visit to the Royal Delft Manufactory, the last remaining Dutch ceramic factory from the 17th century. Take a city tour of The Hague by bus, where you will see the beautiful Houses of Parliament, the working palace of the Dutch king, and the Peace Palace. The last stop, before heading back to Amsterdam, will be at the miniature town Madurodam.

The Hague: Madurodam Miniature Park Entry Ticket

5. The Hague: Madurodam Miniature Park Entry Ticket

Madurodam is a must-see when you visit the Netherlands. This magnificent miniature town is the Hague’s number 1 attraction. In this family-friendly theme park you will discover the highlights and heritage of the Netherlands at Madurodam through our indoor experiences, remarkable stories, hundreds of miniatures, and plenty of interactive activities. Experience Holland’s Icons Madurodam features 338 miniatures, 21 interactive installations, and 6 indoor experiences. Explore Little Amsterdam, learn about Dutch water management, step into the shoes of a world-famous DJ, glimpse the Parliament Building in The Hague, or experience a bustling Dutch cheese market. Everything in our miniature world is scaled down to 1:25, including the people, windmills, trains, cars, and boats, all of which come to life as they move around Discover our indoor experiences Learn about typical Dutch & famous stories through indoor multi-sensory experiences. Witness the incredible feat of turning water into land, swing on Vermeer’s pearl, board a Dakota plane for an exciting journey, and explore the story of New Amsterdam. You’ll discover the Netherlands like never before. Our newest attraction Have the time of your life in the world of the Dutch Masters: admire the art of the grand masters, and experience it too! Unravel the secrets of the mysterious Vermeer, become part of Rembrandt’s The Night Watch and step into Mondrian’s rhythmic rectangles. The Dutch Masters is where art comes to life. Immerse yourself in the colourful world of Vincent van Gogh, Piet Mondrian, Johannes Vermeer, Judith Leyster and Rembrandt van Rijn. A palette of adventures awaits - it’s a real must! * Since 1952 * Number 1 attraction of The Hague * Only 40 mins away from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport * 6 indoor experiences * Scenic beauty * Holland’s culture and heritage * Family friendly * Open 365 day’s a year * Restaurants * Shop offering Dutch souvenirs like; clogs, tulips & more

The Hague: Oranjehotel World War II Prison Entrance Ticket

6. The Hague: Oranjehotel World War II Prison Entrance Ticket

Discover the history of the Netherlands' Nazi occupation at the Oranjehotel. For over 250 prisoners, this was their final destination: they were sentenced to death and executed by firing squad. With the help of your audioguide, listen to the impressive stories of the prisoners, illustrated by documents and photographs, and told in interviews and audio fragments. Hear moving stories of injustice, hunger, and insecurity, but also stories of hope, solidarity, and faith in freedom. During your visit, learn about the history of the building and the rise of the resistance. Discover what life was really like for prisoners and learn more about the disruption causeed to their families and the consequences this had after the war.

The Hague: Escher in The Palace Museum Ticket

7. The Hague: Escher in The Palace Museum Ticket

Get discounted entry to Escher in Het Paleis, a permanent exhibition dedicated to the world-famous artist M.C. Escher, whose art startled millions of people all over the world. The collection is housed in the former Winter Palace of Queen Mother Emma of the Netherlands and is the only public building in The Hague where the original royal ambience has been maintained. See almost all of the works of the Dutch artist, including the 7-meter long Metamorphosis III, an enormous woodcut displayed in a non-conventional way that let’s you experience Escher combining time and space as an organic unity. Escher instills a sense of wonder, fascinating young and old alike. The exhibition includes famous “impossible” prints, such as “Day and Night”, where the Dutch landscape appears to morph into a flock of birds, and the famous “Climbing and Descending” depicting rows of people perpetually ascending and descending a flight of stairs. Located on the second floor of The Palace is the interactive exhibition “Looking as Escher Does” where as well as doing puzzles with your eyes, you can unravel some of Escher’s mysteries with your hands.

The Hague: Highlights Self-Guided Scavenger Hunt and Tour

8. The Hague: Highlights Self-Guided Scavenger Hunt and Tour

Get to know The Hague at your own pace on this interactive scavenger hunt walking tour played on your phone. Decipher riddles, interact with the most important attractions of the city, and unlock interesting facts and legends. An ideal outdoor activity for first time visitors, couples, groups, families, and children. Can be used as a great team-building activity. After downloading the scavenger hunt tour on your mobile device (via a link and login credentials received upon booking), use the mobile app and integrated maps to reach 10 of The Hague's most important attractions on foot. At each stop, learn about the attraction and solve a location-based riddle that can only be solved if you reach the specific location. Use logic, imagination, observation, and team spirit to unlock the correct code and reveal the next destination of the tour. Start the activity whenever you like and enjoy the flexibility to pause your game at any time to take a break, snap the perfect photos, stop for lunch, or visit a museum. Choose to continue the tour later or save the rest for another day. In the history-filled city of The Hague you will first visit the beautiful Escher in Het Paleis. Then the unique The Hague's Historic Museum and then the irreplaceable Mauritshuis. This wonderful route continues to the Het Plein. As a fifth stop you will find the Binnenhof. As you continue your walk through the city you will find the interesting Rijksmuseum de Gevangenpoort. Of course, the Noordeinde Palace could not be missing from this tour. In addition, you will also admire the Royal Stables. The penultimate destination is the enviable World Peace Flame. While the icing on the cake of this unique tour could not be other than the Peace Palace.

Scheveningen, The Hague: Sea Life Entry Ticket

9. Scheveningen, The Hague: Sea Life Entry Ticket

Take a fascinating journey from Dutch rivers to the ocean depth through 15 themed zones. Come nose-to-nose with incredible seahorses, rays, sharks, and hundreds of tropical fish. Meet the playful otter Max and the penguins. Come watch one of the animal feeding sessions.

From Amsterdam: Guided Trip to Rotterdam, Delft & The Hague

10. From Amsterdam: Guided Trip to Rotterdam, Delft & The Hague

Your tour begins as you depart from Amsterdam on your bus and head to Rotterdam. Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands and is quite famous for its architecture and commercial harbor. See Rotterdam’s imposing skyline, cutting-edge architecture, harbors, shipyards, and docks. After the harbor cruise, continue your city tour, which includes a stop at the famous Market hall and Cube Houses.  Then, head to the picturesque city of Delft, the birthplace and final resting place of Dutch master Johannes Vermeer. Known as the Princes’ City, it is also where countless members of the Dutch royal family have been buried for centuries. Enjoy some free time for lunch (not included) and discover Delft’s canal-streaked historic town center. It is packed with awe-inspiring historical monuments including the Old Church, the New Church, and the Town Hall. Visit De Delftse Pauw, a factory specializing in handmade Delft Blue pottery, which has been the most coveted porcelain since the 17th century.  Make your way to The Hague for a city tour. In addition to being the seat of the Dutch government, this city is also the home of the Dutch royal family and is the third-largest city in the country. See The Hague, where most foreign embassies in the Netherlands are located, as well as 150 international organizations, including the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. Stop and take pictures at the Peace Palace, the Mauritshuis (featuring work by Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Andy Warhol), and the Binnenhof (the meeting place of the Dutch government). Finally, choose to add a scenic canal cruise in Amsterdam and see some of the city's top sights including canal houses from the Golden Age, the Westerkerk, and the Anne Frank House.

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All cities were visited. Everything was explained very well and shown what was really important to know. There was time to move freely in the cities. We took a break to take photos in front of particularly interesting buildings, such as the International Court of Justice. The only disadvantage was that in my opinion there were too many fellow travelers. A large, confusing group where I was personally worried about being accidentally forgotten because I couldn't imagine that the tour guide would be able to remember all the faces, especially at the first few stops. A clear time was set when we would meet again at the bus and no one was forgotten. I really enjoyed the trip, but I prefer to travel in a small group of 5-20 people.

Satisfying. I've wanted to see the goldfinch for years. After reading Donna Tart's book and seeing the movie. Vermeer and Rembrandt were nice bonuses. Just like the rest!

The tour was great! Tony was an excellent guide and Frank an excellent driver! I think that we should spend some more time in The Hague.

Exhibition great, audio guide bad - only 20% with sound, the rest descriptions in NL/GB.

Nice museum, some works worth seeing. Time for a quiet visit approx. 1-1.5 hours