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Lisboa Story Centre

Lisboa Story Centre: Our most recommended tours and activities

Lisbon Card: 24, 48, or 72-Hour Pass

1. Lisbon Card: 24, 48, or 72-Hour Pass

Unlock the city of Lisbon with the flexible Lisbon Card. Enjoy unlimited travel on city transport, and free admission to 39 museums, historic buildings, and more. Benefit from discounts at a vast range of attractions, vouchers for different shops, and a handy guide that explains how to use the card. After exchanging your GetYourGuide voucher for the magnetic card, the Lisbon Card immediately provides 24-hour, 48-hour, or 72-hour access to the public transport system. Eligible on the Carris metro, buses, trams, and cable railways, it also works on CP trains between Cais do Sodré and Cascais, and trains between Oriente, Rossio, and Sintra.   Enjoy free access to the Jerónimos Monastery, the Belem Tower, the National Tile Museum, the National Coach Museum, and others. Admire stunning palaces, including the Mafra National Palace and the Ajuda National Palace. Ride the famous Santa Justa Lift, and much more—all with one card. The Libson Card provides free entry to the following attractions: • Jerónimos Monastery / Monasterio de los Jerónimos• Pilar7 Bridge Experience / Experiencia Pilar 7 • LISBOA Story Centre• National Tile Museum / Museo Nacional del Azulejo   • National Coach Museum / Museo Nacional de Carruajes  • National Ancient Art Museum / Museo Nacional de Arte Antigua• Sintra Mitos e Lendas• Santa Justa Elevator / Ascensor de Santa Justa• Mafra National Palace / Palacio Nacional de Mafra• CARRIS• METRO• CP-Comboios de Portugal• FERTAGUS• National Pantheon / Panteón Nacional• Ajuda National Palace / Palacio Nacional de Ajuda• Chiado Museum - National Museum of Contemporary Art / Museo del Chiado Museo Nacional de Arte Contemporânea• National Ethnology Museum / Museo Nacional de Etnología      • National Costume Museum / Museo Nacional del Traje     • National Museum of Theatre and Dance / Museo Nacional del Teatro y de Danza  • National Archaeology Museum / Museo Nacional de Arqueología• National Music Museum Music / Museo Nacional de la Música• Dr. Anastácio Gonçalves Museum-Residence / Casa-Museo Dr. Anastácio Gonçalves• Republican National Guard Museum / Museo de la Guardia Nacional Republicana• Ceramics Museum - Sacavém / Museo de la Cerámica - Sacavém• Air Museum / Museo del Aire• Batalha Monastery / Monasterio de Batalha • Alcobaça Monastery / Monasterio de Alcobaça• Tomar Convent of Christ / Convento de Cristo - Tomar• Museum of Neo Realism - Vila Franca de Xira / Museo del Neo Realismo - Vila Franca de Xira• Museum of the work Michel Giacometti / Museo del Trabajo Michel Giacometti• Casa da Cerca - Museum of Contemporary Art - Almada / Casa da Cerca - Museu de Arte Contemporanea - Almada• Chapel of the Holy Spirit of the Mareantes - Sesimbra / Capilla del Espíritu Santo de los Mareantes - Sesimbra• Museum of Setúbal - Municipal Gallery / Museo de Setúbal - Galería Municipal• Rua Augusta Arch / Arco da Rua Augusta• Greenhouse / Invernadero Frío• Maritime Museum of Sesimbra / Museo Marítimo de Sesimbra• Museum Tesouro Real• CIRES – Roaz Interpretive Center of the Sado Estuary / CIRES - Centro Interpretativo del Roaz del Estuario del Sado• Royal Treasure Museum / Museu do Tesouro Real  The Libson Card also provides discounts on the following attractions:• Dom Fernando II e Glória ship – 20% discount• Biester Palace (Sintra) – 10% discount• Video mapping (Immersivus Lisboa – O Cubo) – 15% discount• SEOTours – 15% discount• Setubal Alive – 10% discount• MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology – 15% discount

Lisboa Story Centre: 1-Day Admission Ticket

2. Lisboa Story Centre: 1-Day Admission Ticket

Dedicated to the history of the Portuguese capital, Lisboa Story Centre was inspired by the wide range of events that have shaped the city. Located in the East Wing of the newly renovated Terreiro do Paço, it was designed as an interactive visitor attraction, comprising 6 public areas, and featuring state-of-the-art technology. With your day ticket, you’ll be transported on a fascinating journey through time. Using a mixture of elaborate sets and multimedia and sensory experiences, the Centre stages dramatic recreations of Lisbon's most important historical events, exploring the myths and realities of this ancient city. Presented in a playful and interactive manner, while respecting the rich historical tapestry of this magnificent city, the Centre offers visitors a 60-minute journey across time and space in an area that covers around 2,200 square meters. On the ground-floor you’ll find the 5 main exhibition areas. Each area features a story based on episodes of Lisbon’s history, and arranged in chronological order. Visitors are guided by a recorded multilingual storyteller on a fascinating tour. You’ll be able to soak up the atmosphere of a 16th-century warehouse and discover products from the New World, transported in caravela ships, also on display. You’ll witness the tragic events of All Saints' Day in 1755 in an immersive experience of the Great Earthquake and its tragic consequences. You’ll accompany the Marquis of Pombal as he implements his far-reaching vision for reconstruction of the city. These 5 exhibition areas cover Lisbon’s entire history, from the earliest civilizations to the present day. The 6th exhibition area is located on the first floor, and features a virtual scale model of the capital, enabling visitors to see the city’s various types of architecture, provides a more detailed account of Lisbon's history, and encourages visitors to discover modern Lisbon. You’ll also have access to a temporary exhibition area, relating to the Centre's main themes.

Private Tour Visiting the Old Town of Lisbon in Tuk-Tuk

3. Private Tour Visiting the Old Town of Lisbon in Tuk-Tuk

1 - Praca dos Restauradores, Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon 1250-188 Portugal, pass by without stopping 2 - Rossio Square, Praca Dom Pedro IV, Lisbon 1100-026 Portugal, pass by without stopping 3 - Elevador de Santa Justa, Rua do Ouro, Lisbon 150-060 Portugal, pass by without stopping 4 - Church of St. Anthony, Largo de Santo Antonio da Se, Lisbon 1100-401 Portugal, 10 minutes 5 - Lisbon Cathedral, Largo da Se, Lisbon 1100-585 Portugal, 10 minutes 6 - Miradouro de Santa Luzia, Largo de Santa Luzia Alfama, Lisbon 1100-487 Portugal, 10 minutes 7 - Miradouro das Portas do Sol, Largo das Portas do Sol Alfama, Lisbon 1100-411 Portugal, 10 minutes 8 - Graca & Sao Vicente, Graca & Sao Vicente, Lisbon, Lisbon District, Central Portugal, pass by without stopping 9 - Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, Largo do Monte, Lisbon 1170-253 Portugal, 20 minutes 10 - Igreja de Sao Vicente de Fora, Largo Sao Vicente, Lisbon 1100-472 Portugal, pass by without stopping 11 - Feira da Ladra, Campo de Santa Clara Alfama, Lisbon 1100-471 Portugal, pass by without stopping 12 - Panteao Nacional Campo de Santa Clara, Lisbon 1100-471 Portugal, pass by without stopping 13 - Museu do Fado, Largo do Chafariz de Dentro 1, Lisbon 1100-139 Portugal, pass by without stopping 14 - Chafariz D'El Rei, R. Cais de Santarem 23, Lisbon 1100-603 Portugal, pass by without stopping

Lisbon: Sunset Sailing with Portuguese Wine and History

4. Lisbon: Sunset Sailing with Portuguese Wine and History

Welcome aboard! Embark on a tour of Lisbon from a completely different angle. Join your passionate guide on a sailboat at sunset, and capture the sights of the most beautiful places in the city. Board a boat and head straight to Praca do Comercio. From there, sail towards Belem and several historical and fashion monuments in Lisbon, such as the 25 de Abril Bridge, Cristo Rei, the Electricity Museum, the Belem Tower, the Discoveries Monument, and more. Take in views of Lisbon from a different perspective while you relax on a 12-meter sailboat with a crew that is delighted to share their knowledge with you. Feel completely at home in an environment, perfect for anybody curious about sailing. Enjoy the most special moment of the day with the best company and a glass of wine, the captain's offer.

4 Hour Private Tuk Tuk Tour in Lisbon

5. 4 Hour Private Tuk Tuk Tour in Lisbon

1 - Praca dos Restauradores, pass by without stopping; 2 - Rossio Square, pass by without stopping; 3 - Elevador de Santa Justa, pass by without stopping; 4 - Baixa, Rossio & Restauradores, Lisbon, pass by without stopping; 5 - Church of St. Anthony, 10 minutes; 6 - Lisbon Cathedral, 10 minutes; 7 - Miradouro de Santa Luzia, pass by without stopping; 8 - Miradouro das Portas do Sol, 10 minutes; 9 - Graca & Sao Vicente, Lisbon, pass by without stopping; 10 - Miradouro da Graca (Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen), pass by without stopping; 11 - Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, 20 minutes; 12 - Igreja de Sao Vicente de Fora, pass by without stopping; 13 - Feira da Ladra, pass by without stopping; 14 - Alfama, Lisbon Portugal, pass by without stopping; 15 - Chafariz D'El Rei, pass by without stopping; 16 - Praca do Comercio (Terreiro do Paco), pass by without stopping; 17 - Chiado, Lisbon Portugal, pass by without stopping; 18 - Praca Luis de Camoes, Lisbon Portugal, pass by without stopping; 19 - Bairro Alto, Lisbon, pass by without stopping; 20 - Convento do Carmo, 10 minutes; 21 - Elevador de Santa Justa, 10 minutes; 22 - Igreja de São Roque, 20 minutes; 23 - Miradouro São Pedro de Alcantara, Rua de Sao Pedro de Alcantara Bairro Alto, Lisbon 1250-237 Portugal, 20 minutes; 24 - Príncipe Real, Lisbon, pass by without stopping; 25 - Assembleia da Republica, pass by without stopping; 26 - Jardim Da Estrela Park, 10 minutes; 27 - Basilica da Estrela, 10 minutes; 28 - 25 de Abril Bridge, pass by without stopping; 29 - Alcantara-Mar, pass by without stopping; 30 - Palácio de Belem, pass by without stopping; 31 - Pastéis de Belém, 10 minutes; 32 - Mosteiro dos Jerônimos, 10 minutes; 33 - Centro Cultural de Belém - CCB, pass by without stopping; 34 - Torre de Belém, 20 minutes; 35 - Padrão dos Descobrimentos, 15 minutes; 36 - Museu da Eletricidade, pass by without stopping; 37 - MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, pass by without stopping.

Lisbon: Get to know the city's heart on a Full-day Trip

6. Lisbon: Get to know the city's heart on a Full-day Trip

Embark on a captivating tour through Lisbon's Story Centre, an immersive journey that delves into the city's rich history and culture. Step into this extraordinary venue and prepare to be transported through time as you explore the following key points of importance: The Age of Discoveries: Begin your adventure by uncovering the glory days of Portuguese exploration. Learn about intrepid explorers such as Vasco da Gama and Ferdinand Magellan, who set sail from Lisbon's shores in search of new worlds and treasures. Alfama District: Immerse yourself in the oldest neighborhood in Lisbon, Alfama. Wander through its narrow, winding streets and soak up the atmosphere of this historic district, where medieval architecture blends seamlessly with colorful tiles and lively squares. Fado Music: Discover the soulful melodies of fado, Portugal's traditional music genre. Dive into the origins of this melancholic and passionate music style that resonates deeply with the Portuguese people. Explore the impact of fado on Lisbon's cultural landscape and experience the emotional power of live performances. São Jorge Castle: Ascend to the majestic São Jorge Castle, perched high atop a hill, offering breathtaking panoramic views of Lisbon. Uncover the castle's storied past, spanning centuries of invasions, conquests, and transformations, and immerse yourself in the medieval ambiance that still lingers within its ancient walls. Belém Tower: Marvel at the iconic Belém Tower, an impressive fortress that once guarded the entrance to Lisbon's harbor. Delve into its architectural significance and learn about its role in protecting the city during the Age of Discoveries. Enjoy the stunning waterfront views as you imagine the historic ships sailing past. Pastéis de Belém: Indulge your taste buds with a visit to the renowned Pastéis de Belém bakery. Savor the delectable custard tarts, known as pastéis de nata, whose secret recipe has been preserved for over a century. Learn about the bakery's fascinating history and witness firsthand the art of crafting these mouthwatering treats. Rossio Square: Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Rossio Square, Lisbon's bustling central plaza. Admire the ornate fountains, grand statues, and elegant architecture that surround the square. Experience the liveliness of the city as locals and visitors converge in this iconic gathering place. Jerónimos Monastery: Explore the awe-inspiring Jerónimos Monastery, a masterpiece of Manueline architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Marvel at its intricate details and immerse yourself in its rich history as a symbol of Portugal's maritime prowess. LX Factory: Step into the trendy LX Factory, a vibrant creative hub located in a former industrial complex. Discover a myriad of art galleries, boutique shops, and hip cafes housed within its industrial-chic buildings. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Lisbon's contemporary arts and culture scene.

Boat Tour in Lisbon- Luxury Sailboat

7. Boat Tour in Lisbon- Luxury Sailboat

Cherish every moment of your journey as you glide along on our luxurious sailboat. We take pride in ensuring that all your needs are met while sailing with us. Relax in comfort and style as you savor local delicacies while strolling along the picturesque banks of the Tagus River. Our itinerary allows you to observe all the main monuments on the Lisbon seafront. Join the captain at the helm to hear stories and curiosities about beautiful Lisbon. The tour includes a light snack, music on board, welcome drinks, sailing and one of the most incredible sunsets in Europe.

Lisbon: Boat Tour - the most Comfortable Sailboat

8. Lisbon: Boat Tour - the most Comfortable Sailboat

Come and see our city from another perspective. Starting the tour at the Alcântara dock, we will visit the most emblematic landmarks of Lisbon's waterfront, from Praça do Comércio to the Torre de Belém

Other Sightseeing Options in Lisboa Story Centre

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Hello, so concerning the lisbon card, I hesitated a little at first; but after thinking it over quickly, I thought it might be worth it. Well yes and I will detail: first use on Thursday AM we took transport 5 times and visited Sé (1€ reduction): Friday we took transport 10 times and included visit of the elevator, tower of belem, monastery coach museum and pillar 7 (full day): on Saturday we took transport 6 times and included a visit to the arc de triomphe (half day dedicated to almada and christ where nothing is included you have to pay for everything): the Sunday after the fireworks we took a transport to the airport. All in all, the 72-hour card costs €44 and without it we would have had it for €70: We made the most of transport to make chip jumps and save time - We still had half a day left to use it if we weren't supposed to leave early on Sunday

The pick up was very easy! I was able to pick up my Lisboa cards at the airport right outside of baggage claim. This is an amazing tool to get around Lisbon (free transit on metro, busses, and some outbound trains like the ones that goes to Sintra). Perfect tourist card and I cannot recommend enough

I got this card at noon on Saturday, and used it until the next day at noon time and it was the best choice to make as I can enjoy many famous destinations in Lisboa and use the transportation (including the famous Tram 28) to those destinations with no charge.

Good to get around Lisbon, most museums were closed for the holidays but the pas scan still be used for other things.

We have taken out the 48-hour one and we have paid it off almost the first day.