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Levanto: Pesto-Making Class

1. Levanto: Pesto-Making Class

Learn how to make your very own pesto following local traditions in this pesto-making class. Join your instructor in Levanto’s historical center, where the “Laboratory of Pesto” has been preparing this famous, ancient sauce since 1976. After tasting a glass of sparkling wine accompanied with a local extra virgin olive oil on bruschetta, taste pesto made using the modern method. Then, make pesto the traditional way with a mortar. Wash and dry the basil leaves, pounding them together with salt, pine nuts, and garlic. Add the Parmigiano cheese and the extra virgin olive oil and enjoy your thick and fragrant pesto. Taste your own homemade pesto together with a glass of white wine and some local products, such as olives, bruschetta with anchovies.

From Levanto: E-bike Through the Cinque Terre to Vernazza

2. From Levanto: E-bike Through the Cinque Terre to Vernazza

We will meet in Levanto, at our garage (located in via Galli 62, 7-minute walk from the train station). After the explanations on the correct use of pedal-assisted ebikes (no throttle assist), we effortlessly start to go uphill in the beautiful valley of Levanto, where our journey into the beauty and the history of this region begins. Stops for taking pictures are always welcome. The first longer stop is at the sacred sanctuary of "Madonna di Soviore", right above Monterosso. This amazing place has 1300 years of history, and the panorama of the National Park and the coast towards Portofino is simply amazing. Here you can also find a cafeteria, a restroom, and a fountain for refilling your bottle of water. We then proceed further into the National Park of the Cinque Terre. The panorama slowly opens at the point that we will be able to see the coast of the Cinque Terre until Riomaggiore. If the air is dry enough, it's also possible to see Corsica on the horizon. We arrive at a panoramic spot right above Vernazza. From here we can have the most iconic and instagrammable view of the Cinque Terre: the small colorful houses, the small bay of Vernazza, the clear water of the Ligurian Sea, and the hills and vineyards surrounding the town. Paradise has to be nearby! ;-) In another 5 minutes, we arrive at the second sacred sanctuary that we visit on the tour: "Madonna di Reggio", above Vernazza. Here we have a taste of Ligurian focaccia accompanied by a great local white wine. After some minutes of rest in the shade of centuries-old holm oaks, we go down to Vernazza. Here you have to possibility to visit the town, its cute square nearby the bay, the medieval church, the narrow local streets, the castle and its tower 500 years old, and the harbor. Finally, the return to Levanto is done by train, loading the bikes into the special wagons. This tour is suitable for everyone, from 0 to 80 years. Small children can be carried in a trolley attached to mama's or papa's bike. While starting from 9 years old, if children are at least 1.30 cm (4'3'') tall and can safely manage a bike on a road where cars are present, they can ride their own bike. In the hot season, riding an e-bike permits to stay fresh, due to the wind which is like a natural fan. This tour gives you the opportunity to explore the true heart of this region: the terraced landscape, that in the past hosted hundreds of vineyards. Wine production has made history here, and the agricultural traditions are still part of the local heritage.

Levanto to Framura "the-new-5-Terre" ebike tour: no crowds!

3. Levanto to Framura "the-new-5-Terre" ebike tour: no crowds!

After the explanations on the correct use of pedal assisted bikes (no throttle assist), we will start to go up in the hills dividing Levanto to Framura. We will explore the coast north-west of the Cinque Terre, near the famous five villages, but in an area not as crowded. The views are amazing, the nature marvellous, and the electric bikes make the way up so easy. During the way up we will make a stop to see the old marble quarries, then we will arrive in Framura. From the main square of a small hamlet we will admire an amazing panorama nearby a defensive tower that has 1500 years of history. We will then make a coffee stop in another typical hamlet. Then we will go down to the level of the sea. Here we will take the "Mare e Monti" cycle path. The route offers breathtaking views of the sea on this beautiful stretch of coast. After a few kilometers we will reach a panoramic point in the Bonassola bay, the Madonnina della Punta, where we will make a stop with a tasting of local specialties (focaccia and wine). From here you can see the Bonassola bay, Punta Mesco (where the Cinque Terre begin) and the promontory of Portofino. On days with the cleanest air offshore you can also see Corsica. Finally, we will go back to Levanto.

Wine, oil & stones: traditions, nature & wine tasting

4. Wine, oil & stones: traditions, nature & wine tasting

This tour allows you to discover the region of Levanto and of the Cinque Terre from a unique point of view, that is from the saddle of an ebike ("pedal assisted"). This versatile vehicle allows you to move quickly, quietly, environmentally and effortlessly, both in the plains and uphill, which is fundamental in a territory like the Ligurian one. Within 3 hours the group has the opportunity to pass from the center of Levanto, see the heights of the homonymous valley up close, arrive and visit a small hamlet called Lavaggiorosso. Here you will find the signs of peasant civilization, such as the winepress and the mill for olives and wheat. The guide provides a wealth of information on local history and culture, focusing on the naturalistic data as the prime mover of the original settlement in this part of Liguria. During the tour, you will notice the numerous terraces, planted with vines and olive trees, once central elements of village life. In addition to the many small stops to admire the view, take photographs and give explanations, further during the tour we will also visit a typical vineyard in the valley of Levanto, a visit which will give you the opportunity to grasp the essence of this activity, which was once essential. Once we will be back to Levanto we will go to a typical wine bar where we will taste 2 different wines coming from the region, accompanied with typical local products from the region (focaccia, pesto, anchovis, etc.). In these 3 hours of enchantment, we review all the wonders of the region: olive groves, vineyards, ancient churches, breathtaking landscapes, history, culture and nature...and of course wine tasting !

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What a delightful experience! Before this class we were just mild fans of pesto, but now we can’t wait to make this for friends and family! Now we know what quality pesto is supposed to taste like, not the jarred things at grocery stores or the mess that we’d whip together in our blender. Our host was so sweet and the pesto bites and wine tastings were so delectable. A highlight of our trip to that area, even better than our time in Cinque Terre!

Fantastico! Our family really enjoyed this one hour experience. It was full of interesting facts, fun, and even some wine. We tasted a variety of pestos while then making the traditional from the region. It was made fun by our lovely instructor and we were happy to purchase many of the product without any pressure to do so. One hour well worth remembering and we recommend!

Fun and educational course. Nice introduction to good flavors.

Place to discover absolutely, warm welcome and smiling staff

Great course and very tasty! The 1 hour is worth it!