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LARF, inc. is the world's preeminent creator of 'competitive sight-seeing tours.' We currently have 4 regularly scheduled races: The Amazing Cozumel Race, The Amazing Santa Monica Race, and two Amazing Los Angeles Races. We are developing races in Hawaii, the Bahamas, and beyond. Each race is designed to feel like a unique hybrid of a sightseeing tour, the “DaVinci Code,” and the “Amazing Race.” Participants form teams of two to eight people. All teams meet at the starting line where they receive their first clue. The solution of the clue leads to a new location and a new clue, then to the next and so on. The team that solves all the clues and crosses the finish line in the least amount of time is crowned the winner. Along the way, players experience some of the most popular sights in the race's host city as well as many hidden gems. But unlike the passive guests on all other tours, LARF participants interact with the sights, not just see them. Each game/tour ends with a finish-line awards ceremony, where prizes are given to top finishers, and all players receive complimentary beverages and snacks. Most participants use this time to bond with their fellow competitors, regale one another with ‘war stories,’ and declare they could have won if only... Our races are terrific for tourists and locals alike. LARF, inc. can also design custom races for individuals, private parties, corporate retreats, team-building events and more.

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