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Kyoto Station

Kyoto Station

Kyoto Station: Our most recommended tours and activities

Kyoto: Hop-on Hop-off Sightseeing Bus Ticket

1. Kyoto: Hop-on Hop-off Sightseeing Bus Ticket

Discover the highlights of Kyoto with a same-day or 2-day ticket on this convenient hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus. Admire the panoramic views from onboard the open-top double-decker bus, and hop on or off at any of the stops along the route. Enjoy informative audio commentary on board the bus, available in 7 languages. Choose this efficient way of exploring the must-see places and attractions in Kyoto. The bus takes you past many of the city's top attractions, including UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Nijo Castle, Kinkakuji, and Kiyomizu-Dera Temple. You can enjoy unlimited rides for the duration of your ticket's validity. Bus stops along the route:  • Kyoto Station • Nishihonganji ( Kyoto Tokyu Hotel) • Shijo Karasuma / Nishiki-ichiba Market • Nijo-jo Castle • Kitano-tenmangu Shrine / Kamishichiken • Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavilion) • Daitokuji Temple • Kyoto Imperial Palace (Doshisha University) • Ginkakuji Temple (Silver Pavilion) • Heian-jingu Shrine / Okazaki Park • Gion (Kotowa-Kyoto Yasaka) • Gojozaka (Kiyomizu-dera Temple / Gion) • Sanjusangendo / Kyoto National Museum (Hyatt Regency Kyoto)

Kyoto: Full-Day Best UNESCO and Historical Sites Bus Tour

2. Kyoto: Full-Day Best UNESCO and Historical Sites Bus Tour

Discover Kyoto's must-see landmarks and World Heritages on the deluxe coach in 1day! In this tour we will take you to most famous places in ancient Kyoto such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Sanju-san-gen-do Temple, Arashiyama, Sagano Bamboo Forest, Tenryuji Temple, Golden Temple, and Fushimi Inari Shrine. Departing from Kyoto at 8am. A comfortable air-conditioned coach will stop first at the Kiyomizudera Temple. Enjoying the wealthy nature from the significant terrace where you can admire panoramic views of the city below. Kiyomizudera Temple is one of the can't-miss points of interest in Kyoto. The old historic temple, reportedly opened in the year 778, is a designated world heritage site. Then we will visit Sanju-san-gen-do Temple, the Temple is also known as the temple of 33 spaces (Sanjusan means "33" in Japanese ), though its official name is Rengo-In. Its hall is Japan's longest wooden structure and consists of 35 columns that divide the building into 33 parts. Let's Say Konnichiwa to one thousand and one Kannon statue at Sanju-san-gen-do Temple, then the coach will take you to the Sagano Arashiyama area. After Explore east side of Kyoto, we will visit the other side, Sagano Arashiyama. Enjoy a Japanese buffet made with seasonal ingredients while gazing at Arashiyama's Togetsukyo Bridge.The Togetsukyo Bridge is Arashiyama's well known, central landmark. Many small shops, restaurants and other attractions are found nearby *Muslim-friendly meals, Allergy-friendly meals, lactose-free meals, gluten-free meals and vegan-friendly meals etc. are not available. Please book the tour without lunch After lunch don’t forget to explore green tunnels, Sagano Bamboo Forest. The paths that cut through the bamboo groves make for a nice walk. The groves are particularly attractive when there is a light wind and the tall bamboo stalks sway gently back and forth. You can find Tenryu-ji Temple after passing through the bamboo grove. Feel the beauty of the Japanese garden throughout the four seasons at Tenryu-ji Temple, which is also registered as a World Heritage Site. Then the bus head to Kinkaku-ji(The Golden Temple) Rokuon-ji Temple, known locally as the "Golden Temple" and adore the gorgeousness and return to Kyoto with satisfaction. Finally, head to the most iconic place, Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine. Going under thousands of Torii Red gate tunnels will be a memorable experience. You will finish the tour at Kyoto Station. The tour includes commentary from both our frendly tour guide and a Multilingual audio guide from English, French, Italian, Spanish, Thai, Indonesian, and Ukrainian. The coach is always antibacterial coating and regularly ventilation, a comfy airconditioned bus with free wifi.

Kyoto: Top Highlights Full Day Tour

3. Kyoto: Top Highlights Full Day Tour

Embark on an immersive full-day exploration through the rich cultural tapestry of Kyoto. Step into our air-conditioned coach, ensuring a comfortable journey into the heart of Japan's ancient capital. Our first destination is the mesmerizing Fushimi Inari Shrine, adorned with vibrant Torii Gates—an awe-inspiring testament to the depth of Shinto spirituality. Traverse the intricate pathways, surrounded by thousands of vermilion gates, creating a spiritual ambiance like no other. Following this spiritual odyssey, indulge in a culinary masterpiece at a traditional restaurant. Relish a carefully curated set-course menu featuring exquisite Japanese tofu, providing a delightful interlude that prepares us for the adventures ahead. Awaiting us is the UNESCO-listed Kiyomizu-Dera temple, perched on a hillside with panoramic views of Kyoto. Delve into the architectural intricacies and traverse the iconic wooden stage, showcasing the marvels of ancient craftsmanship. Our journey reaches its zenith at the iconic Kinkaku-Ji, the Golden Pavilion, where the exterior glistens in gold leaves. Stroll through meticulously maintained Japanese gardens, a living testament to the grace and elegance of the Ashikaga era. The final chapter unfolds in Arashiyama, renowned for cherry blossoms, Autumn leaves, and the historic Togetsukyo Bridge spanning the Katsura river. Wander the long walkway from the world heritage Tentyuji Temple and immerse yourself in the enchanting Bamboo forest. As the day gracefully concludes at Kyoto Station in the late afternoon, take a moment to reflect on the indelible memories created—immerse yourself in the timeless beauty and cultural splendor of Kyoto, a journey that transcends the ordinary.

From Kyoto: Guided Day Trip to Kyoto and Nara with Lunch

4. From Kyoto: Guided Day Trip to Kyoto and Nara with Lunch

Start your journey with a train ride from JR Kyoto Station to Arashiyama, accompanied by your expert guide. The bamboo grove of Arashiyama has been a popular nature-viewing destination since the Heian Period. Take a stroll through the cool Sagano Bamboo Forest and listen to the distinct rustle of bamboo leaves as you walk. Later, drive through Kyoto proper and arrive at Kinkaku-ji: the Golden Pavilion. Admire picturesque views of the grand temple reflected in the mirror-like pond it overlooks, and then wander through the sprawling garden that has retained its original design from the 14th century. After Kinkaku-ji, board your bus again and head south to Nara. Take a short walk through Nara Park, famous for the 1,200 or so wild deer that live freely within the park. These deer are famously very friendly, and allow visitors to feed them by hand. Within Nara Park you will find the Todai-ji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Your tour guide will give you your train ticket to then go back to Kyoto Station.

Welcome to Kyoto: Private Walking Tour with a Local

5. Welcome to Kyoto: Private Walking Tour with a Local

Transform the way you travel and make it as much about the people you meet as the places you see. Get a welcome to Kyoto from a local host eager to share all the tips and tricks to help you make the most of your stay. Meet at your hotel or accommodation and get familiar with your local neighborhood. Learn about the best places to eat, buy groceries and the easiest ways to get around. Alternatively, arrange to meet at a central landmark or intersection to start your walking tour. Hear about the top things to do, customized to your interests. By the end of the tour, you will feel more comfortable navigating the city on your own with all the information you need.

Kyoto: Traditional Kimono Rental Experience

6. Kyoto: Traditional Kimono Rental Experience

Get dressed up in a traditional Japanese kimono and stroll through the streets of Kyoto, capturing beautiful photos and creating cherished memories. Choose between a standard plan and a premium plan that includes a wider selection of kimonos and hairstyling (for women only). Make your way to the kimono store you select at checkout to begin your kimono experience. Discover a wide selection of kimonos, ranging from traditional patterns to modern designs, and get help with the dressing process from the on-site staff. With both packages, receive a kimono, sash belt (obi), Japanese clutch, sandals, and socks to use for the day. If it's not too busy, the dressing process should take less than an hour, allowing you to embark on your adventure quickly. With the premium plan, enjoy the flexibility to choose from four additional kimono options, featuring an upgraded kimono and obi (Japanese belt), as well as traditional hairstyling. The premium package is only available for women.

Uji: Green Tea Tour with Byodoin and Koshoji Temple Visits

7. Uji: Green Tea Tour with Byodoin and Koshoji Temple Visits

Explore the nuances of Kyoto's most famous tea-producing area on an intimate tour of Uji with a native or native equivalent English-speaking guide. Learn not only about the intricacies of tea but also the engaging local history. Just a little off the beaten path (around 30-minutes by local train from central Kyoto points such as the Gion or Kyoto Station areas), Uji packs in breathtaking views of the river and mountains. Uji also houses not one, but two UNESCO world heritage sites within a 10-minute walk of each other. All of this, and with far less people than you'd typically find canvassing the well worn paths of central Kyoto. Begin your journey at the world's oldest teahouse still operating since 1160 AD. Learn how one vassal to a famous Samurai warrior became the head of a family that has run the shop for 24 generations. Then, go down the street for a special tea drinking experience with the highest grade green tea. Learn how it's grown and what makes it special before seeing how to brew it and change its flavor profile. Once you've savored a few cups, mix the remaining tea leaves with ponzu sauce and eat them as is. Afterwards, go into the lush green of the mountain to the oldest original Shinto Shrine in Japan that houses Uji's guardian deities - and also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Surrounded by nature, Ujigami Shrine also houses the last remaining source of natural spring water that many tea houses still collect to brew their tea with. Step inside the stone grotto and purify yourself with the water. From there, cross the majestic river to the pilgrimage path leading to Byodo-in Temple, which is lined with tea shops going back as far as the medieval period. Immerse yourself in the sites and smells of this bustling street. In addition to tea and nature, this tour also features a visit to Byodo-in, a magnificent UNESCO World Heritage temple with a superlative, modern museum (admission included), and see how all the dots with the samurai, tea shops, and religion connect at the breathtaking Phoenix Hall. Afterwards, end your tea journey back in nature by exploring Koshoji Temple, which dramatically hugs the mountains and invites you to get in some Zen before wrapping up you day.

Kyoto Full Day tour: visiti Kyoto Sanzen-in and Arashiyama

8. Kyoto Full Day tour: visiti Kyoto Sanzen-in and Arashiyama

Start your journey to discover the charming beauty of Japan in the autumn on this guided tour in Osaka. Witness the stunning nature of Arashiyama, stroll along the bamboo trail, discover Sanzen-in, and more. Immerse yourself in the beautiful sights and elegant views. Begin your day with a convenient pickup from one of the arranged spots, and then make your way to the Sanzen-in Temple. Located in Rakuhoku Ohara, Kyoto, it is one of the three temples of Tendai Sect. Explore the vast temple which has towering old trees, babbling streams and moss everywhere. With cherry blossoms in April, azaleas in May, hydrangeas in July, and red leaves in autumn, Sanzen-in Temple has pleasant natural scenery all year round. Next head for Kyoto to experience the Arashiyama area which consists of two regions: Arashiyama and Sagano. This area has rich cultural attractions, natural scenery, and retro trains that change with the seasons. Witness the many ancient temples and shrines here, and Tenryu Temple is a World Heritage Site. Discover the Arashiyama area with its many established restaurants, wagashi shops, and cute grocery stores. You can also rent kimonos and rickshaws, making it a great place to slow down. Take a walk along the famous bamboo forest trail from Nonomiya Shrine to Okawachi Villa and listen to the sound of the wind blowing through the bamboo leaves. Savor the atmosphere of this holy place for cherry blossom viewing and maple viewing. Try to get a spot on the famous Sagano train which is often hard to get a ticket, but is very quiet in winter and summer, suitable for travelers who like tranquillity. Then head to Arashiyama Station. Deep in the square, there is a Japanese-style foot bath in Randen Arashiyama Station, which was built on the prototype of JR Kyushu Yufuin Station. If you buy seasonal sweets at the store next to it, you can enjoy the footbath while tasting sweets. Let the water of Arashiyama Onsen completely relieve your fatigue after walking. Finish your day with a drop-off back to where you began.

Kyoto Fun Bike Tour: Ginkakuji and the Philosopher's Path!

9. Kyoto Fun Bike Tour: Ginkakuji and the Philosopher's Path!

Take a bike tour of this amazing city with Kyoto Fun -Meet just 9 mins walk from Kyoto Station, and get ready for the adventure -The bikes are very comfortable and we give you the option of an electric assist bike for an extra 1000 yen -The tour is roughly 6 hrs in length and we make a stop for a tasty lunch along the way -Visit the beautiful Heian shinto shrine and a breathtaking garden at Ginkakuji, ride along the philosopher's path before visiting the zen temple of Nanzenji -Learn how buddhism and shinto have shaped the culture of Japan -See the special beauty and skill of design at an World Heritage zen garden -Let your guide make these special places come to life with stories and insights -Enjoy this bike friendly city and get around like a local -See the charming back streets of Kyoto which are oozing with history -Whiz right past the line ups for the bus and the crowded sidewalks -Feel good knowing your guide will take you on the most scenic and safe routes East Side Course: Heian Shrine's spectacular garden → Ginkakuji the "Silver" Pavilion → the Path of Philosophy → Nanzen-ji temple grounds → Gion District

Private Kyoto City Tour with Expert English Guide & Pickup

10. Private Kyoto City Tour with Expert English Guide & Pickup

Embark on a journey of discovery the classical beauty of Kyoto. This tour offers a unique, customizable itinerary that lets you explore Kyoto at your own pace. With a flexible schedule and an English-speaking guide, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of this ancient city. We’ll start the day by picking you up from your hotel. Then, it’s off to explore! You might want to check out the shiny Kinkaku-ji, the peaceful Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, or the lively Gion district. Your guide will be there every step of the way, sharing cool facts and stories. The best part? You get to customize your day. Spend more time at the places you love and discover some hidden gems along the way. Whether you’re into history, nature, or food, we’ve got you covered. Lunch will be at a local restaurant where you can sample some of Kyoto’s famous cuisine (at your own expense). After lunch, continue your exploration of Kyoto, perhaps visiting the Fushimi Inari Shrine with its famous torii gate pathway, or the Philosopher’s Path, a beautiful walk along a canal lined with hundreds of cherry trees. As the day draws to a close, your guide will escort you back to your hotel, ending a day full of discovery and adventure.

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This tour was excellent! I did another tour several days earlier that did some of the same stops but this tour covered more at each stop and I still had enough time to see everything I wanted to see. My tour guide was named Aska and she did a really good job

Our guide At chan was incredible! Very friendly, professional and fun. The visits to the different places are very well organized, the buffet meal was also very good. In short, to discover Kyoto in one day, I recommend this excursion. Thanks again At Chan!

The tour was very organized and well planned. The places that we visited were amazing. Highly recommended!

Our guide AtChan was extremely helpful and attentive, extremely good at her job an asset to the company

Thanks to At chan it was incredible and very interesting beautiful place I don't regret anything