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Kyoto Afternoon tea

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Kyoto: 45-Minute Tea Ceremony Experience

1. Kyoto: 45-Minute Tea Ceremony Experience

You will take you place on the tatami, the traditional Japanese floor mat and be met by your English-speaking host, who is a licensed tea master from Urasenke, the biggest school of tea ceremony in Japan. Watch as the host carries out the ceremonial preparation of matcha, powdered green tea. Then, you will have the chance to make tea yourself, while the host informs you about the history and spiritual role of the tea ceremony and the effects each tea-making method has on its flavor. Afterwards, savor some traditional Japanese sweets Once the ceremony has come to a close, you will have the chance to take photos and see examples of kimonos and beautiful woven textiles made in the Nishijin district of Kyoto. If you'd like to wear a kimono during the experience, you can select it as an add-on during booking and take photos to remember the experience.

Kyoto: Traditional Townhouse Tour, Kimono & Tea Ceremony

2. Kyoto: Traditional Townhouse Tour, Kimono & Tea Ceremony

Visit a traditional Japanese townhouse known as a machiya, and partake in a tea ceremony in traditional attire in Kyoto. First of all, after you arrive, a kimono made of authentic silk will be quickly fitted for you. Explore the machiya, built in the Meiji period. After that, discover three storehouses and the six tsuboniwa gardens where you can feel the flow of seasonal wind. Arrive at the tea ceremony room, Rakuju, and the detached tatami room where Noh plays were performed. Tea is an inseparable part of Japanese culture. Hear an explanation of the tea ceremony in the tea room and watch a tea ceremony performance. Feel as if you were transported back in time to the Meiji period and experience the spirit of Wabi-Sabi. Feel free to take as many pictures as you like during your stay and experience Japanese culture to the fullest.

Kyoto: Tea Ceremony Ju-An at Jotokuji Temple

3. Kyoto: Tea Ceremony Ju-An at Jotokuji Temple

Start your tea ceremony experience by entering through the main gates of the Jotoku-ji Temple. You will pass the entrance to the Grand Tearoom on your left and a shop next to it and meet at the nearby red benches where your guide awaits. Whilst walking through the temple you are free to admire the architecture and stand by the purification fountain. Weather permitting, you are free to sit at the red benches and for a break. In the event of rain you can stand outside under the gable of the shop or wait in the Grand Tearoom. Once you have finished perusing the temple or sitting on the red benches taking in the atmosphere you are able to enter the Grand Tearoom where your instructor waits for you.  Start your tour of the Temple with a traditional purification ritual, a completely unique and insightful experience for Western visitors. Afterwards you will remove your shoes at the entrance of the Grand Tearoom and in your group, proceed inside to take your seat. Get the chance to sample matcha tea at its best. The Tea Master will guide you throughout, showing and explaining every step of the way. Throughout the ceremony you will be taught the fine art of drinking matcha tea and learn about the importance of the ceremony.

Kyoto: Private Table-Style Tea Ceremony w/ Matcha & Sweets

4. Kyoto: Private Table-Style Tea Ceremony w/ Matcha & Sweets

Enjoy a traditional table-style tea ceremony in a Japanese house. Take a seat and relax with this calming and authentic experience as you taste tea and traditional sweets. The ryu-rei (table-style) tea ceremony, with guests seated as opposed to on the ground, has been performed for foreign visitors to Japan since 1872. First, select your favorite tea bowls and other authentic tools before you taste matcha (powdered green tea) and seasonal sweets. Not only do you get to experience the tea ceremony, but also learn more about everyday tea practices and the lives of tea farmers in Japan.

Kyoto: Tea Ceremony Experience

5. Kyoto: Tea Ceremony Experience

Take part in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony and discover the beauty of this centuries-old ritual. Learn from your host about the intricacies that make the tea ceremony a unique and special event. Before you go, try your own hand at making a bowl of frothy matcha with guidance from your host. Begin your experience at a traditional machiya in Kyoto's Higashiyama district. As you settle in, the host and instructor for the ceremony will provide a brief introduction to the world of matcha. Hear about the utensils used, the steps of the ceremony, and the importance of the room's decoration. Next, watch as the tea ceremony begins and nibble on a seasonal sweet with your tea while you chat with the host. Feel free to ask questions about the three schools of tea ceremony or other things about Japanese culture. Then, try frothing up your own bowl of matcha with the host's help.

Kyoto: Traditional Townhouse Tour

6. Kyoto: Traditional Townhouse Tour

Immerse yourself in 1880s Japan as you tour a traditional Japanese machiya with a local guide. Learn about Japanese culture, customs, history, and more as you explore the wooden townhouse's tea rooms, gardens, wells, and storehouses. Discover what life was like during the Meiji period. Meet your guide, enter the townhouse, and take off your shoes. Discover two tea rooms, three storehouses, six Tsuboniwa gardens, and two wells where you can feel the flow of seasonal wind. Learn the deep customs associated with each room, garden, and well from your guide. See how the machiya differs from modern Japanese houses – learn why it has a narrow entrance and a long interior. Discover the history of the house and how it has been used in daily life. Feel like you've time traveled to the Meiji period and get inspiration from how people lived back then. Watch a video to learn how seasonal events are held in the house.

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I really loved this activity. The host seemed very energetic and encouraging and explained a lot of interesting details about the tea ceremony. It was a great combination of telling the history, showing the process and getting us involved to try it ourselves. I totally recommend this activity!

It was really amazing. Everything was explained very well in English and it was just stunning to see the tea ceremony. I felt totally comfortable and enjoyed every second of it. It was also very great that it was such a cosey small group. We were 3 people. Thanks for the great experience.

The host was so nice, patient and calm to do all the explanation and then the practical part of the activity. It was the best experience a Kyoto and if I ever come back I will go again to see her. I was a REALLY PLEASURE to take this tea ceremony with her.

C'etait super malgre les longues files d' attente et la foule immence

It was very profound. The skills and mastery and how she executed her work were amazing.

Very detailed ! The young ladies were very nice and friendly! Everything fine!