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From Tirana: Gamti Mountain and Bovilla Lake Hiking Tour

1. From Tirana: Gamti Mountain and Bovilla Lake Hiking Tour

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural beauty of the Albanian countryside on a tour to Gamti Mountain and Lake Bovilla from Tirana. Enjoy round-trip transportation by air-conditioned vehicle. Begin your tour with pickup from your accommodation and set out on a scenic drive to Lake Bovilla. Discover the patterns of life in suburban Tirana as you pass through the city on your way to the countryside. As you approach Lake Bovilla, see the lake's impressive dam. Admire the lake's shimmering teal and turquoise waters, nestled at the base of Gamti Mountain. Head up to the hiking track to begin your ascent of the mountain, soaking up the nature atmosphere. After about 40 minutes of hiking, reach the balcony of the mountain and observe the expansive, rolling forest and hills stretching out before you. At your feet, gaze in wonder at the stunning views of Lake Bovilla. Breathe in the fresh mountain air on your cheeks in a setting of pure natural beauty. Trail details : Min Altitude : 460 m Max Altitude : 620 m Elevation: 160 m Distance up and down : 1.95 km ( 0,97 km one way) Pause to sip water and chat in the shadows of a mountain cave before descending the mountain along the same route. Once you've finished your hike, round off your trip by visiting the shore of the river and admire the unique, canyon-like scenery as you splash and paddle in the cool waters. Note: Swimming on the lake is available only from: May to September.

From Tirana: Kruja Castle, Old Bazaar & Sari Salltik Tour

2. From Tirana: Kruja Castle, Old Bazaar & Sari Salltik Tour

Join a guided tour of Kruja city to explore all its iconic attractions. Visit Kruja Castle, Skanderbeg’s Museum, the Old Bazaar, and Sari Salltik mountain. We will pick you up from the hotel and start the tour to Kruja city. After around one hour driving you are in Kruja and we continue the first visit to the Castle of Kruja, which houses Skanderbeg’s Museum. It was the epicenter of the legendary Albanian resistance to the Ottomans, led by national hero Skanderbeg in the 15th century. See a copy of the helmet and the sword of Scanderbeg in the main hall, the flags and stems of prominent families of that time who supported the national hero and a lot of the history telling by the guide. After soaking in the culture and history, discover the current arts and crafts in the Old Bazaar. Look for souvenirs, including intricate local handicrafts. Finally, driving by car on a panoramic mountain road to visit the holy site of Sari Salltik. Head to this cave located on the edge of a mountain 1176 meters high and also enjoy the amazing view from the top of the mountain. Afterward, head back to Tirana.

From Tirana: Lake Bovilla Day Trip with Gamti Mountain Hike

3. From Tirana: Lake Bovilla Day Trip with Gamti Mountain Hike

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life on this day trip from Tirana to Bovilla Lake. Take in spectacular views of the Albanian countryside, learn about the lake's flora and fauna, and enjoy a guided trek to the summit of Gamti Mountain. Begin your tour with a convenient pickup from your accommodation in Tirana. After boarding your air-conditioned transportation, leave Tirana behind on a scenic drive toward Bovilla Lake, admiring picturesque landscapes of rolling hills, quaint villages, and expansive fields along the way. Upon arrival at Bovilla Lake, feel captivated by the untouched beauty of the surroundings in the Albanian countryside. Take a moment to absorb the serenity of the lake's crystal-clear waters and surrounding lush greenery before embarking on the day's exploration. With your guide, begin a lakeside hike to explore the natural wonders of Bovilla. Stroll along the tranquil shoreline, taking in panoramic views and enjoying the refreshing air, as your guide tells you about the local flora and fauna, as well as the cultural significance of the lake. As you forge ahead on your hike toward the summit of Gamti Mountain, intermittent breaks will provide moments to rest and bask in the scenery. Upon reaching the mountain's peak, a prolonged pause awaits to allow you to appreciate the mesmerizing views fully. As you marvel at the breathtaking tableau of the sprawling lake and encircling mountains, enjoy some time to grab a meal at the nearby restaurant (at your own expense) or feel free to bring your own snacks to reenergize after the ascent. As your day concludes, the descent back to the base begins. Take your time to relish the journey downward, contemplating your experience on this invigorating hike. Once back at the base, return to Tirana for drop-off at your accommodation.

From Tirana: Daily Tour to Kruja Castle and Old Bazar

4. From Tirana: Daily Tour to Kruja Castle and Old Bazar

Welcome to Kruje - Your Ultimate Adventure Destination! Our team of expert guides ensures your safety and enjoyment, making Kruje the perfect choice for both seasoned adventurers and first-timers. Join us today for an unforgettable journey filled with excitement and wonder. Don't miss the chance to explore the historic Kruje Castle and its National Museum "Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg" for a cultural dimension to your adventure. Extend your exploration to Sarisalltik, where you can discover even more hidden gems and immerse yourself in the beauty of this captivating region. Create memories that will last a lifetime at Kruje.

From Tirana: Bovilla Lake Hiking Tour with Hotel Transfers

5. From Tirana: Bovilla Lake Hiking Tour with Hotel Transfers

Lake Bovilla is one of the most amazing hidden gems in Albania. This reservoir provides most of the drinking water for the capital city of Albania- Tirana, and is located around 25 km from the city. If you look around, you will see the green peaks of the mountains that give the lake its astonishing view. You will see to the west the mountains of Gamti and Brari, as well as Dajti Mountain to the southeast. Lake Bovilla has nature that has been barely touched by human hands where there is plenty of wildlife roaming around, not to mention the breathtaking panoramic views it provides! A private guided tour that starts with picking you up from your accommodation at 9:00 am and start driving towards Bovilla Lake. Half of the drive will be asphalt, and the other half will be off road until we will get closer to the mountains where you will be serenaded with the views of the mountains. Upon arrival at Bovilla Lake, we will park and start our hike to the top of the mountain where the trail to the top begins. The hike is not intensive and very enjoyable because the views get better with each step! It takes around 30 minutes to get to the top, but on our way we will have a break at Bovilla Restaurant for a coffee/cold drink (optional/extra fee) and enjoy the amazing view. After that we will head to a little more challenging short hike, up to the very top of “Bovilla Balcony” to enjoy the breathtaking view. You will have some time to take photos and to eat some food that you can bring with you (there is also the option to eat at Bovilla Restaurant and try some Albanian traditional cuisine). After enjoying the views from the top of Gamti Mountain, we will head back down the way we came where you will be given the option to swim in the lake after all the hiking is complete. This will conclude the tour and we will drive you back to your hotel, leaving you with amazing memories and stories to share with all of your friends and families!

From Tirana: Bovilla Lake, Gamti Mountain and Kruja Day Tour

6. From Tirana: Bovilla Lake, Gamti Mountain and Kruja Day Tour

Embark on a full-day guided tour of Lake Bovilla and Gamti Mountain from Tirana or Durres. Begin your journey with a hotel pickup, setting off towards Bovilla Lake. After a one-hour drive, arrive in Bovilla Lake and Gamti Mountain. After spending three hours in the lap of nature, continue your journey to Kruja Castle, home to the Skanderbeg Museum. Learn how this fortress stood as the heart of the Albanian resistance against the Ottomans, under the leadership of national hero Skanderbeg in the 15th century. Marvel at replicas of Skanderbeg's helmet and sword in the main hall, as well as the banners and insignias of influential families who supported the heroic cause, all while your guide regales you with tales of the past. Following this enriching historical exploration, venture into the vibrant ambiance of the Old Bazaar to peruse contemporary arts and crafts, perhaps snagging some intricate local souvenirs.

Tirana: Bovilla Lake and Dajti Cable Car

7. Tirana: Bovilla Lake and Dajti Cable Car

Thet tour guide will pick you up from your accommodation, followed by a drive towards Bovilla Lake. The 21-kilometer long road includes half off-road sections, providing stunning views of Tirana's suburban neighborhoods and a glimpse into their unique lifestyle. Upon arrival at the lake's dam, you'll embark on a hike to Gamti Mountain. The hike is a simple level, with each step bringing you closer to awe-inspiring views. The ascent takes about 40 minutes and rewards you with breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding hills. Take a break at the top, relish the view, and enjoy some food in the shade of the cave. The descent is via the same path. After your hike, we'll make a brief stop at the unique canyon below the dam. From there, we'll continue our journey to the Dajti Ekspes-cable car for an exhilarating 15-minute ride up at Dajti Mountain. Upon reaching Dajti Balcony, you'll be immersed in a magnificent display of lush natural colors, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated. You'll have free time to participate in the optional activities offered on Mountain Dajti, take some memorable photos, and appreciate the stunning view of Tirana from the mountaintop. After exploring the mountain, we'll take the cable car back to Tirana, concluding our remarkable tour.

From Tirana: Half-Day Kruja Trip and Skanderbeg Museum Entry

8. From Tirana: Half-Day Kruja Trip and Skanderbeg Museum Entry

Uncover the vibrant history and culture of Albania on a captivating half-day tour to Kruja from Tirana. Start with pickup from the activity provider's office in the centry of Tirana and hop aboard a comfortable and climate-controlled vehicle for a scenic transfer through the Albanian countryside. Step back in time with an immersive visit to the medieval fortress of Kruja Castle which is perched above the city. Learn about how the castle was key in Skanderbeg's rebellion against the Ottoman Empire. Find out about the legacy of Albania's national hero, Skanderbeg, at the Skanderbeg Museum where you can see a replica of the hero's famous goat head-topped helmet. Admire paintings, armor, and an assortment of historical artifacts dating back to his time. Delve into the rich tapestry of Albanian craftsmanship and culture at the Old Bazaar. Snap pictures of the colorful stalls and soak up the lively atmosphere. Head to Sarisalltik Tekke, a Sufi shrine that offers a glimpse into Albania's spiritual heritage. Return to your meeting point in Tirana with a deeper appreciation for the history of Albania.

Escape from Tirana, Kruja Castle-Shkopeti Lake, Boat Trip

9. Escape from Tirana, Kruja Castle-Shkopeti Lake, Boat Trip

Enjoy a calming and very interesting 1-day tour through some of the most interesting spots near Tirana. Join us in our adventure to historic Kruja Castle where we will visit the Museum of Albanians National Hero "Gjergj Kastrioti, Scanderbeg" and the Ethnographic Museum. From the castle we will enjoy an amazing view of Adriatic Sea and beautiful Lagoons. After the castle is the time to get lost in the Old Baazar, traditonal costumes, music instruments and a lot of colours create a beautiful and lovely atmosphere. When we will finish with the Bazzaar it's time to visit the Shkopeti Lake, a beautiful piece of nature where landscapes creates an amazing and relaxing panorama. The water of the lake, the light breeze and the relaxing view are all you will need to spend an unforgettable day. The food of the locals is so traditonal where we can choose some of varieties of home dishes. Also we have fish from the lake or other meat specialities. Boat trip throught the lake , very beautiful and amazing views. With some unforgettable memories and with happines in our souls it's time to come back to Tirana. End of the Journey.

From Tirana: Durres & Kruja History and Local Food Day Trip

10. From Tirana: Durres & Kruja History and Local Food Day Trip

Immerse yourself in the history of Durres and Kruja on this guided tour with hotel pickup and drop-off in Tirana. Savor local flavors with the included restaurant lunch and enjoy a coffee break along the way.  Start your journey with pickup from your accommodation in Tirana. Relax on the drive to the city of Kruja onboard a climate-controlled van or car. Set off on a guided tour of the Dollma Bektashi Tekke castle and explore the surroundings and the castle itself and the Skanderbeg Museum. Have free time to wander around the Old Bazaar, with beautiful cobblestone alleys, and to soak up views of the lovely old architecture. Head for lunch in a local restaurant, with a stunning view of the city and the valley of Kruja. Travel to Durrës for a last “digestive” stop. Follow your guide on a tour of the City Walls, the Byzantine Forum, the Roman Thermal Baths, the Venetian Tower, and the Amphitheater. Enjoy the city’s street art around the ancient ruins. Return to your hotel in Tirana in the late afternoon.

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Kristi our tour guide was amazing. He had so much knowledge and was really helpful and kind as I was a bit slow. The driver was so amazing the whole day was so good. Kristi even lent me his sunglasses. He had great knowledge his English was spot on (better than mine and I come from England ha ha ). We have recommended Kristi tours that’s what it should be called to many people I have met here. Keep hold of that tour guide.

Deo our guide was great! Two of them came to pick us up from our accommodation, then we made several stops to discover as much as possible. Deo did his best so that everyone could have beautiful souvenir photos, it’s really nice! He did it according to each member of the group (some did not want to go up, others wanted to swim, etc.). This outing is definitely worth it

The guide was absolutely fantastic! Best guide ever. He was friendly, knowledge, had great English, and very open to any question. I highly recommend him and this trip. They even dropped me off at the airport, saving time and money.

Had the most fun during this activity, the guide was so kind and made us feel safe hiking in the mountains ! The restaurant on the way to the top serves excellent food and the pricing is very good.

Its was amazing! The landscape was beautiful. Our guide Valter was so nice and fun. He made sure that everyone has a good time. We really enjoyed the excursion. Really worth the price :)