Kiwi Birdlife Park

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The Kiwi Birdlife Park was started by a local family on grounds that used to be Queenstown's unofficial dumping ground. It took two years to clear the site of weeds, car wrecks and old tyres. 31 years later we are still going strong. We participate in numerous breed and release programs for kiwi, blue duck, brown teal,... to help preserve the native New Zealand wildlife for future generations. Over the years we have released hundreds of animals in the wild. We also planted over 5000 native trees in the Park alone to recreate the habitat that once was New Zealand. We have 23 native species, which include the iconic kiwi, Tuatara, Kea, Kaka, and many more. This is Conservation in action! A visit to the Park wouldn't be complete without also visiting our Bee Centre. Learn about bees, look at our transparent bee hive and enjoy our all-day honey tastings.

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