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Kiruna: Guided Snowmobile Tour and Northern Lights Hunt

1. Kiruna: Guided Snowmobile Tour and Northern Lights Hunt

Experience the freedom and serenity of driving through the wilderness of the Swedish Lapland countryside on a guided snowmobile ride. Spot the northern lights from locations far away from the light pollution of the city and stop for a Swedish fika, sweet snacks from the local bakery & warm lingonberry juice. Our tours starting point is in Poikkijärvi a village by Torneriver 15 km from Kiruna city. At the camp you will be equipped with high quality snowmobile gear aimed for snowmobiling adventures in the Arctic climate. Snowmobile gear: overall, shoes, gloves, facemask, helmets and wool socks. So you come with your own clothes and we will provide you with the extra top layer customized for the outdoors. When we are dressed and ready, we will go to the snowmobiles for safety instructions and educate you how to drive the snowmobile. Never driven a snowmobile before? -No problem! Everyone is a beginner the first time. Our experienced guide will teach you how to drive in a safe and fun way so we will have the best possible experience. At the end of the tour it will feel like its a peace of cake. As a driver for the snowmobile you need a valid driving licens for car in your country, as a passenger you only need to bring your camera to capture some of your moments on a photo. Okey, let the fun begin. We will go on tour that’s approx 32 km through the variety of the landscapes in the area on the river, lakes, forest and mountains. You will be in the winter wonderland. Far away from the light pollutions surrounding the town. The dark sky will increase your chances of seeing aurora borealis dancing in the sky. Halfway we will stop for a Swedish fika. Here is a good place to switch driver if you are going on a shared snowmobile. We will help you to immortalize your memorys with pictures, so you can return to this place when ever you want again. Back at the camp we changes clothes and the minibus will drive you back to your accommodation. (We can not guarantee that the northern light is visible because its a weather phenomenon beyond or control. But we can guarantee that we will do our best for you to have a wonderful experience anyway.)

Abisko: Guided Aurora Chase with Hotel Transfers

2. Abisko: Guided Aurora Chase with Hotel Transfers

Would you like to experience the thrill of searching for and chasing the northern lights in the area surrounding Abisko National Park? This exciting adventure will start once you are picked up. After collecting all of the guests for the evening adventure your professional aurora chasing guide will use the collective experience of the Lights Over Lapland and Activities in Abisko team, combined with local weather and aurora forecasts to make the best possible decision about where to look for the northern lights. During our evening together we will travel up to 90 KM to one of several spectacular locations with a proven track record and very high likelihood of success. During this adventure, your guide will talk about the auroras, the history of Abisko National Park and serve you a warm drink. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime aurora chasing expedition, which will allow you to use our experience and mobility to go to where the aurora activity is the highest, and where there weather gives us a good chance of success! Book your adventure today! Many of the locations are on lakes and rivers which allow you to see the auroras in the sky AND reflecting in the polished ice during the Winter. Our team of professionals has access to more spectacular locations than any other operator in Abisko. During your adventure we usually visit at least one of the following locations: The scenic shoreline of Lake Torneträsk with stunning views in every direction! A calm bay at the northwest end of Lake Torneträsk with incredible Arctic views and a cozy fire pit. A spectacular location with panoramic views on the top of Bear Mountain near the border of Sweden and Norway. An amazing aurora outlook in the mountains surrounding Björkliden. A remote fishing village near the mouth of the Torne River which flows out of Lake Torneträsk. AND MUCH MORE!! Warm clothing is NOT included in this tour. It is important that you bring warm clothes to wear and warm insulated winter boots. Warm overalls and heavy duty arctic boots are available to rent for an extra charge. Minimum age: 5 years old (we will not be able to provide any child seats in the vehicle). Please note that during the peak season we may use a vehicle with a maximum of 30 seats. Camera gear is not included, but it can be added for an additional fee. Your guide has a very basic understanding of aurora photography and will be happy to give you a few pointers along the way! If you are looking for a trip which is focused on helping you capture stunning photographs of the northern lights, we highly recommend our Ultimate Aurora Photo Adventure! A slightly different version of this tour is also available during the autumn season October-November. Pick up information: 8:15-8:30 PM (please be in the lobby of your hotel by 8:15 PM)

Kiruna: Guided Snowmobile Tour and Swedish Fika Experience

3. Kiruna: Guided Snowmobile Tour and Swedish Fika Experience

Blaze into a picture perfect winter wonderland on this guided snowmobile tour from Kiruna. Snowmobiling through the beautiful nature of Swedish Lapland. You will be able to enjoy the variety of our stunning landscape in the area, and perhaps we are lucky and see wildlife also. Such as moose, reindeer, fox etc. Our guides are knowledgeable nature lovers with a passion for outdoor adventures. We will do our best to give you a unforgettable day on the snowmobile by giving you a a genuine experience with new snowmobiles and high quality gear.

Kiruna: Self-drive Husky Morning Tour

4. Kiruna: Self-drive Husky Morning Tour

Discover the arctic nature in daylight by driving a dog sled through the fresh morning snow. After picking you up from Kiruna town, we will take you to our home in Kalixforsbron, where you will meet our dogs and get dressed in warm winter clothing and shoes that we provide. You will usually be taught how to handle and harness the dogs. Two participants share one sled and take turns steering and sitting. For your and our huskies safety, a detailed instruction is given by the guide before heading off into nature. We cross frozen lakes, traverse through silent forests and sweeping marshlands while looking out for local wildlife. With some luck, you can spot reindeer, moose, arctic hares, or even “Ripa” the Ptarmigan which is Kiruna's official bird. Make sure to bring a camera as this tour is great for pictures! Back home we will warm up around an open fire in our Nordic tipi with hot soup and sandwiches as well as traditional Swedish Fika. Afterwards we will bring you back.

Kiruna: Northern Lights Tour with Photographer/Guide

5. Kiruna: Northern Lights Tour with Photographer/Guide

Go hunting for the Northern Lights in Kiruna on a guided aurora photography tour. Find an area with a clear sky and get your camera set up to capture photos of the elusive natural phenomenon. Watch the lights as you stay warm by the fire and enjoy hot drinks. Get picked up from your accommodations in Kiruna and meet your friendly guide and group for the night. Let your expert team find a suitable location with a clear sky to make your camp. Get help with setting up your own camera so you can take some photos of the Northern Lights. Wait to catch a glimpse of bright green to illuminate the starry night sky. Your guide will also take some pictures of you and the aurora in the sky. Watch the aurora dance above you as you listen to the crackling campfire keeping you warm and cozy. Be served hot drinks and reflect on your magical night as you head back to Kiruna.

Kiruna: Guided Afternoon Drive Your Own Dog Sled Tour

6. Kiruna: Guided Afternoon Drive Your Own Dog Sled Tour

Barrel through the snowy Swedish Lapland countryside on a guided dog sled adventure as the sky transitions to dusky evening hues. Learn how to handle the dogs yourself on this sustainable method of transportation that dates back to 1980 BC. Take a well-deserved break next to an open fire in a Nordic tent. Get started in Kalixforsbron, where you will meet the dogs and get dressed in the warm winter clothing and shoes that are provided. Learn how to handle and harness the dogs. Benefit from a detailed safety briefing before heading off into the snowy landscape under the sparkling polar night sky. Work together with the well-trained huskies while being pulled through the white blanketed wilderness along the Kalix River. Afterward, warm up around an open fire in a Nordic ten with a traditional Swedish Fika.

From Kiruna: Abisko National Park Northern Lights Tour

7. From Kiruna: Abisko National Park Northern Lights Tour

Admire the northern lights and go on a nighttime walk around Abisko National Park. Take great photos of the beautiful night sky. Stop off for some delicious snacks and warm lingonberry juice while you gaze at the stars. Finish up with a bus ride back to your hotel in Kiruna. Get on the bus at your accommodation and head to Abisko National Park at night. Go to all the best spots to see the aurora. Stop to take photos if you see the northern lights. Your guide will help you to take the best photos if you need it. Then, go for a short walk by the Abisko canyon. Keep an eye out for the northern lights. Then, have a break to enjoy some warm lingonberry juice and some sweet snacks from the local bakery. Afterward, get back on the bus and drive back to Kiruna. Finally, get off the bus at your hotel to finish the experience.

Abisko National Park: Scenic Morning Hike with Transfer

8. Abisko National Park: Scenic Morning Hike with Transfer

Would you like to enjoy a morning hike in the Arctic wilderness with one of the best outfitters in Abisko? Let one of Lights Over Lapland’s professional guides take you for a short, 3-4 km guided hike in Abisko National Park! During this spectacular adventure, your guide will lead you down one of the beautiful local trails. A good example is the trail which meanders along the scenic Abisko river canyon. You will wander through an ancient mountain birch forest, enjoy stunning open views of the Abisko river delta, marvel at soaring mountain peaks, take in all the beautiful scenery around the incredible Lake Torneträsk and much more. All of our guides are highly trained and will share their deep pool of knowledge about tracks left behind by our local wildlife, local indigenous people of the region and what it is like to live in the Arctic. While it is not guaranteed, you may have a chance to see beautiful animals during this trip such as reindeer, mountain hare, foxes, a full range of birds and the ever-majestic Scandinavian moose if luck is on your side! Be sure to bring a camera as this trip gives you an up close and personal experience in all of the most beautiful locations in Abisko National Park! Book your incredibly scenic hike with the best guides in Abisko today!

Abisko: National Park Northern Lights Photo Tour

9. Abisko: National Park Northern Lights Photo Tour

Join one of Lights Over Lapland’s professional aurora guides for an opportunity to see and photograph the aurora borealis in one of our lovely locations in and around Abisko National Park. Due to a tendency for clear skies, Abisko is one of the greatest places in the world to see the northern lights. We will provide you with a DSLR camera & lens that is preset to capture the northern lights and quickly go over the basic skills that you will need to find and photograph the magical aurora borealis. Our Ultimate Aurora Photo Adventure offers you THREE different ways to see the northern lights: depending upon the weather and aurora forecast we will hunt for the lights on foot at a nearby teepee, chase the lights in a modern 4×4 van, or ride on a cozy sleigh which is pulled behind a snowmobile to one of our wilderness camps in and around Abisko National Park. This evening under the stars offers you a fantastic opportunity to learn about the culture & natural history of Lapland and gives you a chance to experience beauty that can only be found in Abisko National Park. During our time together we will discuss the way that locals interact with nature and explore the cultural interpretations of the northern lights that the local inhabitants of the region have believed during the last several centuries. Small groups of 8 guests guarantee a very personal and genuine experience and ensure a safe and comfortable trip into the Arctic environment. Lights Over Lapland started offering our original Nightly Aurora Photo Tour way back in 2012. It was the first aurora photo tour in Abisko, and over the last ten years we have helped thousands of satisfied guests from all over the world see and photograph the northern lights in Abisko National Park. A few years later, we formed a partnership with our friends at Activities In Abisko and added our Wilderness Aurora Adventure which took our clients deeper into the Arctic Wilderness surrounding Abisko than any other operator in Abisko. During this time, we have constantly asked for feedback from our guests about what they are looking for in an aurora chase and have used the collective brain power of our guests and guides to create the ultimate adventure, which we believe represents the absolute best way to see the northern lights in Abisko National Park. This new and exciting adventure takes all the best elements of our legacy Nightly Aurora Photo Tour & Wilderness Aurora Adventure, adds a chase to the package and combines all three methods of aurora hunting into one incredible adventure, which we believe truly is the ultimate aurora adventure available in Abisko. Included in the tour: - Rental of camera, tripod, backpack, warm overalls, and head lamp. - Warm drink and small snack. - Guiding services and a minimum of 3 hours of searching for and photographing the aurora in and around Abisko National Park. - Pick up from any hotel in Abisko or Björkliden.

Kiruna: Snowshoe Hike & Ice fishing Tour

10. Kiruna: Snowshoe Hike & Ice fishing Tour

In the deep snow the best way to walk is with snowshoes. After picking you up from Kiruna town's central area, we will take you to our home in Kalixforsbron, where you will get dressed in winter clothing. Snowshoes have been used for thousands of years as a way to traverse the deep snow by spreading out your weight so that you do not sink. On the hike, your Guide will tell you about nature and wildlife in the Swedish Tundra. We keep an eye out for animal tracks and trails to identify. You will learn how to find dry firewood in the snow covered forest, to make a warming fire. To further broaden your survival techniques in the harsh arctic environment, try ice fishing on Sir Folke’s frozen lake. Back home we will warm up around an open fire in our Nordic tipi with hot soup and sandwiches as well as traditional Swedish Fika. Afterwards we will take you back to Kiruna Town.

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Can’t fault it. Extremely friendly and very knowledgable hosts. Nothing was too much trouble. Pick up from ICEHotel was 7pm on the dot, and the pick up is an amazing experience in itself for ICEHotel guests (won’t ruin the surprise). Provided with excellent winter clothing. There were around 12 people in total on our tour (across 6 snowmobiles), and everyone got full attention during the tour. The hosts took time to speak with everyone and explain where we were going and how we can maximise our chances of seeing the lights (including very clever iPhone camera tricks!). We went very deep into the wilderness and the driving was an amazing experience. It really felt as though we were chasing the lights. I got the sense that there was no set routine and we’d go in whichever direction was right on the day, and for as long as it took to see the lights, which we did indeed get to see!

I cannot recommend this experience enough! The snowmobile ride was excellent with a lot of help and support for those that needed it. Both Joel and Elin were professional, warm and a joy to chat with while drinking hot lingonberry juice. We went for the morning ride and it was a treat, it pumped us up for the rest of the day.

Amazing dogs, amazing people, incredible experience and delicious soup afterwards! Would highly recommend them You get to be involved in getting the dogs ready and part of the entire experience.

Just amazing. One of the best experiences ever! The staff are excellent: friendly and professional and the skidoos are so much fun. Worth every penny.

The entire trip was amazing. Dmitri was a fantastic guide and very knowledgeable. We had a great time watching the northern lights over a campfire.