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Zakynthos: Turtle Spotting Cruise on a Glass-Bottom Boat

1. Zakynthos: Turtle Spotting Cruise on a Glass-Bottom Boat

After being picked up from your accommodation /arranged meeting spot/cruise port , set off to begin your 3-hour eco-friendly turtle spotting cruise. Climb aboard a special glass-bottomed boat and embark on your journey through the National Marine Park surrounding the island.  Make a photo stop at the famous Cameo Islet, which was created by the 1633 earthquake. Take unique photos (guaranteed sightings) of the turtles from up close, and take the opportunity to enjoying them swimming in their natural habitat.  After this, explore the enchanting Keri Caves, and pass underneath the “Kamares”, before enjoying another swimming opportunity in the clear waters. Finally, arrive at the turtle-shaped island of Marathonisi. Swim and have fun at the Golden Nesting Beach which is home to the loggerhead sea turtle Caretta Caretta. You will also have the chance to admire the stunning caves.

Zakynthos: Turtle Spotting, Marathonísi & Keri Caves Cruise

2. Zakynthos: Turtle Spotting, Marathonísi & Keri Caves Cruise

Depart from the Gulf of Laganas where your cruise begins. After boarding the boat your guide will give you some information about the loggerhead turtles "Caretta Caretta", while the crew will try to spot some turtles as they surface for air. Grab the opportunity to observe the turtles and take some great souvenir photos and videos. Continue to the stunning caves of Keri and stop for a relaxing swim in the crystal clear waters. Arrive at the turtle-shaped island of Marathonisi. Enjoy swimming and snorkeling as the clear turquoise waters surround you and explore the Golden Nesting Beach, where sea turtles lay their nests. Return to the Gulf of Laganas at the end of the tour.

Zakynthos: Marathonisi, Cameo Island and Keri Caves Tour

3. Zakynthos: Marathonisi, Cameo Island and Keri Caves Tour

After a convenient pickup from your hotel, head to the small port of Agios Sostis on the southern shores of Zakynthos. Admire and pass the famous Cameo Island bridge and visit this small fairy tale piece of land to take the most amazing photos and enjoy a swim in this unique landscape. Next, board the glass-bottom boat and participate in some turtlespotting of these unique creatures Careta Careta, without disturbing them of course, along the way to Marathonisi, an exotic, green, and coincidentally turtle-shaped island. Relax with an hour of swim or snorkeling in the pristine beach with soft sand and warm waters, protected by National Marine Park. See where the endangered loggerhead sea turtles nest. Hop on the boat again towards the Keri Caves, carved by time, tides, and wind. Follow the coastline, admiring the white beaches, rock arches, forested hills, and enormous limestone cliffs that fall into the sea. Pass through the famous rock arch, Kamara. Stop for a 20-minute swim just outside the entrance to a vast cave. Climb back on board and head to the port where the minibus waits for you to lead you to the final stop at the award-winning Aristeon ecological olive oil press museum in Lithakia. Explore the history of olive oil making on the island with experts and taste-free local olives and traditional bread with different flavored extra virgin olive oils (most likely lemon, orange, and garlic). Full of images and new experiences you will be dropped off at your accommodation.

Zakynthos: Laganas Marine Park Speedboat Tour with Swimming

4. Zakynthos: Laganas Marine Park Speedboat Tour with Swimming

Begin your boat tour with a comfortable pickup directly from your accommodation in Zakynthos and head to the Agios Sostis Harbor, where you'll board a speedboat. From here, set out to discover the National Marine Park of Zakynthos. The park was established to protect a number of native species, with a focus on loggerhead sea turtles and Mediterranean monk seals. Make your first stop of the day at Myzithres Beach, a secluded beach that's only accessible by boat. Enjoy some free time here to swim in the azure waters and marvel at the pebbly white beach and imposing cliffs before moving on to your next destination, the Kerri Caves. Discover the series of caves located on the island's southwestern coast and stop at the second arch for another swimming opportunity. Next, head to the offshore islet of Marathonisi, a popular breeding ground for loggerhead turtles. This is your third and final swim stop for the day. Take advantage of the warm waters or soak up the sun on land before getting the opportunity to see the protected turtle species up close. Your tour comes to an end with a return journey to the port in Zakynthos, where your driver will be waiting to take you back to your accommodation.

From Zakynthos: Sunset Tour to Agalas and Damianos Cave

5. From Zakynthos: Sunset Tour to Agalas and Damianos Cave

Begin your unique experience with a convenient pick-up from the door of your accommodation. Your local guide-driver of the day will begin by giving you a free map of Zakynthos before briefing you on your unique tour that lies ahead. On our way, you will enjoy the views of the olive groves, vineyards, the diversity of the landscape, the rugged but verdant mountains, the traditional village houses, the old churches, and the stunning panoramic views of the Ionian sea waters, the south coast as well as the southwest coast, until we arrive in our next stop. The first stop is Keri village which combines mountains and sea. The main settlement is located in a mountainous area and the seaside is one of the island's most popular resorts. In ancient times there was a port at Keri, Herodotus described the tar springs near Keri Lake, which seemed to be more like a State. Amongst the pine trees and olive groves lies the picturesque village of Agalas, our next destination, with its colored buildings and the large bell tower of the village's church. The 150 m. path to Damiano's cave is loose and rocky, it is two-storied and filled with awe-inspiring stalactites and stalagmites, the view from the cave is magnificent, the hills are thick with vegetation and the sea extends into the background. On the opposite side of Damianos Cave, we can see twelve wells of Agalas, known as the Adronios wells. Our knowledgeable guide will inform you with insightful details about the Legend of the Dragon. Near Damiano's cave, we stop at one of the stone-built rest areas to enjoy the romantic, glorious sunset. It is simply, an unbelievably beautiful location, with breathtaking views, great atmosphere and very romantic. We chose for you one of the most perfect locations with spectacular views to see the sunset that will make this experience even more memorable. When the sun begins to gradually touch the sea, it is the perfect moment to observe nature’s beautiful blending of colors. For us, what better way to end your day !! For you, what a promise of a new tomorrow!!

Zakynthos: Turtle Island and Caves Private Boat Trip

6. Zakynthos: Turtle Island and Caves Private Boat Trip

A 3 hour private boat trip where you will experience the magically National Marine Park in Laganas Bay. The adventure starts from Agios Sostis harbour where you wil be familiar with the experienced skipper. During the trip you will spot Caretta Caretta, the turtle that lives and nest in Laganas Bay. Admire and explore the hidden gems of the small islet "Marathonisi". Its shape looks like a turtle and it is one of the bech where turtles nest ots eggs. Adventure in Keri Caves and Mizithres rocks where you will dive into the clear crystal waters, admire the breathtaking landscapes and the turquoise waters. Snorkel in the caves and feel the essence of the island. Capture the momments up and under water with your family or your friends and live like a local for a day.

Zakynthos: Sunset Tour to Agalas Caves & Myzithres Viewpoint

7. Zakynthos: Sunset Tour to Agalas Caves & Myzithres Viewpoint

Embark on a Zakynthos sunset tour experience. Make sure to carry your camera as your guide will capture fabulous photos of you and the magnificent views on the tour. After pickup, get a map of the adventure awaiting you. Explore Keri Myzithres's viewpoint and the beach of Keri Lake, Agalas, and Damiano's caves. Make your way to the beach of Keri Lake and enjoy the views of this picturesque small fish village. Continue to the Myzithres viewpoint. See 2 imposing white rocks in the waters of the southwestern coast. Find yourself surrounded by huge cliffs. Capture the view with the help of your guide. Learn about the world’s largest Greek flag and a copy of an ancient Greek sculpture at this site. Move onward to Agalas, nestled among pine trees and olive groves. Witness its colored buildings and the large bell tower of the village's church. Navigate the rocky 150-meter path to Damiano's cave. This 2-story structure is filled with awe-inspiring stalactites and stalagmites. Enjoy the view of the lush hills and the sea from the cave. On the opposite side of the cave, see the 12 wells of Agalas village. Hear the local legend of Andronios, the 300-meter-tall dragon who is said to have made the wells. Make a stop near Damiano's cave at one of the stone-built rest areas to enjoy the glorious sunset. Soak in the stunning surroundings and romantic atmosphere from this location.

Zakynthos: Mizithres Sunset Cruise with Swimming & Turtles

8. Zakynthos: Mizithres Sunset Cruise with Swimming & Turtles

Spend time in Marine Park admiring the Mizithres Rocks before taking in the sunset on this cruise around Zakynthos Island. See Caretta Caretta turtles swimming in their natural habitat and go for a dip in the clear waters around the island. Board your ship in Agios Sostis harbor and sail into the sea. Head to Zakynthos Marine Park to get a stunning view of the fascinating Mizithres rocks. After taking in the view, continue in search of Caretta Caretta turtles. Stop twice to swim in the refreshing water with colorful fish before pausing to enjoy the beautiful colors of the sunset over the island.

Zakynthos: Sunset Cruise to Myzithres with Wine

9. Zakynthos: Sunset Cruise to Myzithres with Wine

Cameo Island, Agios Sostis, Laganas After picking you up from your accommodation you will head to the small port of Agios Sostis which is located at Laganas Bay from where your unique adventure will begin. You will stop for 15 minutes to admire the view of Cameo Island and its rope wooden bridge. Cameo is a privately owned little paradise and during the summer months, is connected to the land by this bridge and we will have the chance to cross and take some amazing photos! Your boat is waiting for you to start the sunset cruise along the South West Coast of Zakynthos. Marathonisi Island As soon as you are all on board, Captain Panagiotis will set sail to Marathonisi, an exotic, green, naturally turtle-shaped island. Along the way, we might see the unique and beautiful creatures, the Caretta-Caretta turtles, which choose Zakynthos sandy beaches every summer to lay their eggs, so have your cameras ready! You will stay for 45 minutes for swimming, snorkeling, or soaking in the sun. You must be very careful because this is a breeding area for Loggerhead turtles and must stay only within the first 5 meters of the beach to avoid any harm to the nests of the turtles. Keri Caves Leaving Marathonisi island behind you and sailing along the coastline, you can admire the breathtaking Keri Caves, white single beaches, the amazing rock arches, and views of the huge white cliffs. Myzithres As you reach Myzithres Beach and the rocks you realize that is the most imposing landscape of Zakynthos after Navagio Beach. These two towering white rocks, the small and large Myzithra are located below the lighthouse of Keri and the contrast between the crystal-clear blue-green waters and the white color of the rocks and the sand of the beach is amazing. You will have the chance to swim for 30 minutes in these crystal waters. And as the sun goes down with the marvelous colors of the sky the moment is truly enchanting. Enjoy it with a free glass of wine or soft drink. As soon as the sun sets you will sail back to the port of Agios Sostis to board the minibus for returning to your accommodation.

Zakynthos: Romantic Sunset Tour to Mizithres & Agalas Cave

10. Zakynthos: Romantic Sunset Tour to Mizithres & Agalas Cave

Your guide collects you from your accommodation or a selected location, beginning your journey with a visit to Cameo Island, the second most photographed site in Zakynthos. Traverse a 100-meter-long rope and wooden bridge to explore the enchanting Cameo Island, where the sighting of a turtle adds to the magic of the place. Next, head to one of Zakynthos's most breathtaking viewpoints—Myzithres Rocks. Stand atop the cliff and marvel at the dramatic landscapes sculpted by centuries of seismic activity. The twin conical-shaped rocks, carved from white limestone, dominate the scenery. Here, the wild waters meet steep mountain slopes, creating a photographer's paradise. Further along the southeast coast, your guide points out the deepest part of the Mediterranean, known as the "Well of Oinouson," plunging approximately 4,500 meters below sea level. Capture these moments with help from your knowledgeable guide, who ensures you leave with photos that encapsulate the stunning views. Your adventure continues as you wind through traditional stone houses and narrow lanes towards the Damianos Cave. Local legends weave tales of a colossal dragon, setting the stage for your exploration of this two-tiered cave adorned with stalactites and stalagmites. Featuring dual entrances, one stacked above the other, the cave offers a cool respite. Inside, the lush hills and expansive sea views stretch out before you. Conclude your day at the Sunset Agalas snack bar, where you can relax and watch the sun dip below the horizon, before being dropped back at your accommodation.

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This is the tour you are looking for! We booked this for our day off our cruise ship. Christos was prompt to pick our family up at the cruise port and drop us off on time for departure! The tour was greater than expected with many amazing blue caves and private beach by boat where we could jump in and swim. Our children enjoyed the turtle island beach and seeing a real sea turtle. We highly recommend this tour for anyone wanting to experience Zakynthos blue waters, magical caves and cliffs by boat.

Great experience! We saw a turtle, had amazing pictures in Keri Caves, had a swimming breaks and had an extraordinary time :) definitely recommended!

Beautiful caves and beaches! And the skipper did a great job, definitely recommend booking this tour.

Absolutely amazing we saw so much and our tour guide was so inclusive brilliant would recommend

It was perfect we had time for photos time for swimming time for everything