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From Phuket: Phang Nga Bay and Canoeing Tour by Big Boat

1. From Phuket: Phang Nga Bay and Canoeing Tour by Big Boat

Embark on an island-hopping boat trip from Phuket that's perfect for families and groups. Set sail on a two-story fishing boat to the pristine waters of Phang-Nga Bay, a haven of natural wonders and cinematic vistas. Enjoy a buffet lunch, drinks, sun-kissed moments, and many breathtaking sights. After pickup, begin your journey toward the enchanting Panak Island. Once you arrive, canoe amidst hidden caves and marvel at the awe-inspiring limestone formations. Continue with a buffet lunch onboard to recharge for an afternoon of exploration at the iconic James Bond Island. Witness the majestic Tapu rock that graced the silver screen in "The Man with the Golden Gun." Later, venture to Hong Island, a natural wonder encased by towering cliffs. Canoe through serene cave channels that lead to tranquil inner seas, perfect for swimming. As the sun sets, your journey culminates with a return to Ao Po Pier. Once at the pier, get transferred back to your hotel.

Phuket: Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Ethical Feeding Experience

2. Phuket: Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Ethical Feeding Experience

Experience the enchantment of the "Feed Me" program at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket, where ethical elephant encounters come to life. Interact with and feed these magnificent giants, and find out more about them with your guide. Upon arrival, you'll be welcomed into the sanctuary's serene natural environment. Begin your adventure by feeding the elephants and connecting with them in a meaningful and responsible way. Learn about their behavior, personalities, and the sanctuary's commitment to their welfare from your guide. As you spend quality time observing and interacting with the elephants, seize the opportunity to capture the magic on camera. Feel the exhilaration of being in close proximity to these gentle creatures while surrounded by the lush beauty of their habitat. After the unforgettable encounter, unwind in a relaxed atmosphere with a complimentary soft drink, reflecting on the memories you've created. Leave with not only photographs but also a heart full of cherished moments from this unique and ethical elephant sanctuary experience.

Phuket: Phuket Elephant Care Sanctuary ECO Tour

3. Phuket: Phuket Elephant Care Sanctuary ECO Tour

Visit one of Phuket Elephant Care's two ethical sanctuaries, Kathu or Naithon, nestled in a lush green forest with a large natural lake. Get the chance to bathe and feed the elephants on an ECO tour you can feel good about. Also enjoy a convenient pickup service directly from your hotel by a comfortable minivan. Get picked up by your driver from your accommodation and head to the sanctuary where the friendly staff of Phuket Elephant Care will welcome you with coffee and tea, bread, and some snacks, and get an introduction to advanced ECO tourism to prepare for your encounter. Learn how to prepare the seasonal fruits for the elephants with this hands-on experience. Give the elephants their fruits and while they enjoy their food, learn from the guides about the background of each elephant. Next, pamper the elephants with a spa treatment. Discover the healing benefits of special spa mud that helps to heal elephant wounds from many kinds of scratches and skin damage. Finally, rinse off the mud from the elephant's skin with a rain shower. The last activity is to paint your own small magnetic elephant token which you can take back home together with a keychain as a souvenir. Leave inspired and informed, having supported the elephants in a sanctuary where they have maximum freedom to naturally roam, forage, bathe, and socialize.

Phuket: Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Half-Day Visit with Meal

4. Phuket: Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Half-Day Visit with Meal

Enjoy a pickup from your hotel in Phuket and travel to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. Upon arrival at the sanctuary, meet your guide and learn a little about the animals. Witness stunning views of the surrounding jungle while interacting with friendly elephants in a safe and sustainable environment. Get bananas and sugar cane to feed the elephants. Walk with your guide through the sanctuary, where you will find free-roaming elephants and hear their individual stories. Touch, feed, photograph, and interact with the elephants at your leisure while you learn about their lifestyle and behaviors. After meeting all the elephants, accompany them to a mud spa. Get muddy with the elephants as you apply a healthy mud treatment to their skin. Next, walk with them to a pool and join them in the water. Take a swim and help bathe and brush the elephants while they wade through and play in the water. Once the elephants are clean, you can take some final photos with them, before bidding farewell to your new friends and changing into some dry clothes. Finally, enjoy a delightful Thai buffet and head back to Phuket.

From Phuket: Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Feed and Shower Trip

5. From Phuket: Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Feed and Shower Trip

Embark on a unique adventure with Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket through a feeding and shower experience, designed to create meaningful connections with elephants. After pickup, arrive at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket to start your adventure. Engage in ethical interactions with the elephants in a natural environment, fostering a respectful bond. Begin with participating in a feeding session. Offer fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to the elephants. Observe their gentle demeanor and contribute to their well-being. Receive an educational introduction to elephant anatomy, behavior, and their captivating history. Enhance your understanding of these majestic creatures before proceeding to the next segment of the experience, a one-of-a-kind outdoor shower designed specifically for elephants. Throughout the experience, take the opportunity to interact, photograph, and observe elephants in their natural environment.

Phuket: Simon Cabaret Show Admission Ticket

6. Phuket: Simon Cabaret Show Admission Ticket

Step into the enchanting world of the Simon Cabaret Show in Phuket and prepare for an evening filled with glitz, glamour, and unforgettable entertainment. This internationally acclaimed performance showcases the extraordinary talents of its performers, who captivate the audience with their dazzling costumes, mesmerizing dance routines, and exceptional stage presence. The Simon Cabaret Show is a true spectacle that has become a must-see attraction in Phuket. From the moment the curtains rise, you will be immersed in a world of vibrant colors, extravagant sets, and high-energy performances. The show features a variety of acts, each more breathtaking than the last, combining elements of music, dance, and theatrical artistry.

Phuket: Simon Cabaret Show Entry Ticket

7. Phuket: Simon Cabaret Show Entry Ticket

Dive into a magical evening where Thailand's rich heritage marries modern entertainment at Simon Cabaret Phuket Show. Nestled in the heart of Phuket, this mesmerizing spectacle promises a night of vibrant colors, captivating dances, and unparalleled performances, weaving stories that resonate with every guest. For over three decades, Simon Cabaret has been a cornerstone of entertainment, enthralling both Thai and international audiences. In the first act, be prepared to be swept off your feet as the grand stage unfolds tales that transport you through time and cultures, defining a cabaret experience that's distinctly Simon. As you settle in, choose between the opulent VIP seating on the exclusive 1st floor, offering a luxurious vantage point to the spectacle, or the spacious regular seating on the 2nd floor that offers a fantastic visual delight without compromising on the experience. As the curtains fall, find yourself in a prime location to continue your Phuket adventure. Venture further into the vibrant nightlife or retreat to your cozy accommodation, carrying with you memories of a night where tradition and innovation met in a dazzling display of artistry and showmanship. Simon Cabaret isn't just a show; it's a legacy that invites you to be part of a grand theatrical tradition, leaving you enchanted and yearning for more.

Patong Boxing Stadium: Muay Thai Ticket

8. Patong Boxing Stadium: Muay Thai Ticket

Muay Thai is one of the national sports of Thailand, an ancient martial art that has developed over the course of 500 years. The Pa Tong Boxing Stadium is a must-see during your visit to Pa Tong, Phuket. With this experience, you will be amazed by the vibrant atmosphere in the arena, and enjoy the matches up close with VIP, ringside, or stadium seating. The matches start with enthusiastic youth fighters from the age of 10 and continues with professional male and female fighters from Thailand and abroad. You will learn more about this traditional martial art, its practices, and techniques, as well as discover the love that locals have for their national sport.  If you want to be as close to the action as possible, choose VIP seating. Ringside seating offers unobstructed views of the fighters, and stadium seating offers an authentic experience, where you will sit amongst the locals, betting on their favorites. You have the option of having roundtrip transportation from your hotel to the arena and back. 

Simon Cabaret Phuket Show Included Tickets and Transfer

9. Simon Cabaret Phuket Show Included Tickets and Transfer

Embark on an enchanting journey at Phuket's iconic Simon Cabaret, a spectacle of vibrant culture and top-notch entertainment delighting guests for over 30 years. Immerse yourself in a world of mesmerizing performances and state-of-the-art visuals, meticulously designed for families, couples, and groups seeking a night of artistic brilliance. Your delightful evening is set in a grand theatre, with the capacity to host over 600 guests, guaranteeing an experience teeming with glamour and exhilaration. Your journey to a magical night begins with a seamless pickup from your hotel, enveloped in the comfort of our air-conditioned vans. As you travel a brief 10 minutes from the bustling Patong Beach, anticipation builds, setting the stage for an evening where every detail is finely crafted to captivate your senses and immerse you in a spectacle of unparalleled artistry. As the captivating performances draw to a close, find yourself nestled in a hotspot of vibrant nightlife, offering more avenues to explore and enjoy. Whether you choose a comfortable return ride to your hotel or decide to delve deeper into the night's adventures, the choice is wholly yours, promising a closure as delightful as the show itself. Step into the mesmerizing world of Simon Cabaret Phuket, a haven where artistry meets wonder, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Maithon Private Island: Small Group Scuba Dive or Snorkeling

10. Maithon Private Island: Small Group Scuba Dive or Snorkeling

The boat departs at 9.30am for an unforgettable scuba diving experience in one of the most breathtaking locations in the world? Look no further than the Small Group Scuba Diving Experience in Maithon Private Island! Located just off the coast of Phuket, Thailand, Maiton Private Island is a hidden gem that offers crystal-clear waters, stunning coral reefs, and an incredible array of marine life. With our small group diving tours, you'll have the opportunity to explore this incredible underwater world with a small group of fellow adventurers, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience like no other. Our expert diving instructors are certified using top of the line equipment, will guide you through the water, pointing out the diverse array of sea creatures that call Maithon Private Island home. From colorful tropical fish and vibrant coral formations to majestic sea turtles and even the occasional dolphins and whale shark, there's no shortage of incredible sights to discover. So whether you're a seasoned diver or a beginner looking to experience the magic of scuba diving for the first time, book your Small Group Scuba Diving Experience in Maithon Private Island today and prepare to be amazed! We will pick up from your hotel between 7.15-8.45am, depending on your location, to our private beach on the same coast as Westin Siray 5 Stars resort. Here you will enjoy coffee, tea, and snack while fitting into your equipment and briefing about the program as well as equipment usage. Then we will onboard to head out to our 1st Dive/Snorkeling site. Here you will find corals clusters of healthy coral the size of cars! Continuing our program, we will head to the 2nd Dive/Snorkeling site to explore the deeper waters. Here there are a few residential Morey eels and migrating fish. Then we head back to shore and prepare to head back to your accommodation.

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A must visit location! If you love elephants, this is the place! Not riding them or torturing the elephants with all kinds of work. This trip is worth every penny. They take care of the animals that were at the zoo or at work, so your money goes towards feeding and maintaining the elephants. If you have ever thought of riding an elephant, after the experience here, you will never think of such a thing again! Congratulations for everything you do for elephants. Everything was superlative: transport, experience with elephants, top 10 guide, drinks and organization. I recommending 100%!

The staff was so nice as they prepared a birthday cake for my friend when they found out yesterday was my friend’s birthday. And they are so humour when they teach you how to dive. The experience was fun and definitely a worth trying one!

Beautiful experience. Elephants are treated with so much respect and kindness. Staff are knowledgeable and kind. Loved every minute.

Awesome experience only issue was the weather that day (too hot). Other than that the overall experience was a 9/10.

Good guide and they are very nice people, and also professional. You will get a memorable experience choosing them.