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Kassel: City Tour and sightseeing in 12 Languages

1. Kassel: City Tour and sightseeing in 12 Languages

What makes a trip worthwhile if not to keep a memory? Enjoy a ride within our uncovered buses and explore every important corner and sightseeing of the city: - Papinplatz/ Starting Station - Orangerie - Auebad - Siebenbergergen - Raiffeisenstra?e - Bahnhof Wilhemshöhe Bergpark - Wilhemshöhe Castle - Herkules - Stadthalle / Kongress Palais - Annastraße - Kulturbahnhof - Papinplatz / End Station * Enjoy our break in the Herkuless monument to make selfies with your friends and family and Admire the mesmerising view of the whole city. You can even drink a coffe with trip-mates and exchage culture. ** Headsets are given, you can listen to our guide in the preferred language of your choice to get you the best version of this experience. What are you waiting for ! book your TOUR and let us be part of your " SEJOUR"

Kassel: Self-Guided Outdoor Escape Game

2. Kassel: Self-Guided Outdoor Escape Game

Experience a unique outdoor escape game right on your smartphone. Take on the role of a profiler who travels back in time to solve a tricky case. Complex challenges await you in this adventure that will lead you deeper and deeper into the swamp of organized crime. The puzzles are location independent, so you can look forward to tricky and exciting tasks. But after each level, you'll learn interesting facts about the environment around you. While solving the puzzles of this thrilling case, you'll wander past some of Kassel's most fascinating sights. Grab your smartphones and head to the starting point to get started. Whether you work together as a team or split into smaller groups and teams, you can expect an exciting walk with breathtaking sights and relaxing breaks. Solve tricky puzzles, combine clues, discover surprising facts about each location, and enjoy the freedom to walk at your own pace. This game is ideal for escape game enthusiasts and puzzle fans who are looking for a challenging challenge for their group and don't want to miss out on the city's interesting locations.

Kassel: Laughing with Lotte Moser

3. Kassel: Laughing with Lotte Moser

Lotte Moser, also known as Moserlotte, is a cheeky, cheeky widow who lost her husband in a tragic cooking accident. That might have been a mess until she got the pan clean again! Now she is back on her feet as a suitor and has a lot to say about men in general and in particular. So: put on some fresh panties and laugh with Lotte Moser!

Stadtkrimi Kassel: Stadtführung und Krimispiel

4. Stadtkrimi Kassel: Stadtführung und Krimispiel

Get ready for a unique sightseeing adventure! Stadtkrimis is the outdoor leisure experience where you follow a predefined route on foot. In the process, you discover special places and learn interesting facts. And a criminal case is solved. With the help of clues, suspects, possible weapons or crime scenes can be ruled out and in the end the case is solved. Stadtkrimis can be played at any time alone, with friends, with the children, family or even in larger groups. It's up to you when you start your scavenger hunt through Kassel and how long you want to stay at the individual locations. Stadtkrimis works independently of a guide or city leader. Of course, players can take a break, have a coffee or make a small diversions at any time. You don't need an appointment for your tour. Just book the tour and have the voucher send per e-mail to you. In Kassel we offer four tours. Three in Bergpark wilhelmshöhe and 1 in the city centre. With the voucher you can decide yourself which route you want to take.

Self-guided city rally / scavenger hunt Kassel in German

5. Self-guided city rally / scavenger hunt Kassel in German

Explore Kassel while playing the city rally "Es war einmal". Solve puzzles at famous sights in the exciting story about the Brothers Grimm in Kassel and win the game. As soon as you book the game, we will send you all the necessary information by e-mail. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: - Difficulty level: easy to medium - also suitable for families with children - Duration: 2 to 3 hours - Language: German (English version is offered separately) - Tickets: You only need to buy 1 ticket per group (1-6 people) - Each group will play with 1 device. For groups of more than 6 people you can buy 2 or more tickets. - You can book in advance or also spontaneously. - You can start whenever you want. Visit the starting point in front of St. Martins Church (in the Old Town), open the link from your confirmation email with your smartphone or tablet, log in with your data and start playing right away. You will first be introduced to the story of the Brothers Grimm: 1819 in Kassel: The brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm lead a modest, striving life. As linguists and literary scholars, they are not only very well-read. They also diligently write books and stories and have started work on the so-called "German Dictionary". But success did not really come their way. The book "Volksmärchen der Deutschen" (German folk tales) turned out to be a flop. The publisher destroyed 350 unsold copies. Slowly, gloom spreads. As good friends of the family, it's up to you to encourage them and collect promising ideas! Work in a team (2-6 people per group) to solve the case. You are more than 6 people? Then we recommend splitting up into several small groups, because otherwise experience shows that not everyone is well integrated into the game. You can also test which group is the fastest! Riddle your way from station to station along this story with the help of our city map. Solve the puzzles at the most beautiful sights of Kassel and at important points and get more informations about the Brothers Grimm and their story. It is part of the game to guess the individual stations of the city rally. They are therefore not listed here. You have to look for clues at the stations to solve the puzzles. In this game, the focus is on the story and the puzzles, not on details about the historical history of the sights and the city. Move at your own pace and take a break whenever you want. The duration is about 2 to 3 hours time. The end is in the Old Town of Kassel near the Neue Galerie.

Witches, Ghosts, Executioners City tour

6. Witches, Ghosts, Executioners City tour

Come on board and find out all about the extraordinary phenomena, sagas, myths and legends of the Kassel district on this 4-hour adventure tour of witches, ghosts and executioners. A special treat awaits you. This tour takes you into the world of the supernatural, myths and legends of our region. **Make sure you dress up confortable for this trip.

City tour crime tour

7. City tour crime tour

Miss Marple received a strange message one morning. She has three hours to solve a murder mystery. If she doesn't, Mr James Stringer, a wealthy man, will be kidnapped. The clock is ticking. Who is the murderer? Join us on this special adventure and be part of this interactive tour in its final season. If you like mysteries, crime scenes and playing detective, this is the tour for you. few dates and fewer places are available, don´t miss it.

Kassel: Places of happiness

8. Kassel: Places of happiness

Are you looking for happiness? Then you've come to the right place. This trip is exactly what you need, because happiness lovers get their money's worth. Join us on a bus tour of the happy places in our travel guide. But one thing is certain: the happy places selected can only be a small, subjective selection of what awaits you in Kassel. There are so many happy places to discover, so join us on the way to your own happy place. Take the time to discover things that are surprising, strange and unknown, because we're sure you'll be surprised and happy. We invite you to discover what Kassel has to offer.

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