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Karlsruhe: 24-Hour Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Bus Ticket

1. Karlsruhe: 24-Hour Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Bus Ticket

Join this approx. 130-minute tour of the fan-shaped city of Karlsruhe and learn more about the rather short history of the former royal seat. Hop on a sightseeing bus and enjoy the main attractions of Karlsruhe from the open-top deck. Enjoy fantastic views of the city as you listen to the audio guide commentary. Discover the city at your own pace with this 24-hour hop-on hop-off ticket. There are 11 stops along the route through central Karlsruhe, and you can get on and off as many times as you like. If you prefer to stay aboard and enjoy the city from the comfort of your set, a full loop takes approximately 2 hours. Bus stops: 1) Station Forecourt (departures at 10 a.m., 12:45 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.) 2) ZKM / Municipal Gallery 3) Baden State Theater 4) Ettlinger Tor/Tourist information/Market Square 5) Europaplatz 6) Tourist Information Karlsruhe/Zirkel 7) Schlossbezirk (Waldhornstraße) 8) Creative park "Alter Schlachthof" (old slaughterhouse)/Gottesaue Palace 9) Observation deck Turmberg10) Karlsburg/old town Durlach11) Station Forecourt (arrivals at last stop at 12:10 p.m., 2:55 p.m. and 5:40 p.m.)

Karlsruhe: Guided City History & Culture Walking Tour

2. Karlsruhe: Guided City History & Culture Walking Tour

Experience history, explore the present and imagine the future on a 1.5-hour walking tour of Karlsruhe with an experienced local guide. Even though Karlsruhe is only 300 years old, it has a colorful past. As a Baroque planned city, Karlsruhe was a novelty of its time and the city has preserved this pioneering spirit to this day. With your city guide, you will learn about the fascinating Karl III Wilhelm, Margrave, who founded the city in 1715 and discover what made him decide to build a completely new city and leave his old capital of Durlach behind. Your tour will be spiked with funny anecdotes and personal insider tips from your guide. Please note that Tuesdays will be guided on the theme "Hometown Karlsruhe - Residence of Law".

Germany/Europe: 5G eSim Mobile Data Plan

3. Germany/Europe: 5G eSim Mobile Data Plan

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Karlsruhe: Krimi-Trails Escape Game

4. Karlsruhe: Krimi-Trails Escape Game

If you are looking for the perfect mix between an outdoor escape game and a scavenger hunt, Crime-Trails are for you! Take over the investigation to find the culprit in a fictitious crime case. You will solve treacherous murders, crafty robberies, or shrewd kidnappings – the options are endless. Equipped with your smartphones, a case file, and a code for the arrest warrant, you and your family, friends or partner in crime begin the investigation at the scene of crime. It is up to you to decide which clues to follow first. Crime-Trails are designed for young as well as experienced hobby detectives from 12 years and up. 1. Purchasing a Crime-Trail After the purchase has been completed, you will receive a voucher code that gives you access to the case file along with a code to generate your arrest warrant at the end of the game. Once you have downloaded the case file, you can start the game whenever you like. There is no further preregistration needed. The case file includes an introductions as well as instructions to your mission. Note: Print the case file for a better overview during the game! 2. Locating the Scene of Crime To begin your investigation, find the location marked “scene of crime” in your case file. Once you arrive at the scene, familiarize yourselves with the case, scan the QR code on the crime file to get started and solve the first question. During the game you will communicate with the Crime-Trails headquarters to send out your answers to receive more and more clues as you move through the case. Note: All Crime-Trails can be played whenever you want to start your investigation! It does not matter when you purchase your crime file, it does not expire. 3. Starting the Investigation After you have solved the first question and established communication with the headquarters, you can visit the locations marked on the map in any order. Throughout the Crime-Trail you will stay in touch with the headquarters in order to receive further clues that help you solve the case. We do advice that you visit all locations, so you do not miss any important information. There will be no guide or organizer on site. In case you have any problems or questions, you can request a hint from the headquarters. Since the Crime-Trails are played outdoors and in individual groups, they are compatible with any Covid-19 restrictions. 4. Catching the Culprit Once you have solved all riddles and identified the culprit, you will be able to arrest this person and see weather you solved the case correctly or missed out any details.

Karlsruhe: Murder Crime Game Self-Guided Interactive Tour

5. Karlsruhe: Murder Crime Game Self-Guided Interactive Tour

Solve a murder and at the same time see all the highlights of the city center of Karlsruhe. Play this unique game with a group of friends or your family. You will receive instructions, a photo frame and an answer form in advance via email. You'll also receive a map of the city where the murder took place. The center is divided into sections where you have to look for a location where you can take a group selfie. Once you've located the spot, send a selfie via WhatsApp to your game instructor. If the location's correct, they'll send you the next clue about the murder. As you walk along the nicest places in the centre of the city, you will collect more and more clues about the murder. These clues will then need to be combined in the end to find out... ... who is the murderer? ... where has the murder taken place? ... who is the victim? ... what time did the person get killed? ... what weapon was being used? During the game you will have enough time to enter a cafe or shop that you pass and to admire some of the highlights of Karlsruhe.

Karlsruhe: Exploration Game & Tour on your Phone

6. Karlsruhe: Exploration Game & Tour on your Phone

You’re looking for a fun way to explore the city at your own pace? Then, this city-exploration game is made for you! You’ll entertain all your group with interesting questions, while still teaching them fun facts about the city. Your mission (should you choose to accept it): Jackson Wilde, the famous city-explorer, needs your help… Help him solve quizzes to gather as many points as possible. With this activity, you will be guided through the following locations: 1. St. Stephen's Church 2. Town Hall 3. Protestant Church 4. Pyramid 5. Palace 6. Federal Constitutional Court 7. Gottesaue Castle 8. Z.K.M Download the app on Android or iOS (or access it directly through your browser) to get access to a fun mission, multiple quizzes, as well as city guides about each monument. So, are you ready to explore Karlsruhe?

Karlsruhe: Self-Guided Outdoor Escape Game

7. Karlsruhe: Self-Guided Outdoor Escape Game

Experience a unique outdoor escape game right on your smartphone. Take on the role of a profiler who travels back in time to solve a tricky case. Complex challenges await you in this adventure that will lead you deeper and deeper into the swamp of organized crime. The puzzles are location independent, so you can look forward to tricky and exciting tasks. But after each level, you'll learn interesting facts about the environment around you. While solving the puzzles of this thrilling case, you'll wander past some of Karlsruhe's most fascinating sights. Grab your smartphones and head to the starting point to get started. Whether you work together as a team or split into smaller groups and teams, you can expect an exciting walk with breathtaking sights and relaxing breaks. Solve tricky puzzles, combine clues, discover surprising facts about each location, and enjoy the freedom to walk at your own pace. This game is ideal for escape game enthusiasts and puzzle fans who are looking for a challenging challenge for their group and don't want to miss out on the city's interesting locations.

Karlsruhe: Karlsruhe light rail tunnel

8. Karlsruhe: Karlsruhe light rail tunnel

After its completion in December 2021, the interest in the new light rail tunnel in Karlsruhe's city centre was huge. Thousands of passengers now travel through the tunnel every day and get on or off at the seven underground stops. The masterful engineering work behind the construction project, why "real" miners were employed between the stops Marktplatz and Ettlinger Tor, why the passengers are up to their necks in water - the participants will learn these and many other anecdotes during this themed tour. The motto is "From A for Aquarium to Z for Zen: What you always wanted to know about the Karlsruhe light rail tunnel".

Karlsruhe - Private Tour

9. Karlsruhe - Private Tour

Firstly you are going to visit The marketplace which is the central square of Karlsruhe. The dominant buildings of the square are the town church and opposite the town hall, as well as the entire square classicist, designed by Friedrich Weinbrenner. On the square is the Karlsruhe Pyramid. which is the landmark of the city. Next, you will be visiting The State Museum of Natural History Karlsruhe and is one of the two states of Baden-Württemberg's natural history museums. Together with the State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart, it is one of the most important repositories for state-owned natural history collections. You will see The Friedrichsplatz which is a central square in the city. In the year 1730, the construction of the first garden and park was made in the style of an English garden. This park existed until the 1870s and was named after the hereditary prince Ludwig Erbprinzen Garten. Visit the St. Stephanis, which is the oldest Catholic church in Karlsruhe. It was built by Friedrich Weinbren­­ner as a parish church in 1814. Your next visit will be to The Ludwig place which is in the Karlsruhe Downtown West. In October 1977, the Ludwigsplatz was inaugurated after major renovations. The course is located south of the Erbprinzenstraße at the height of the forest road. After that, you are going to visit The Europe Place which is one of the beliebtesten places in the Karlsruhe city center. The Europaplatz has its name since 1979, previously it was called the main post office and before Loretto square. Next, you will get to see the Prince Max Palace, which was initially known as Palais Schmieder. It is a villain Wilhelminian style in Karlsruhe and is named after Prince Max of Baden, who was the last Chancellor of the German Empire. Finally, our tour will finish at the Botanischer Garten Karlsruhe which is a municipal botanical garden.

Self-guided city rally / scavenger hunt Karlsruhe in German

10. Self-guided city rally / scavenger hunt Karlsruhe in German

Explore Karlsruhe while playing the city rally "Illuminati". Solve puzzles at famous sights in the exciting story about the Illuminati and win the game. As soon as you book the game, we will send you all the necessary information by e-mail. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: - Difficulty level: easy to medium - also suitable for families with children - Duration: 2 to 3 hours - Language: German (English version is offered separately) - Tickets: You only need to buy 1 ticket per group (1-6 people) - Each group will play with 1 device. For groups of more than 6 people you can buy 2 or more tickets. - You can book in advance or also spontaneously. - You can start whenever you want. Visit the starting point the Ludwig Fountain (in the Old Town), open the link from your confirmation email with your smartphone or tablet, log in with your data and start playing right away. You will first be introduced to the story of the Illuminati: 1825 in Karlsruhe: the new stone pyramid on the market square in the city centre causes unrest. Have the Illuminati once again erected a monument to themselves here? But the order was banned a few years ago! And is it true that the Holy Grail is hidden under the pyramid? Embark on a search for the truth and find out what the Grail quest and the Order of the Illuminati are all about! Work in a team (2-6 people per group) to solve the case. You are more than 6 people? Then we recommend splitting up into several small groups, because otherwise experience shows that not everyone is well integrated into the game. You can also test which group is the fastest! Riddle your way from station to station along this story with the help of our city map. Solve the puzzles at the most beautiful sights of Karlsruhe and at important points. It is part of the game to guess the individual stations of the city rally. They are therefore not listed here. You have to look for clues at the stations to solve the puzzles. In this game, the focus is on the story and the puzzles, not on details about the historical history of the sights and the city. Move at your own pace and take a break whenever you want. The duration is about 2 to 3 hours time. The end is in the Old Town of Karlsruhe in front of the Fool's Fountain.

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All in all, it was a successful day!! We had our dog with us and asked why we weren't allowed on the upper deck with him. The tone of the conversation with the driver changed quite quickly and I thought we had caught him off guard. Since I sat down at the bottom of the bus, I noticed that the sound left something to be desired for other passengers. I would like to expressly emphasize that it was not the instructions but the tone that bothered me. However, hop on/hop off doesn't really make sense given the frequency. For us it was simply a guided trip through Karlsruhe, very interesting and entertaining and therefore recommended. However, there hasn't been fine cuisine at Durlacher Ochsen for years, so that should be taken into account.

Actually a nice thing and a nice way to pass the time. Unfortunately, it was marred by the many construction sites in the city center. Unfortunately we won't change in the next few years. There is also some uninteresting information about buildings and institutions for foreign tourists, such as the reference to the German Pension Insurance building. Sometimes it sounded like an attempt to make Karlsruhe more interesting than the city is. Very nice bus driver.

Very informative trip in an open double-decker bus in fantastic weather. Within two hours you can see all the sights that make up this beautiful city. Thanks also to the bus driver who drove us safely through the sometimes narrow streets. Anyone visiting the city for the first time should not miss the city tour.👍

Great tour. If I'm ever in Karlsruhe again I would do it again. The driver made it a special experience.

The city tour through Karlsruhe was very interesting and educational.