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Navarino Bay: Sea Kayaking with Lunch

1. Navarino Bay: Sea Kayaking with Lunch

Navarino Bay lies in front of the town of Pylos. It is a natural harbor where the island of Sphacteria stands as a wave breaker, protecting the bay from winds of the open Ionian Sea. The bay offers ideal conditions for Sea Kayaking trips, especially for beginners. The bay itself is a place of incredible natural beauty, with an impressive landscape, warm, crystal clear, waters and golden sandy beaches where sea turtles often return to lay their eggs. Sea kayaking here is a must definitely do without a doubt. Meet your guides at Divari beach just a few kilometers away from the charming village of Gialova. Your guide will brief you on paddling techniques, safety measures, and equipment. Soon we shall hop on our kayaks for a trip around the Navarino bay like never before. Heading west we paddle towards the imposing Rock, the islet located at the south side of the bay. The Rock is also a place of nesting and resting place for many species of birds. We admire its impressive natural stone arch and visit a few of its sea caves and galleries. Our next stop is the unhabituated island of Sphacteria. Here, we jump out of our kayaks, stretch our legs and walk to the island’s viewpoint for taking pictures of an idyllic landscape and for story-telling. A few minutes later we shall make a stop at a secluded beach for swimming and snorkeling, and why not some cliff diving for those who feel more adventurous. Here we shall also taste our homemade picnic of local delicacies and relax under the sun. After this energy pumped stop, we will paddle back to the starting point to end an amazing day in the tranquility of Navarino Bay.

Kalamata: Tastes and Traditions Food Tour

2. Kalamata: Tastes and Traditions Food Tour

Be accompanied by a local Greek guide to visit several food shops. Meet and speak with local shop owners and have the opportunity to taste traditional food and learn about the Greek food culture.  Listen to Greek myths and stories about food that will deepen your knowledge about this beautiful country. Taste food ranging from bread products, olives, pies, meat products, to sweets. Enjoy your lunch at a local souvlaki restaurant.

From Kalamata: Ridomo Gorge Hiking Tour with Greek Coffee

3. From Kalamata: Ridomo Gorge Hiking Tour with Greek Coffee

Take a thrilling half-day hike through the Ridomo Gorge in southern Greece and explore majestic, untamed nature with a guide. Marvel at the distinct and colorful geological formations, and try a traditional Greek coffee. After pickup at your hotel in Kalamata, transfer to Ridomo Gorge in an air-conditioned van. Upon arrival, prepare for the adventurous 11-kilometer circuit with an energy-boosting coffee at Socrates's cafe, and relish the taste of the Greek coffee Socrates specializes in. Then, set off on your hike to see the best of the Ridomo Gorge, a 25-kilometer gorge that begins in the heart of Mount Taygetos. For the first 2 kilometers, follow a gravel road to the bottom of the gorge. For the next 5 kilometers, climb up the gorge until reaching a manmade cobbled road. Admire the unique morphology of the gorge and take in its aesthetic wonders. During the hike inside the gorge, you might have to use your hands to cross some boulders. For the last 4 kilometers, take another way back to the starting point from the top of the gorge, again on a gravel road. This way, during the hike you'll both cross the most beautiful piece of the canyon from the bottom and enjoy the panoramic views on the way back. After the hike, you will be taken back to Kalamata for drop-off at your hotel.

From Kalamata: Menalon Trail Hike with Mountain Guide

4. From Kalamata: Menalon Trail Hike with Mountain Guide

Wander through Section Four of the Peloponnese’s Menalon Trail in southern Greece on a guided hike. Head out of Kalamata in the comfort of a van to reach the trailhead. Once there, follow your mountain guide through quaint villages, deep canyons, and more as you explore the stunning Greek landscape. Leave Kalamata behind as you sit comfortably in your van and head towards one of the Menalon Trail's sections. This mountain hiking path spans 75 kilometers and runs through the legendary Arcadia in the heart of the mythical Peloponnese. Immerse yourself in a diverse landscape of rugged mountains, canyons, and verdant valleys. Follow the trail as it passes through picturesque villages, such as Elati and Vytina — one of the most striking sections of the trail. Descend from Elati to the riverbed of the Milaon River and pass under the hill where the acropolis of the antique city Methydrion was located. Throughout your whole trail, pass through a dense forest full of fir trees. Stop to smell this intense and calming aroma en route. After a small break for a few dives in the crystal clear waters of the river, reach the village of Vytina — the gem of Menalon. Here, take your time to do some shopping and taste local delicacies before your van picks you back up and brings you back to Kalamata.

Olive Oil Tour & Tasting in Kalamata, Messinia, Greece

5. Olive Oil Tour & Tasting in Kalamata, Messinia, Greece

You will visit one of the most beautiful coastal cities of the Peloponnese: Kalamata, in Messinia region. The olive oil tour and tasting experience is available all year round either in the mornings or in the afternoons. The Olive oil Experience If you want to get to know all about the unique features of olive oil or simply wonder what an olive-oil tasting seminar involves, this activity is right up your alley! Part 1: Olive grove & Visit at an Olive oil Mill Olive grove (available all year round) You’ll walk through the perennial olive trees and experience a 30' relaxing stroll through an olive grove located just 10' away from Kalamata. During your walk, you’ll get acquainted with different varieties of olive trees in all shapes and of all ages and learn the history of the olive tree and the olive oil from the Neolithic era until today! Olive oil mill (depending on season & availability - From March to October) You will learn all about the extraction process, from the olive grove to bottling and if it is the olive harvesting season, you’ll get to taste fresh and warm extra virgin olive oil, during our olive oil tasting! Part 2: Olive Oil tasting experience Along with our professional and certified olive oil expert, you’ll learn about the queen of Greek olive-oil varieties, Koroneiki, as well as other just as superb Greek olive oils. You’ll discover their key aromas, flavours and tastes, and will learn which olive-oil variety to pair with your favourite food. Part 3: Light or Full lunch (upon request & at an extra charge) If you wish to conclude your olive oil experience with a delicious light or full lunch, full of Messinian flavours, in one of the most welcoming Coffee Shop-Cum-Ouzo Taverns in the heart of Kalamata’s historic centre, just let us know and we can arrange it for you!

From Kalamata: Ridomo Gorge Hiking Tour with Beach Swim

6. From Kalamata: Ridomo Gorge Hiking Tour with Beach Swim

Hike through the Ridomo Gorge in southern Greece and discover its unique morphology and colorful geological formations. Finish the hike on a beach where you can take a swim and refresh with fruit juice. After pickup from your hotel, set off in an air-conditioned van to Ridomo Gorge. a 25-kilometer gorge that begins deep in the heart of Mount Taygetos and runs to Santova Beach. Upon arrival, you'll be dropped off under the bridge that connects the two sides of the gorge. From there, start your guided hike through the gorgeous gorge. While you make your way through the magnificent natural surroundings, marvel at the varied rock formations around you and discover the lush flora of the area. After 6 kilometers of hiking inside the gorge, end the trek on a beautiful beach away from the resort. Have the chance to swim and enjoy a juice near a well-known and popular local beach bar. Afterward, return to Kalamata for drop-off at your hotel.

Cooking Class & Lunch in an Organic Farm, Laconia Greece

7. Cooking Class & Lunch in an Organic Farm, Laconia Greece

Giving nature the opportunity to heal itself! Discover the sustainable farming practices applied at a fully Organic Farm and attend a Farm to table Greek cooking class. Get ready to become one with nature! You will visit an Organic Farm located in a very small village, 150km (90 mi) from Kalamata in Laconia region towards to Sparta. The Organic Farm produces also olive oil and wine, strictly through sustainable farming practices and techniques. It also operates as a retreat, offering unique experiences, close to nature. The Culinary Experience Join us for a 4-hour guided tour of the farm from the locals, veggie picking and a Greek cooking class! Part 1: Short tour of the Organic Farm & veggie picking Start off with a guided tour by the owners around the facilities of the Organic Farm. You’ll find out all about our sustainable farming methods and techniques at the Organic Farm. You’ll also discover the story and the people behind this great idea. Enjoy also a stroll around the veggie gardens and pick fresh, organic veggies and feel closer to nature than ever! Part 2: Organic Farm to table Cooking class Learn how to make delicious traditional meals during a 3-hour cooking class. Assisted by local chefs, who’ll share their experience with you, you’ll get to create 2 appetizers, one main dish and one dessert, using organic produce and the extra virgin olive oil of the Farm. Part 3: Full Local Lunch Enjoy your gastronomic creations through a mouthwatering full lunch in the ancient olive grove. All meals are accompanied by the organic wine from the vineyards and unique drinks, such as a very own homemade lemonade. Extra Experiences (upon request) Depending on the season, availability and provided time permits, you may participate in extra experiences upon request. Visit to a Greek Women’s Cooperative Meet the local women in their workshop and learn how they make their mouthwatering local delicacies following the recipes from their grandmother!

From Kalamata: Hiking Day Trip from Dimitsana to Gortina

8. From Kalamata: Hiking Day Trip from Dimitsana to Gortina

Hike from Greece from Dimitsana to Gortyna on this guided day trip from Kalamata. Make your trip a breeze with the provided walking poles and get photos of from your hike. Pass by monasteries, watermills, and charming towns like Stemnitsa and Nymfasia.  Enjoy the convenience of being picked up at your hotel in the center of Kalamata. Relax aboard a spacious van on the drive thorugh the countryside to the Menalon Trail in Dimitsana. Cover 10 kilometers of this 75 kilometer trail and hike along the Lousios Gorge. Admire a diverse landscape of rugged mountains, canyons, and verdant valleys. Stroll by picturesque mountain villages, such as Stemnitsa, Elati, Vitina, and Nymfasia. View the legendary Lousios river where the newborn God Jupiter is said to have had his first bath. Walk by the Open Air Water Power Museum and see religious sights light the10th century and 17th century Monastery of the Virgin of the Philosopher, the 16th century Monastery of Timios Prodromos, and the watermill of the monastery of Prodromos. Reach the 3rd century city of Gortyn which was once the capital of Crete. Learn about local history as you walk. Return to your accommodation in Kalamata at the end of your tour.

Kalamata: Private Greek Cooking Class with Lunch and Drinks

9. Kalamata: Private Greek Cooking Class with Lunch and Drinks

Attend an authentic cooking class in an olive grove and combine it with a unique bread making experience. Find out all the culinary secrets from a Greek mum who will share with you age-old recipes! You will visit an olive grove located in a small village 50km (31 mi) from Kalamata in Messinia region, Peloponnese, towards Pylos coastal town, just 10' away from Costa Navarino resort. The Culinary Experience Join us for 3 hour cooking class experience and feast on a mouthwatering full traditional lunch among olive trees! Part 1: Arrival at the grove - Warm welcome Visit a beautiful family olive grove of a small village, located in the west of Messinia, just 10 minutes away from Costa Navarino Bay and Nestor’s Palace. It is the ideal backdrop to unravel the history, tradition and ancient myths of this historical place. The owners will welcome you with homemade local delicacies while they will narrate you the whole story behind their efforts. Part 2: Bread making in a Wood-Fired Oven Make your own bread from scratch along with a Greek mum and bake it in a traditional wooden fired oven. Smell the unbeatable aroma of the freshly baked bread and enjoy it with your lunch! There is also the possibility, instead of bread to make another Greek pastry delicacy like a Greek seasonal pita (pie)! Part 3: Cooking class During a fantastic cooking class, a traditional Greek mum will show you how to make Greek appetizers and food like gemista (stuffed tomatoes and peppers with rice and fresh herbs), tyropita (cheese pie), lamb or pork cooked in the stone fired oven, Greek salad or other seasonal recipes using the freshest of ingredients. The mum will tell you stories about how, in the olden days, they used to make the hilopites (Greek egg pasta) and trachana (Greek fermented milk pasta) only during summer, to last them all through the winter months. Of course as you may already know, there are plenty food choices also for vegetarians and vegans in the Mediterranean and Greek cuisine so not to worry about; just let us know! Part 4: Full traditional lunch Food is finally ready! Enjoy a full, delicious lunch with everything you made during the Cooking class and feel proud for yourself and your efforts accompanied with a lots of Greek wine! Extra Experiences (upon request & at an extra charge) Depending on availability, you may also choose to participate in extra experiences upon request: Olive oil tasting experience (45’) Enjoy an exciting olive oil tasting experience while your delicious food is being baked in the wood-fired oven! Sweet pastry making session (45') You’ll have the chance to experience a unique sweet pastry making session, guided by the local mum, and make one of the emblematic delicacies of Messinia. Table Olive-Making Workshop In this 45' family friendly workshop, a Greek mum will show you how to make the famous Kalamata table olives, step by step.

Cooking Class-lunch in an Agrotourism Unit, Arcadia, Greece

10. Cooking Class-lunch in an Agrotourism Unit, Arcadia, Greece

A 6-hour gastronomic experience that includes a tour of the agrotourism unit, the traditional food preparation area, the Cookware Museum and the village. You will visit an Agrotourism unit and an Arcadian workshop in a small village, located 70km (45 mi) from Kalamata in the heart of mountainous Arcadia region in Peloponnese. The workshop produces traditional products and is built on 2.5 acres of land, the place offers stunning views towards Mt. Lykaio and the village of Karytaina. The two-storey stone-built establishment also houses a library with over 650 cookbooks, where you can discover age-old local recipes; a Cookware Museum, showcasing items used by Greek housewives in villages as far back as the beginning of the 1900s; and a restaurant that serves local delicacies. Part 1: Tour in the fields and Veggie Picking You’ll get to enjoy a tour in the fields, pick fresh veggies from the garden and feel closer to nature than ever (available from March to October). And if you visit it in June, you can even participate in the wheat harvesting in the wheat fields! Part 2: Visit of the traditional Workshop You’ll participate in a guided tour of the Arcadian workshop, including the traditional food preparation area, the Cookware Museum and the library. Leaf through old cookbooks and view rare 19th century photos in the library. Or take a step back in time and get a taste of village life back in the 1900s in the Museum. Part 3: Cooking class with a local mum You may also participate in a Greek cooking class with a local cook, and learn how to make kolokythopita (courgette or pumpkin pie), tzatziki, trachanokeftedes (fermented milk pasta balls), rooster with hylopites (egg pasta), glyka tou koutaliou (spoon sweets), marmalades, or other local food and delights. What could be better than enjoying authentic Mediterranean cuisine prepared by your own two hands? Part 4: Traditional Local Feast You'll have lunch at the restaurant, where you will feast on everything you made along with local products from the Arcadian workshop and other Greek local producers. The meal includes appetizers, mains and dessert, accompanied by organic wine (red, white or rose), soft drinks, Greek coffee or tea. Part 5: Shopping at the gift shop (optional) You’ll get the chance to find more than 50 local delicacies at the gift shop, including walnut kourabiethes, melomakarona, skaltsounia, pasta, spoon sweets, pine honey, local myzithra cheese, and Greek herbs and spices. Part 6: Stroll through the Village (if time permits) Enjoy a stroll through the small cobblestone lanes and immerse yourself in the local culture. Extra Experiences (upon request) Depending on availability and season, you may participate in extra experiences. 1. Visit to an agrotourism farm with deer with local Liqueur tasting and full lunch 2. Visit to a model sheep farm & local cheese tasting with full traditional lunch 3. Bread Making in Wood-Fired Oven 4. Visit to the Greek Primary School Museum

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Recommended. Wonderful kayak trip at Giolava. With a wonderful picnic on the island and time for swimming and snorkeling. It took 4 hours but we were even longer on the road. Not too heavy too, doable. Recommended

We were a small group of only 4 people + guide. It is already very commendable that the tour was carried out with only a few participants. It was very pleasant and had a certain individuality.

It was an absolutely brilliant morning and early afternoon! Very friendly and competent instructors. Thank you for this day. Lea/Antony

invigorating activity, super nice guide, who also tells the story of the bay, delicious picnic, I highly recommend

A great time :-)

Nothing to say, we had (my wife and I) a great time. Perfect thank you !!