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Jerusalem/Tel Aviv: Bethlehem, Jericho and Jordan River Tour

1. Jerusalem/Tel Aviv: Bethlehem, Jericho and Jordan River Tour

After being picked up from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem depending on your booking option, travel to Bethlehem where you will meet your guide before heading into the old city of Bethlehem. Enjoy a guided visit to the Church of the Nativity.  Continue your tour with a visit to the Milk Grotto Church before riding to the city of the shepherds, Bayt Sahur where you will visit the Chapel of the Shepherds Field before getting to visit an olive wood factory where you will see artisans crafting wooden sculptures.  Then journey through the wonderful Judean Desert to the lowest point on earth. Have chances to stop and take pictures at the sea level point in the desert overlooking the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, Jericho.  Drive into Jericho where you will see some of the famed sights in the city including Zaccheus's Tree which is mentioned in the bible. Itinerary in Detail - Best Bethlehem, Jericho and Jordan River Tour Explore Bethlehem for 4-5 hours, starting at about 8:30 AM in Bethlehem Shepherds Field (30 Minutes): Visit a charming place where the Christmas story happened. Milk Grotto Church (10 Minutes): Experience calm and peace in this spiritual church. Nativity Church (60 Minutes): Learn about Bethlehem's history at this important place. Note that Grotto visits may not always be possible. Zuluf Olive Wood Factory & Community Store (25 Minutes): Watch skilled craftsmen at work and shop for handcrafted items, No Lunch Breaks: Enjoy convenient falafel and chicken shawarma sandwiches for takeout Jericho and Beyond Sea Level Stop (5 Minutes): Take a moment to appreciate the significance of this location at sea level. Saint Gerasimous Monastery (15 Minutes): Discover the history of Saint Gerasimous Monastery in Jericho. Jordan River (30 Minutes): Reflect by the Jordan River, a place with deep biblical meaning. Hisham Palace (30 Minutes): Explore Hisham Palace, where old architecture tells stories from the past. Old City of Jericho (30 Minutes): Step back in time as you explore the ancient tales of Jericho's Old City. The Sycamore Tree (5 Minutes): See the Sycamore Tree linked to the story of Zacchaeus from the Bible. Elijah Spring (5 Minutes): Enjoy the peaceful Elijah Spring, a calm oasis in the desert landscape.

Jerusalem: Tour with Private Guide

2. Jerusalem: Tour with Private Guide

Experience the captivating wonders of Jerusalem on a remarkable private walking tour. Listen to your guide as you visit and learn about some of the city's most historically significant landmarks. Begin your adventure as your knowledgeable guide awaits you in the lobby of your centrally located hotel, ensuring a convenient start to your exploration of this remarkable city. Embark on a journey that encompasses the essence of Jerusalem, offering a comprehensive view of its iconic landmarks and a glimpse into its rich history. Traverse the ancient streets as your guide paints a vivid picture of Jerusalem's past, sharing concise yet fascinating narratives that bring the city to life. Uncover hidden gems and intriguing secrets within the Old City, starting with your entrance through the Zion Gate, passing the enigmatic Armenian Quarter, and making your way to the captivating Jewish Quarter and the ancient Byzantine Cardo. A highlight of your tour awaits at the world-renowned Western Wall, an awe-inspiring segment of the Temple Mount's western retaining wall. Erected by the legendary Herod the Great during his ambitious Temple expansion in 20 BCE, this monumental wall serves as an open-air sanctuary, with heartfelt prayers discreetly placed in the crevices between its imposing stones. Continuing your expedition, you will follow in the footsteps of Jesus along the Via Dolorosa, known as the Way of the Cross. This sacred route traces the path from His condemnation to the site of His crucifixion, attracting countless pilgrims who choose to retrace His steps and pause at significant stations along the way. Concluding this memorable journey, you will arrive at the revered Church of the Holy Sepulcher, a site of immense spiritual significance for Christians worldwide. This hallowed sanctuary stands upon the very location where Jesus was crucified, buried, and triumphantly rose from the dead, offering a profound experience of faith and reverence. Your tour culminates near the iconic Jaffa Gate, a gateway to further exploration and discovery within the enchanting city of Jerusalem. Take the opportunity to continue your leisurely stroll, absorbing the vibrant atmosphere and immersing yourself in the captivating blend of ancient traditions and modern allure. Embark on an unforgettable private walking tour of Jerusalem, where every step reveals a captivating tale, and the city's enduring beauty leaves an indelible mark on your soul.

Jerusalem: Holy City Guided Walking Tour

3. Jerusalem: Holy City Guided Walking Tour

Take this 3-hour walking tour of old Jerusalem to understand why it is the spiritual center of the world for Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike. Expert guides will tell you some of Jerusalem’s 5,000-year history, as you visit the sites caught in the story that has included centuries of peace and worship, as well as controversy, bloodshed, and war. You will be led through security to this holiest of sites and hear of the beginnings of Israel once you are beyond old Jaffa Gate. During the tour you will see the sites of Temple Mount, as well as Al-Aqsa Mosque, the 5 Pillars of Islam, Dome of the Chain, Mount Zion and Zion Gate, St. Alexander’s Russian Orthodox Church, Dormition Abbey, Via Dolorosa, The Western (Wailing) Wall – including the hidden sections – and much more. Visit the site of Abraham’s sacrifice, and where King Solomon’s famous first temple was raised. Go to the golden Dome of the Rock, marking the site where the prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven. And enter the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where for over 1,500 years, a church has stood on the rocky hill of Calvary, site of Jesus’ crucifixion and burial. The tour is not political, and you are asked to leave your prejudices behind. As you explore the amazing history of the Holy City and its earthly sights, you will discover why it has inspired 3 of the most practiced religions in the world today.

From Jerusalem: Masada, Ein Gedi, and Dead Sea Day Tour

4. From Jerusalem: Masada, Ein Gedi, and Dead Sea Day Tour

After being collected from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, you will make your way to Masada On. This area is an isolated clifftop in the heart of the desert, a lofty plateau overlooking the Dead Sea and the untamed landscape of the Judean Desert. Whilst in this area you will learn how there was once a magnificent palace that stood there. You will then venture toward Ein Gedi, a wonderful nature reserve which contains various natural wonders. You will encounter David Waterfall, a year-round waterfall along the course of the David Stream, to which there is access by a hiking trail. You will also discover Arugot Stream, a hiking trail for walkers which runs along the length of the stream and flows all year round. Next you will explore the En Gedi Spring, which rises from the mountainside and sustains abundant vegetation. By the spring you will also discover the remains of an ancient flour mill. Next up you will encounter the Dodim Cave, a small and intimate cave at the head of the David Waterfall, before you finally explore the Chalcolithic Temple. Following some free time for relaxation in the Dead Sea, you will return to your point of origin.

From Jerusalem: Petra Day Tour

5. From Jerusalem: Petra Day Tour

Start your tour with pickup at the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem. Then, drive through the desert in a comfortable vehicle until you reach the Arava Border. Cross the border with assistants, a procedure which may take up to an hour.  At 8:30 AM, transfer from the border to Petra in a new air-conditioned vehicle. This ride takes approximately 2-3 hours.  Enjoy the scenic route along the mountainside before arriving at Petra's historical site, known as one of the New7Wonders of the World.   At approximately 11:30 AM, begin your tour of Petra at the entrance to the site with a maximum group size of 25 people. Explore the highlights of this impressive site with your guide. Next, start your journey towards Aqaba at 4:30 PM. Make a few stops at certain observations points along the way to appreciate the beautiful landscapes that Wadi Rum has to offer.  At 7:30 PM, return to the Israeli territory with the assistance of your guide and arrive back at the pickup location in Jerusalem by midnight.

From Jerusalem: Masada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea Guided Tour

6. From Jerusalem: Masada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea Guided Tour

Begin your full-day excursion with a drive through the Judean Desert to the Dead Sea region. Stop at the foot of Mount Masada, the ancient fortress constructed in Roman times. Ascend Masada by cable car, for an additional fee and explore the site at your own pace. Continue to Ein Gedi, a nature reserve and oasis where you can enjoy a short hike. Next on the itinerary is a visit to the Dead Sea and a private beach and spa. Float in the healing waters and immerse yourself in the therapeutic mud.

Caesarea, Haifa, and Akko: Full-Day Tour

7. Caesarea, Haifa, and Akko: Full-Day Tour

Explore four of Israels’s most impressive sites in just one day on this tour to Caesarea, Haifa, and Akko. Discover the diversity and beauty of Israel's northern coastline, and marvel at the Roman Aqueducts of Caesarea created by King Herods. Take in the wonder of King Herod’s ancient seaside city of Caesarea, explore the bustling markets in Akko, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and finally tour Haifa, home to the 'hanging' Bahai Gardens. This full-day tour, led by handpicked Israeli tour guides, departs from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem four times a week and is the best way to conveniently explore the north of Israel in just one day. This tour will show you the highlights of the North and ends with return transfer to your pickup point in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Conclude with experience with wonderful memories and lasting impressions. The tour is available four times a week with guaranteed departures.

From Tel Aviv: Jerusalem Boutique Tour

8. From Tel Aviv: Jerusalem Boutique Tour

Depart from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and learn about the history of Israel and the Jewish people on the way. After about an hour of driving, arrive at the Mount of Olives from which you can admire the magnificent views of the Old City of Jerusalem and the very first city; the City of David. Walk down to the Dominus Flevit Church and see the hundred thousand Jewish graves towards Gethsemane, the place of the Judas kiss. Stop here for a refreshing tea, coffee, or juice.  From the valley, the bus will bring you back up to the Dung gate from where you will ascend to the Temple Mount (not possible on Fridays, Saturdays, and religious holy days). Up next, visit the last stations of the Via Dolorosa inside the Church of The Holy Sepulcher. Gaze at the location of both Golgotha, the place of the crucifixion, and the resurrection of Jesus. Next, continue to the Jewish Quarter to see the Wailing Wall, the Roman Cardo, part of the Via Dolorosa and Golgotha, the place of the crucifixion, and the Holy Sepulcher.

From Eilat, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv: Petra & Wadi Rum 3-Day Tour

9. From Eilat, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv: Petra & Wadi Rum 3-Day Tour

Day 1: Start your tour from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, or Eilat, depending on the option selected. Cross the border into Jordan and travel to the port city of Aqaba. Enjoy some time to relax in the city, before continuing to Wadi Rum. Arrive at the Bedouin campsite accommodation in Wadi Rum and take in your new surroundings and the scenic views. Once settled into the campsite, head out on a jeep safari tour in the afternoon as the sun begins to set and the air becomes cooler. Enjoy an overnight stay in the camp where you will indulge in an authentic Jordanian meal for dinner. Day 2: As the sun rises in the morning, enjoy breakfast and the view before traveling to Petra. Upon arrival, take a guided tour of this iconic site and get a deeper insight into the history of the ancient Nabatean city. See the most important structures of the site including the famous treasury, the Khazneh. Stay overnight at a hotel in Petra. Day 3:  Depart from Wadi Rum in the morning and explore Petra at your own pace. Revisit sites from the previous day, or uncover new ones. Hike to the Monastery and explore some lesser-visited parts of the complex. After the final day of sightseeing, travel back to the border and return to your original starting point.

From Jerusalem: Full-Day Tour to Petra with Lunch

10. From Jerusalem: Full-Day Tour to Petra with Lunch

Begin your day with an early rise and embark on a full day of adventure. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the changing landscape as our spacious tour bus takes you from Jerusalem to the beautiful south of Israel. As the sun rises, witness the Arahav Valley and catch a glimpse of the Red Sea and the Riviera of Eilat, Israel's best resort city. Cross the Israeli-Jordanian border and embark on a 2.5-hour drive through a unique landscape to the lost Nabatean city of Petra - a destination considered one of the 7 New Wonders of the World. Carved into the surrounding red cliffs over 2,300 years ago, many of its impressive temples were left pristine and untouched. Take in the mystery of the Djinn Blocks, where you can make a wish by touching the stone. Capture great shots of the Obelisk Tomb and continue down the Siq, a colorful and smooth gorge leading to the famous Petra Treasury. Here, be awestruck by the amazing huge columns and intricate decorations that will leave you speechless. Visit the Royal Tombs and Petra Theater, and explore the many shrines, mausoleums, and relics of a lost culture. Finish your day with a relaxing ride back to your drop-off point in Jerusalem.

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We left at the scheduled time, in a comfortable bus, the tour guide, Mr. Itamar, very polite, humorous, solicitous, profoundly knowledgeable about the route, history, landscape, skillful and generous. Also the driver very helpful, punctual, polite. We saw some of the lush history of Masada and enjoyed the beauty and exoticism of the Dead Sea. Punctuality in the schedules fulfilled.

The guided tour is amazing! If you spent few days in Israel and you want to visit as much as you can it’s perfect! In one day you have the chance to visit 3 fantastic sites and enjoy them. You have approximately 2 hours to visit each site and sometimes you need to rush and jump from one amenity to the others…but still it worth it!

The tour was jam-packed but organized (only minor delay at start due to bus assignment). Organizers did their best to meet the itinerary. There are some additional entrance fee at Monastery at Mt. Temptation via cable car (~40 NIS), and Old Jericho Ruins (~20 NIS). Overall, the event was worth it.

Amazing sites, extremely knowledgeable and engaging tour guides, well worth the trip!

Nice people, great planning. We learned a lot about the area