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WHO ARE WE? Irish Experience Tours is independently owned and run by tour guides. Our drivers are fully trained and are well experienced guides who have been travelling the length and breadth of the country for many years. We have an enthusiasm and passion for Ireland, a great desire to meet people from all over the world and for showing them a great time. We leave the well-trodden path and explore more of Ireland’s quaint towns, hidden valleys and rugged wilderness. We will tell you about the history, geology, archaeological sites and even the mystical legends of each area you visit. WHY SHOULD YOU COME WITH US? Many people who visit Ireland leave disappointed because they fail to get that unique Irish experience that they hoped and dream t of before they left. We aim to deliver that experience, by immersing you in various Irish culture and heritage activities that will leave you feeling more Irish than the Irish themselves!! From tasting local Irish foods and home brew, to learning how to dance an Irish jig, to watching the life of an Irish sheepdog farmer in action, with us, you will gain a genuine insight into local Irish culture, life, tastes & nature. So instead of being stuck in a bus all day just looking at Irish life and scenery, you now have the chance to be a part of it. Get off the couch, pack your bags and experience all that this ancient landscape has to offer. OUR PHILOSOPHY: The Island of Ireland has a very unique culture, a fascinating history, a quirky mythology and a beautiful landscape. We believe that showing people this land through scenic drives while at the same time experiencing local culture is a worthwhile venture and we feel honoured to be doing it. Discussing and explaining the history is vital also – in a way that we hope you will find entertaining, all our guides have learnt the history of their country with pride so nothing is scripted and told in their own individual way. Finally we are aware that comfort and safety are of huge importance whilst you travel and so we make sure that this is all taken care of. We will strive to give you the best time you could possibly have while at the same time enjoying a really unique Irish experience.

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