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Horton Grand Hotel, San Diego

Horton Grand Hotel, San Diego: Our most recommended tours and activities

San Diego: Gaslamp Quarter Ghosts and Crime Walking Tour

1. San Diego: Gaslamp Quarter Ghosts and Crime Walking Tour

Walk around San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter and get acquainted with the spookier side of town on this history-packed tour by US Ghost Adventures. This walking tour shows you around some of the best-known haunted locations on the West Coast. You’ll meet your guide by the Balboa Theatre, which has been a downtown fixture since the 1920s. You’ll head to eight spooky, haunted sites, including the infamous Davis-Horton House. Investigate a 50-year-old unsolved murder at Old City Hall. Find out what lies behind the front door of Eddie O’Hare's Law Office. Also, search for the eyeless ghost of a little boy at the Carriage Works. If you're up for it, end your tour with an optional sweet treat at the Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop. This is much more than an ice cream shop. You can hear a former movie theater employee screaming for something other than ice cream.

San Diego: Haunted Ghost Tour by Bus

2. San Diego: Haunted Ghost Tour by Bus

Explore the dark side of San Diego, visiting the Whaley House, Davis-Horton House, Horton Grand Hotel, Villa Montezuma, and El Campo Santo Cemetery, on a haunted bus tour. Get ready for eerie encounters and chilling tales. Keep your camera ready to capture orbs and other paranormal phenomena. Travel in comfort aboard a coffin-like tour bus and be entertained by theatrically-trained storytellers who will keep you captivated with dramatic presentations and fascinating stories, all while providing the perfect blend of history, folklore, and comedy with a haunted twist. Follow your guides as they lead you through the city's sinister history, unraveling spine-tingling tales and revealing paranormal activity at 5 notorious sites. Combine light walking and bus transportation, disembarking at each location to see it up close. Go beyond the usual old town haunts to lesser-known, yet equally bone-chilling locations. Visit the mysterious mansion in Sherman Heights, where séance music still lingers in the air. Venture into the heart of Downtown's Gaslamp district and enter a haunted hotel. Next, visit a deadly hospital – a location that ghost hunters consider the most active paranormal site in the city. Uncover the stories of those who lived and died at these sites and learn about the spirits that are said to still haunt them today.

San Diego: Gaslamp District Outdoor Escape Game

3. San Diego: Gaslamp District Outdoor Escape Game

Explore San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter in a different way: by solving puzzles and following clues on an app on your phone. Every time you solve one puzzle, the clues to the next location will be revealed to you. Simply follow your live-tracking GPS map along your route. Start at the Gaslamp Historical Sign and click Play on your smartphone's explortation game app to start your self-guided walking tour of the historical quarter. Then, you're off! Kick up the competition by competing against your friends or family on separate devices or complete the exploration game as one team — the choice is yours. Best of all, explore the area at your own pace, pausing the game at any point and resuming from the location where you paused it. Solve challenges and see history unfold in front of your eyes, learning about the area as you have some fun. Simply follow the exact directions on your phone and you will be guided to the next location.

Gaslamp Quarter: San Diego's Ghostly History Walking Tour

4. Gaslamp Quarter: San Diego's Ghostly History Walking Tour

Haunted Gaslamp Walking Ghost Tour - Gaslamp’s Haunted Past: Dare to Walk the Streets Unlike our competitors - we go inside! Your evening begins at the iconic Gaslamp Quarter Arch, where your charismatic host, clad in Victorian attire or black, will guide you through the buzzing city streets. Prepare to immerse yourself in the district's colorful past, filled with wild citizens, infamous brothels, and some truly eerie encounters. The tour will lead you to several key points of interest in the city, each with its own unique tale. Anticipate a mix of haunted stories, accounting for 70% of the tour, and a portion dedicated to true crime, serial killers, and the bizarre. You'll learn about the city's former brothels and might even get to play a guessing game - which locations used to house these establishments? While the content can get dark, we maintain a light-hearted atmosphere with cheesy one-liners and fun facts sprinkled throughout. As we navigate the streets, you’ll be introduced to the colorful characters and notorious figures that once called these streets home. From the infamous Stingaree red-light district to the haunted halls of the Horton Grand Hotel, we’ll explore over 20 locations, each with its own unique tale of terror and intrigue - where you’ll uncover tales of voodoo queens, shadow people, and the terrifying deadzone. Our knowledgeable guides will provide fascinating insights into the history and architecture of the Gaslamp Quarter. You’ll discover how this once-seedy neighborhood has transformed into a bustling entertainment hub while retaining its haunted past. From Victorian-era buildings to hidden underground tunnels, you’ll uncover the stories that lie beneath the surface of this vibrant district. You’ll also learn about the tragic events that have left their mark on the city, such as unsolved murders and devastating fires. In addition to the ghostly tales and historical anecdotes, our Gaslamp Haunted Walking Tour offers plenty of opportunities for paranormal investigation. You’ll have the chance to capture evidence of the supernatural as you explore some of San Diego’s most haunted locations. Who knows what spirits may be lurking in the shadows? Just remember, experiences aren’t guaranteed – we can’t employ ghosts, so you’ll have to get lucky. Please note that this tour covers approximately 1.5 miles of walking and may not be suitable for guests with mobility issues. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and bringing a jacket, as the evenings can be cool. Parental discretion is advised for younger children due to the spooky nature of the stories shared and the vibe of some of the locations. Don’t forget your camera, as you never know what ghostly apparitions might appear during your adventure! Thanks for going and supporting the only truly local small business tour downtown.

San Diego: Gaslamp Quarter Frontier History Walking Tour

5. San Diego: Gaslamp Quarter Frontier History Walking Tour

Visit San Diego's historical Gaslamp Quarter and explore a part of town with plenty of stories to tell. With over 100 historic buildings, you will travel back in time on this jam-packed walking tour of the district’s most iconic places. Meet your guide near the Hard Rock Café Hotel to start walking through this historic district with charming signage, trolleys and decorative street lamps. You’ll visit two haunted sites, the Davis-Horton House and the Horton Grand Hotel, in between beautiful, historic facades. Take stunning pictures of the Spanish-style Balboa Theatre, marvel at San Diego’s first skyscraper, and run your fingers along the hand-carved wooden bar at gunslinger Wyatt Earp’s old watering hole. Along the way, your guide will share fun facts and stories like the tale of Bum, the legendary St. Bernard mix that was so beloved by the city they erected a statue in his honor.. Kids will also have plenty to do, thanks to the Gaslamp scavenger hunt and the interactive Broadway Fountain in Horton Plaza Park. There’s something for everyone.

San Diego: Guided Gaslamp District History Tour

6. San Diego: Guided Gaslamp District History Tour

Get ready to step into the vibrant heart of the Gaslamp District on an exciting walking history tour. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, rich architecture, and compelling tales that paint a vibrant picture of the district's past. This isn't your average historical tour - it's an insightful exploration spiced with humor and unforgettable stories. Start off at the iconic Gaslamp Arch, a focal point of social life in the Gaslamp District. Soak up the unique blend of historic charm and modern energy, as your expert guide regales you with tales about the city's transformation from a tranquil settlement to a bustling city. From the captivating architecture of the Davis-Horton House to the once notorious Stingaree District, every street corner holds a story waiting to be told. As you meander through the district's historic heart, delve into the fascinating world of Alonzo Horton, known as the "Father of San Diego." Discover how his ambitious vision shaped the Gaslamp District and San Diego's downtown. Your journey then takes you to the Louis Bank of Commerce, a symbol of the district's opulent past and home to Wyatt Earp's infamous gambling halls. Continue to the Yuma Building, the Horton Grand Hotel, and many other locations, each holding tales of glamour, prostitution, scandal, and entrepreneurial spirit. The tour isn't just about grand buildings and famous figures. Get a glimpse into the everyday life of the past, as you explore the former site of the Chinese Laundry and the restored remnants of the red-light district. Uncover tales of opium dens, underground tunnels, and the captivating characters who called this district home. As your walking tour winds down, find yourself in the heart of the Gaslamp District, conveniently close to a variety of dining and entertainment options. With a newfound appreciation for the city's past, you're perfectly situated to enjoy the rest of your day in this vibrant area. So whether you're a history enthusiast or a curious traveler, this tour promises an intriguing and entertaining look into the historical heartbeat of San Diego's Gaslamp District.

San Diego: Gaslamp Quarter Walking Tour

7. San Diego: Gaslamp Quarter Walking Tour

Our immersive Gaslamp Quarter Walking Tour starts at The Spreckles Theater and continues past several historic structures from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Each building has a story to tell, from former brothels to gambling halls, and the beautiful details of the windows and facades are a feast for the eyes. As we walk through the Gaslamp District, your guide will share little-known facts about what it was like to live in this once rough-and-tumble town. You’ll even learn about that time Harry Houdini made a stop in San Diego! Your tour guide will leave with insider recommendations for must-try restaurants in the area plus tips for more to see and do if you have time, including shows, nightlife, and activities that take place daily.

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It was fun. We walked around downtown SD learning about the history, while discovering old building that we never knew about, and got to solve riddles too. While on our adventure we stopped and had ice cream and lunch too.

We were on vacation with our grown up kids and played 3 groups of 2 in San Diego. It was a LOT of fun, we all loved it, and it was a very unusual way to explore the city. Highly recommended.