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At Heritage Inspirations we intimately know and love the adventure, art, culture, heritage and wild places of Northern New Mexico. We aim to take you beyond the ordinary tourist route and transcend traditional boundaries through authentically curated New Mexican excursions. To do that, we offer immersive cultural and active guided tours that introduce you to the people, their voices and stories, the history and cultural sites, the landscapes and natural wonders, which when combined amplify the magic that make New Mexico incredibly special and unique. You’ll see why we’re New Mexico’s premiere travel company because we create inspirational travel excursions that provide an intimate opportunity to explore and discover New Mexico’s enchantment. With more than twenty all-inclusive guided itineraries across the Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Taos and Las Cruces region, plus the option to custom craft your own unique journey, whether you’re looking for an active outdoor expedition, a specially curated walking tour or a roving glamping adventure, we have a unique and dynamic tour option that aligns with your travel plans. Explore our calendar and find a travel program that thoughtfully anticipates your needs and feeds your soul with an unparalleled and transformative experience aimed to infuse New Mexico’s wild spirit into your heart.

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