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Hell's Revenge

Hell's Revenge

Hell's Revenge: Our most recommended tours and activities

Moab: Self-Drive 2.5-Hour Hells Revenge 4x4 Guided Tour

1. Moab: Self-Drive 2.5-Hour Hells Revenge 4x4 Guided Tour

Enjoy the basic route of Hell’s Revenge to the Colorado River overlook where you will take in breathtaking views of the Colorado River, the Lasal Mountains, and off in the distance Arches National Park. The views all along the trail are spectacular. This safe, but thrilling adventure is great for all skill levels, from novice to expert. Meet your guide just outside of Moab. After safety instructions, load up and head right to the Hells Revenge Trailhead. Enjoy the thrill of the petrified sand dunes and beautiful scenery of red rock hills, and snow-capped mountains as you follow your guide. Every tour includes water and snacks, and is guaranteed to take your breath away! U-Drive tours are family friendly, with a minimum age of 3 years old. All drivers must be at least 18 years old and present a valid driver's license.

Moab: Hell's Revenge 4WD Off-Road Tour by Kawasaki UTV

2. Moab: Hell's Revenge 4WD Off-Road Tour by Kawasaki UTV

Are you ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime? Look no further than the U-drive T-Rex Hell’s Revenge Moab Tour! You’ll be driving a 4x4 UTV, also known as a side by side, and experiencing the thrills of heart-pounding rides up and down steep inclines. Your experienced tour guide will lead you on a memorable journey, stopping along the way to provide knowledge and stories of the area. Safety is a top priority throughout the tour, and your guide will stay with you to assist you on the trail. Before embarking on your journey, you’ll meet as a group for a safety briefing. Then, you’ll be seated in your own 4x4 4-seater Kawasaki Teryx 4, also knows as a side by side. You’ll embark on an exhilarating journey, filled with steep inclines, challenging trails, and the narrow paths of Hell’s Revenge Trail. As you follow your experienced guide to the start of the tour, you’ll begin to see the dramatic backdrop of the red Navajo sandstone landscape. From there, you’ll navigate up the steep incline to the Devil’s Backbone, where you’ll then descend to the bottom of the narrow canyon named Lake Michigan, where water pools from rainfall. You’ll continue your tour, stopping briefly to view the fossilized dinosaur tracks near Lion’s Back before heading to Echo Canyon, also known as Abyss Canyon. Here, you’ll admire the views of towering sandstone cliffs above an oasis of cottonwood and willow trees. Continue the tour with breathtaking views of the Colorado River as you conclude the journey with unforgettable memories. This tour is perfect for anyone over the age of 21 with a valid driver’s license who is comfortable driving on terrain with steep slopes and cliffs. Each vehicle can accommodate up to 4 people. Get ready for an adventure you’ll never forget!

Moab: Off-Road Hell's Revenge Trail Private Jeep Tour

3. Moab: Off-Road Hell's Revenge Trail Private Jeep Tour

Explore the Hell's Revenge Trail on a private off-road jeep tour. Admire the beautiful scenery including that of Arches National Park and the mighty Colorado River as your driver navigates the rugged terrain. Start with pickup from your accommodation in Moab. At the trailhead, begin your off-road adventure with a thrilling climb up a steep rock. Your driver will navigate a variety of inclined and rocky obstacles on a bumpy yet thrilling journey through the landscape. Make a stop to spot fascinating ancient dinosaur footprints in vibrant red rocks. Continue the journey towards a scenic overlook, where you can take in the fantastic views of Arches National Park and the Colorado River. See the vast Abyss Canyon and the imposing Angel's Arch. Then, head back to the starting point of the adventure.

Moab: Hells Revenge Trail Off-Roading Adventure

4. Moab: Hells Revenge Trail Off-Roading Adventure

Discover the world-famous Hells Revenge trail and witness its stunning rocky terrains as you ride custom-built 4x4 vehicles with full safety equipment driven by a professional driver. Choose from a 2 or 3-hour tour suitable for any age. Feel at ease knowing that tours come with highly-experienced guides who put your safety as their priority. The vehicles are built specifically for these rocky terrains and offer the best quality roll cage, 5 point harnesses, and bucket seats for optimal safety and comfort. 2-Hour Tour: Experience the petrified "roller coaster" sand dunes and go out to the Colorado River overlook. See the La Sal Mountain Range, stand 1,000ft above the Colorado River, and look into Arches National Park from a distance. This tour will include one obstacle: Hells Gate.  3-Hour Tour: Get to cover most of Hells Revenge Trail on trilling obstacles which include Slick Rock, Hells Gate, Mickeys Hot Tub, Car Wash Hot Tub, Escalator, Cowboy Hill, Really Steep Hill, and the Colorado River Overlook that offers breathtaking views.

Moab: Hells Revenge Hummer Adventure

5. Moab: Hells Revenge Hummer Adventure

Embark on an unparalleled adventure with Moab's original HUMMER Adventure company, where the beauty of secluded canyons, hidden arches, and prehistoric dinosaur tracks await. These excursions offer breathtaking panoramic views of Arches National Park and the Colorado River, providing an adrenaline-pumping journey across rolling petrified sand dunes and the Slickrock surrounding Moab. This Hummer tour is a unique planetary experience, designed to create lasting memories for the whole family. The professional guides are not only adept in safe practices but also in sharing the rich history and preservation of this stunning area. Operating state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring a safe and memorable adventure for guests of all ages. Friendly staff is ready to assist you in making your visit to Moab even more extraordinary. Conclude your adventure with the satisfaction of having explored one of the most breathtaking landscapes on Earth. These tours are crafted to ensure that every family member leaves with unforgettable memories, making our Hummer tour a must-do for anyone visiting Moab.

Moab Jeep Tour

6. Moab Jeep Tour

This private jeep tour takes place on the world famous Hell's Revenge Trail. This tour has spectacular scenery and waves of roller coaster type slickrock with steep climbs and descents. Our tours are personable and geared towards family fun! We also do the obstacles that other tour companies avoid! This tour includes a stop at real dinosaur tracks, the Abyss Canyon and the mighty Colorado River Overlook. This tour offers free bottled water, snacks and all the unique pictures of your tour taken by your tour guide.

Moab: Hell's Revenge Self-Driven Guided UTV Tour

7. Moab: Hell's Revenge Self-Driven Guided UTV Tour

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey as you gear up for an adrenaline-fueled adventure along Moab, Utah's famous Hell's Revenge trail! Set against the backdrop of the stunning red rock landscape, this self-driven, guided tour promises to deliver not only thrills but also unforgettable memories etched into the very fabric of your being. Your experience begins with expert guidance from seasoned instructors who will lead you through a comprehensive safety briefing and UTV orientation. Gain invaluable insights into operating your own Utility Terrain Vehicle, mastering the nuances of navigating the challenging terrain that Hell's Revenge presents. With each group equipped with their own 2, 4, or 6- person UTV, complete with roll cages and safety harnesses, embark on a 2.5 hour journey through moderate to challenging terrain suitable for drivers of all experience levels. As you embark on your expedition, prepare to conquer one of the trail's most iconic obstacles – Hell's Gate. Feel the rush as your expert guide leads you through the challenging terrain, conquering steep ascents and narrow passages with ease. Enjoy the stunning views of Moab's slickrock formations as you drive through the landscape, with each turn revealing towering cliffs and vast desert vistas. Experience thrilling drops and steep descents on the Roller Coaster section, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. Pause at the La Sal Mountains viewpoint to take in the breathtaking scenery. Connect with fellow adventurers as you conquer obstacles and share the thrill of off-road exploration, whether you're a seasoned off-roader or a novice seeking adventure. This unforgettable journey through Moab's iconic terrain is sure to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. Book your adventure today and prepare to conquer Hell's Revenge in style!

Moab: U-Drive UTV Guided Hell's Revenge Adventure

8. Moab: U-Drive UTV Guided Hell's Revenge Adventure

U-Drive! Embark on an unforgettable 2.5-hour guided adventure to Hell's Revenge Trail in a Can-Am! Navigate the rugged trails of Hell's Revenge, under the guidance of your experienced leader. This adventure is perfect for thrill-seekers looking to experience the heart of the desert's beauty and its ancient past. Equipped with DOT-approved helmets and goggles, you'll safely explore the rolling sandstone landscapes and uncover the secrets of ancient dwellers. Your journey begins at High Point Hummer and ATV Tours, where you'll be briefed on safety and driving techniques. From there, you'll follow your leader into the vast expanses of the desert, marveling at the stunning vistas and geological formations that make this area unique. Learn about the natural history and cultural significance of the landscapes you traverse, making for a rich and educational experience. The adventure concludes back at the meeting point, leaving you with memories of the most fun you've ever had on four wheels. Whether you're a seasoned UTV driver or a first-timer, this guided tour offers an exhilarating way to explore Moab's natural wonders.

Moab: Exclusive Can-Am X3 U-Drive | Hell's Revenge Sunset

9. Moab: Exclusive Can-Am X3 U-Drive | Hell's Revenge Sunset

Embark on an Exclusive 2.5-hour adventure through Moab's iconic red rock landscape in the premium Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo R. Starting from the downtown office, you'll immediately tackle the famous "Hell's Revenge" trail, a showcase of petrified sand dunes and challenging rock fins. Amidst these geological wonders, listen to your expert guide share insights into the unique geology, history, and vistas of the region. Navigate breathtaking canyons, enjoy opportunities to capture photographs of the awe-inspiring La Sal Mountains and overlooks of the Colorado River and Arches National Park. The adventure's pinnacle is the unforgettable sunset view that bathes the rugged terrain in golden hues, creating a photographer's paradise (remember, views can change with the weather). Conclude with a scenic overlook, return with memories of the land's raw beauty and a newfound appreciation for Moab's natural wonders.

Moab: Hell's Revenge "Beast" 4x4 Adventure Tour

10. Moab: Hell's Revenge "Beast" 4x4 Adventure Tour

This is a private 2 - 2.5 hour tour on the world famous Hell's Revenge trail. You will ride in a one of a kind vehicle we call the "Beast." A specially designed 4x4 vehicle that boasts 46" tires, front and rear steering, and an open cab. You will experience steep climbs, hair-raising descents, and roller-coaster-like waves of slickrock. This tour makes 2 stops; One at the Colorado River Overlook where you will stand 800 feet above the mighty Colorado River gazing into Arches National Park, and one at real dinosaur tracks. This tour is perfect for families that want to see the beauty of Moab's backcountry and has the perfect blend of excitement that is suitable for all ages! This tour has quickly became the must-do tour in Moab, offering a unique blend of family fun, adventure, and Moab beauty. The "Beast's" advanced safety features, including a full eight-point roll cage and four-point harnesses, ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all ages.

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This was an adrenaline 4x4 adventure. We had a blast! Totally blown away at the performance of our vehicles. I would call these, golf carts on steroids. I didn't know it was possible to climb the hills and do what we did with these little "monster carts." Kevin our guide, was awesome! If you are searching for a rush of a ride, I would recommend this trip.

Austin was a great tour guide! We had our family of 4 in a vehicle. Each of our parents had their own. It was a great adventure! A little scary for us beginners but 100% worth it. Austin did a great job keeping everyone safe and directing the way.

JP was awesome! His sense of humor, kindness, and knowledge were impressive! He had another guy training who was also so personable, kind, and fun! We will definitely go again and request one of these guys! Great and safe activity for any age!

Dave is amazing and we did all the things the other vehicles couldn’t do. Awesome. Kids liked this better than the self drive trip we took.

It was very exciting and scary at times!! Austin was awesome as a guide. Would recommend this to everyone!!