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Things to do in Groningen

Our most recommended things to do in Groningen

Welcome to Groningen: Private Tour with a Local

1. Welcome to Groningen: Private Tour with a Local

Experience Groningen like a resident on a private walking tour with a local host. Get tips on what to see and do, learn the best ways to get around and more. Benefit from pick-up at your accommodation and get familiar with your local neighborhood to learn where the best places to eat can be found or where to buy groceries. Alternatively, meet at a central landmark or intersection to start your walking tour. Venture beyond the usual tourist sites and discover places you would never find on your own. Avail of an itinerary that can be tailored to your interests and specific needs on arrangement. Ride on the public transportation system, at your own expense, if you prefer. Chat with your guide about life in the city and its many traditions and events. The guides are passionate locals who want to share what they love about their city to provide a more authentic experience, like having a friend show you around.

Groningen: Escape Tour - Self-Guided City Game

2. Groningen: Escape Tour - Self-Guided City Game

Every city has its own special stories, including Groningen. The disappearance of Bommen Berend is one of them. The criminal Bishop miraculously managed to escape from Groningen in 1672. To this day, the mystery has not been unraveled. Catering magnate Sjoerd Kooistra also just didn't succeed. With his notes you will search for the secret exit of Groningen. Choose your starting time with your teammates, beginning at anytime day or night. Make your way across the city, checking off tasks to find all the clues you need to reach the secret passage. As you search for clues, marvel at the beautiful sights of the town. Walk past the University, wander through the lovely streets and keep an eye out for the many historic buildings in the city center. Work quickly, and you and your team could set the record for the fastest tour. Good luck!

Groningen: Bommen Berend - Mobile Exploration Game

3. Groningen: Bommen Berend - Mobile Exploration Game

Discover the city of Groningen by playing a fun and educational city-challenge. Walk through the city, search for clues, solve mysteries, and liberate Groningen from the German warlord Christoph Bernhard Freiherr von Galen. Are you ready for battle? You will dive into a story about the Siege of Groningen in 1672. For multiple centuries, in the north of the Netherlands, yearly on August 28th, the liberation of Groningen is celebrated. This celebration is called ‘Bommen Berend’ among locals and its a festivity that is characteristically Gronings. Lots of people come to this celebration every year, but who is this Bommen Berend? And what is being celebrated exactly? You decide when to start and when to take a break. The mix between freedom and adventure make this citygame the perfect activity for your time in Groningen.

Groningen: Sherlock Holmes Smartphone App City Game

4. Groningen: Sherlock Holmes Smartphone App City Game

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Sherlock Holmes by collecting clues as part of a fun smartphone game. Solve the murder of a fictional character with your colleagues, friends, or family, and use the app to explore the highlights of Groningen including Groningen City Hall. Begin by downloading the app, then meet at Grote Markt in the city center. Make your way through Groningen by following the app’s directions. Take part in an adventure full of brain teasers, puzzles, and lots of British humor. Become a detective for a day and work alongside Sherlock Holmes. Take as long as you need to crack this case, stopping to explore the area whenever you wish to. Restart the game when you're ready and have a blast while you come across iconic sites, such as the Martinitoren tower. Take photos with your group along the way. Whilst this game does not focus on interacting with your surroundings nor informing you about it, it is the perfect activity to explore this amazing city in a fun and interactive way. Get ready for a walk through the most beautiful places in the city.

Amsterdam: Unlimited EU Internet with eSIM Mobile Data

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Cycling through Groningen with Alexander was perfect.

Our guide, Alexander, did an incredible job. He knew the city inside and out and happily honored our request to see neighborhoods instead of tourist spots. This was Alexander’s first tour but he seemed like a well seasoned pro. He was gracious, polite, open to requests, and extremely easy going. He knew local history and how the city functioned and easily navigated us around while offering insights and anecdotes about life in Groningen. My wife and I are considering retiring in The Netherlands and seeing how and where people live in Groningen was very important to me during this tour. During our two hours together, Alexander showed us multiple neighborhoods as well as beautiful parks and lovely views of the city. It was definitely time well spent. If we do retire in The Netherlands, and choose Groningen as our destination, Alexander’s tour will have played a huge part in the choice we made.

We took a wonderful walk through Groningen with Celine. We especially liked that you have reported shortly before to ask for our requests. The tour did not design them in the form that the tourist highlights were ticked off, but we experienced many small hidden places garnished with interesting facts, nice story and anecdotes. In the process, historical, cultural and private matters were combined in a pleasant way. In the end, we had a very interesting conversation about differences and differences between Dutch, Germans and Swiss - Celine is Swiss. Likewise, we imagine such an offer. Thank you so much!

My tour in Groningen was great and recommendable. Although I already knew the city, Leonard, my guide, showed me new sides of Groningen that were unknown to me. This is how I now saw the University of Groningen, surrounded by great cafés that we used for a break. He was very well prepared and responded to my request to learn more about the artistic design of the station. The guide was in very good English. I can absolutely recommend.