5 5 reviews is a "travel lab" that focuses in a new concept of travel packages and services for people who aspire to visit Greece. Our goal is to broaden the possibility of travel options beyond the typical structure of the standard tourist packages for travellers from around the world. Our philosophy assures original, unique and interactive content. The travel packages are essentially designed and organized with a focus on innovation, thematic diversity, combining many activities and actions with references to modern-day Greece. The duration of our trips varies from a day trip till a month trip. The plan for “building” these packages avoids predictability, low quality but also mundane and often unsophisticated services and products. Since our company has numerous professionals whose background is in the world of media and communications, we also undertake the planning of various television productions, certain publications and organization of special events and conferences. We would like to welcome you to visit us at our website at and let us be your travel advisor! It would also be a pleasure to meet you in person in "our travel lab" in Athens (73 Kallirois str, 2st floor opposite FIX - museum of modern art). Sincerely, On behalf of the Grazytravel team, Stratis Trilikis