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Since 1998 we have been rip-roaring, hoot-hollerin, and loving the amazing trails only the Andes can provide. We have taken more than 100,000 riders on once-in-a-lifetime, 2-wheeled pleasure bombs, (lives well lived, that is) in the incredible Andes. We're talking about the ancient birthplace of the Incas, 3000m+ (11,000 ft+) descents, glacier, jungle (in that order), outta this world and off the beaten path cultural experiences, scenery, and bragging rights. Bring a pen cuz we've got some bucket-list-lines-to-cross-out kind of adventures. And we have got just the adventure for you! We were the first company to ride Death Road in 1998 and all those years of experience ensure you'll have an amazing day with us! We are the only company in Bolivia which operates under international safety standards, our bikes are the best available, and our guides are internationally certified. For Death Road, you go with the safest company possible, plus we finish at Senda Verde Animal Refuge!