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Grasshopper Adventures (GA) opened for b​usiness in 2004. More than a decade ago we recognised an emerging trend towards active, healthy means of travel with cycling being one of those. Add this to our in depth knowledge of the Asia region and you have Asia’s Best BIke Tours. The founder of the business and most of our team are all keen bike riders. Some enjoy just a relaxed ride with their family on the weekends, some ride more often. Some tour the world by bike and others race bikes. Cycling is our area of expertise and we know that there is a strong demand for bike tours. We also understand the different segments within the cycling travel market very well and we cater for all types of travelers who are interested in tours of this type. We currently offer bike tours in 14+ countries throughout Asia. Our core business operates in mainland SE Asia and this is where the majority of our tours take place. We currently have offices in seven locations across Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Though we started as a multi­day tour company we quickly realized the market for day tours in key tourism locales. Today we are the top­rated day tour bike company in Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar and have just opened day tours in Vietnam where we also expect to be a market leader.

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