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Garni Temple

Garni Temple: Our most recommended tours and activities

From Yerevan: Garni Temple & Geghard Tour with Lavash Baking

1. From Yerevan: Garni Temple & Geghard Tour with Lavash Baking

The tour starts from the capital city of Armenia, Yerevan before traveling to the first stop of the day, Garni Temple. The temple, which was built in 77 AD, is the only remaining heathen temple of the post-Soviet era. The temple gracefully stands on a high plateau overlooking the Azat river gorge and has stunning views all around. At the temple, admire the on-site Greek-Roman bath house that holds a mosaic made from 30,000 pieces of natural stones, as well as the ruins of the royal palace, will dates back to the 3rd century AD. Next, visit the Geghard Monastery complex which symbolizes the lance with which the Roman centurion pierced Jesus after crucifixion. The lance was brought to Armenia and kept in the Geghard Monastery for many centuries, and the site is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Your last stop before returning to Yerevan will be the gorge of "Symphony of stones." These rocks start from the beginning of the canyon and up to the highest point. The monument consists of huge paradoxically symmetric hexagon and pentagon basalt columns of nearly 100 meters high. Learn how the gorge got its name from its amazing resemblance to the church organ. Admire the many rocks in the gorge of the Azat River, which is included in the UNESCO heritage list.

From Yerevan: Khor Virap, Garni, and Geghard Day Trip

2. From Yerevan: Khor Virap, Garni, and Geghard Day Trip

Explore the history and culture of Armenia on this day trip from Yerevan. Visit some of the most important landmarks in Armenia, including Mount Ararat, Khor Virap, and the Geghard Monastery complex. Make your first stop at the Khor Virap monastery and see firsthand from where Christianity in Armenia originates. Next on the route is the only pagan temple in Armenia – Garni, dating back to the 1st century. Then visit the 13th-century Geghard monastic complex, partially carved in the rock and included in the Unesco World Cultural Heritage List. Finally, see the lavash (Armenian thin bread) baking process and try some fresh out of the oven.

Garni & Geghard Guided Tour with Lavash Baking Experience

3. Garni & Geghard Guided Tour with Lavash Baking Experience

Explore Armenia and see its popular attractions. Visit the Garni pagan temple and Geghard Monastery. Learn the interesting history and legends of these places from a multi-lingual guide. Afterward, see the process of how Lavash, Armenian bread, is made and enjoy trying it with local cheese and greens. Meet your guide at 10:00 AM at the meeting point and head out to the Eastern part of Armenia. Have a short stop at Charent's Arch, from where a wonderful view of Mount Ararat can be seen. Continue on to Garni pagan temple. Be impressed as it towers over a triangular cape. The temple is a blend of Greco-Roman and Armenian styles. Learn about the temple's history extending back to the 1st-century to the present day. Head to Geghard monastery and witness a masterpiece of 13th-century Armenian architecture. See churches of the complex that were carved into rock. Hear about the legend of the Holy Lance and see fascinating features of the structure. Your next stop is at family-style restaurant where you can see the process of baking Armenian bread, Lavash. Made of flour, water, and salt, see how the thickness of the bread varies depending on how thin it was rolled out. Toasted sesame seeds and/or poppy seeds are sometimes sprinkled on before baking. Traditionally the dough is rolled out flat and slapped against hot walls of a clay oven. Have the opportunity to participate in the baking procedure. Taste the bread with local cheese and greens. Conclude your tour with a return to the meeting point.

Yerevan: Garni, Geghard & Lake Sevan Tour with Lavash Baking

4. Yerevan: Garni, Geghard & Lake Sevan Tour with Lavash Baking

Start the tour at 10 AM by arriving at the local operator's office in Yerevan. After checking in, set off towards the Eastern part of Armenia in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle. First, make a short stop at Charent's Arch where you can soak up the wonderful views to the biblical Mount Ararat. Them, head over to the Garni pagan temple which towers over a triangular cape. Admire the temple's blend of Greco-Roman and Armenian styles and see the ruins of the former royal palace with its stunning mosaics. After this, continue on to a masterpiece of 13th-century Armenian architecture at Geghard Monastery. Learn about how this cave monastery was believed to have housed the relic of the lance that pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross. Experience its incredible construction which boasts fascinating acoustics which has served as a good place to sing spiritual songs. Marvel at some of the churches in the complex which are masterfully hewed into a huge rock. Discover how the complex is rich in subtle sculptural embellishments and many striking khachkars (cross-stones). Next up, stop for lunch at a cozy family-style restaurant called Abelyan House. Here, also watch the process of baking the Armenian lavash bread. Observe how the dough is rolled out flat and slapped against the hot walls of a clay oven. Have a good opportunity to participate in a lavash baking procedure. Savor the opportunity to taste it afterward with local cheese and greens. Following this, pop over to the amazing Lake Sevan, which is one of the world's greatest high altitude fresh-water lakes. Learn about how the lake is of volcanic origin and is surrounded by mountains of 3000 m and higher. Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape surrounded by crystal-clear water. Check out the medieval church complex of Sevanavank Monastery on the peninsular before you head off. Finally, hop back into the vehicle and take the return journey back to the meeting point in Yerevan where the tour concludes.

Echmiadzin, Zvartnots, Khor Virap, Garni, Geghard

5. Echmiadzin, Zvartnots, Khor Virap, Garni, Geghard

The word “Echmiadzin” means a place where “the only begotten son of the God descended”. According to a legend, Jesus Christ descended from heaven and indicated the spot for a church to be built. Echmiadzin is the residence of the Supreme Catholicos of all Armenians and the center of the Armenian Apostolic Church. From here we will continue to the magnificent Zvartnots Temple constructed in the 7th century. All these churches and the temple are listed on the UNESCO World’s Cultural Heritage Sites. Our next stop will be the pagan temple Garni, built in the 1st century AD by the armenian king Trdat. The temple Garni is the only monument connected with the era of paganism and Hellenism, dedicated to the sun god Mithra. Not far from the temple is situated the Monastery Geghard, which was built in the 4th century by The First Armenian Catholicos - Gregory the Illuminator. The name of the monastery originates from the spear of the Roman soldier who pierced the body of Jesus Christ. Now the spear is presented in the museum of Echmiadzin. Our last destination is Khor Virap monastery, from where a spectacular view opens on the mountain Ararat. In fact, the name Khor Virap means “deep pit”, named after the prison where st. Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned for 13 years. You can still climb down the pit using a narrow ladder in order to experience its atmosphere.

From Yerevan: 4.5-Hour Garni-Geghard Tour

6. From Yerevan: 4.5-Hour Garni-Geghard Tour

You will be picked up from your hotel where the tour will start at 10:00 am and last approximately 4 to 5-hours. The first stop is Garni, a Pagan Temple referred to as the well-known symbol of pre-Christian Armenia that was converted into a royal summer house. After exploring the grand structure, you will then stop at Ararat ARC where you'll have a fantastic view to mount Ararat, a snow capped dormant volcano situated in Turkey. From here, you will visit the UNESCO listed Geghard Monastery Complex. Some of the churches are situated in caves, whilst others are dug out of the surrounding rock surface. You will then be transferred back to Yerevan.

Garni temple Geghard Monastery Stone Symphony

7. Garni temple Geghard Monastery Stone Symphony

We will start our trip from your hotel and in half an hour we will have short stop for view to mountain Ararat in Arch of Charents.If we are lucky and Ararat is clear we will experience a breathtaking view and continue droving to Garni temple.Garni is the only pagan temple saved in Armenia,was build in the middle of first century.Next is a little bit walking in azat valley and enjoy the unusual rock formation which will remind you organ,thats why we locals call it stone symphony.After we will drive to Geghard monastery which is very unique monument built in the cave.Garni temple and Geghard monastery are Unesco heritage sites.

From Tbilisi: The Best of Armenia in 2-Days

8. From Tbilisi: The Best of Armenia in 2-Days

Day 1: After the pick up from your hotel in the morning, you will soon reach the border to Armenia and at around 11:00AM. You will step into the historical region of Lori, which is famous for its rocky landscapes and mysterious monasteries. Here you will visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Haghpat. A few of hours from there, you will arrive at the scenic lake of Sevan, one of the signature sites of Armenia. Here you can see the a medieval monastery, and even enjoy a traditional lunch by the lake. In the late afternoon you will reach Yerevan, the modern capital city. Some of the key sights not to miss here include the Mother of Armenia, Victory Park, and Cascade. Day 2 Your second day will begin with a 1-hour ride to see the Garni Temple and the monastery of Geghard, which is a true jewel of religious architecture in Armenia. Following some classical sightseeing, you will be invited on a tour through the world famous brandy factory, where you will learn about the history of the drink and taste brandies of different parts of the aging process. After an interesting day of exploration, you will reach Tbilisi at around 9:00PM.

From Yerevan: Garni Temple and Geghard: Historical Day Tour

9. From Yerevan: Garni Temple and Geghard: Historical Day Tour

The tour starts from the capital city of Armenia, Yerevan before traveling to the first stop of the day, The Ark of Charents. The place where you can admire the most beautiful view of Ararat. The monument is dedicated to the famous poet Yeghishe Charents. Next, you'll visit the Temple of Garni which was built in 77 AD, is the only remaining Greco-Roman temple in Armenia and the former Soviet Union. The temple is constructed of grey basalt. It is supported by a total of twenty-four 6.54-metre high columns of the Ionic order: six in the front and back and eight on the sides. The 24 columns symbolize the 24 hours. Next, you'll explore the gorge of "Symphony of stones." It is said that this natural monument is the result of the collapse of the volcanic rocks. The monument consists of huge paradoxically symmetric hexagon and pentagon basalt columns (nearly 50 meters high). These stones hanging against the gravity resemble an organ, which explains why it is also referred to as “Basalt Organ Pipes”. Your final stop will be the monastery of Geghard. The interiors of the temples and cells richly decorated with ornaments and bas-reliefs, the tombs of aristocratic families and other masterpieces of underground architecture have brought Geghard the glory of one of the most significant historical monuments, designated by Unesco as World Heritage Site.

3 Day Winter Private Tour in Armenia from Yerevan

10. 3 Day Winter Private Tour in Armenia from Yerevan

Get ready in order to explore: Day 1: Yerevan - Garni - Arch of Charents - Geghard - Lake Sevan - Tsaghkadzor - Yerevan • The Arch of Charents. It’s a place where you can admire the most beautiful view of Mount Ararat. • Garni Temple is the only preserved pagan temple in the entire territory of the Caucasus. The construction dates back to the second half of the 1st century and was dedicated to the Sun God. After the Christianization of Armenia, the temple was used as a royal residence. • Geghard which is a medieval monastery declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. According to tradition The Geghard Monastery was founded by Saint Gregory in the 4th century on the site of a sacred spring. The peculiar character of the construction is reflected in its austerity and the magnificent natural scenery of the canyon, surrounded by precipices and curved cliffs. • Then you will make a stop to visit the Sevanavank monastic complex on the peninsula and contemplate the beautiful landscape of Lake Sevan, which is the pearl of Armenia. • And the last visit is Tsaghkadzor, a ski resort of Armenia, where you will take the cable car and rise up to the top, from where the magnificent atmosphere and spectacular nature of Tsaghkadzor unfolds. Day 2: Yerevan - Khor Virap - Areni-1 (Birds’ Cave) - Noravank - Yerevan • Khor Virap Monastery, one of the most important sanctuaries of Armenians. Its history is closely linked to the religious and cultural history of Armenia. The monastery is located at the foot of the biblical Mount Ararat. • Areni-1, also known as Birds’ Cave. The cave represents a rocky room with niches and aisles, which was inhabited in different epochs by ancient civilizations. During the archaeological excavations in the cave was discovered the ancient leather shoe. It is considered the oldest shoe in the world, the age of which is supposed to be about 5,5 thousand years. • And the last visit is one of the wonderful monuments of medieval Armenia, the Monastery of Noravank, located in an impressive canyon. Noravank is considered one of the most attractive places in the country. Day 3: Yerevan -Aragats - Saghmosavank - Alphabet Monument - Tsitsernakaberd - Vernissage - Yerevan • Saghmosavank, 13th century monastery located on the right bank of the Kasakh River. Overall, its excellent location provides additional beauty and comeliness to the monastery. • Armenian Alphabet Monument. The complex includes sculptures of 39 letters of Armenian alphabet, as well as monuments to the great Armenian thinkers. All the letters and statues are made of Armenian tufa. • Next, we'll drive towards Aragats snowy mountain where you can enjoy snow and have a great time. •Afterwards you will visit the Genocide memorial “Tsitsernakaberd” to get closer to one of the saddest pages of the Armenian history. •The last stop is Vernissage, a large open-air exhibition-market in Yerevan, where you will find anything and everything. Get an unforgettable experience.

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Our guide, Hasmik, was very knowledgable about our destinations at the Garni Temple and Monastary at Gerhard - we learned so much more than we would have just by visiting the sites on our own and she was able to answer any questsions that came up. We had a great time learning a bit about Armenia's history!

Overall trip was amazing! The natural beauty of these places are mesmerizing. Definitely recommend. Our guide Hashmik, she was very knowledgeable and has very clear English pronunciation, made the trip very comfortable and easy to understand.

The whole trip was amazing! Our tour guide, Hasmik & driver, Sargis were very friendly and professional. The food and hosts were also great. Definitely a must try!

Everything was great, Marina and the driver were super nice. They told us a lot of interesting things and showed us Armenia very well.

the trip was so perfect and safe. we enjoyed a lot