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EBC Trek and Fly Back by Helicopter

1. EBC Trek and Fly Back by Helicopter

Nepal is a geographical country. Due to its geographical complexity, many remote areas of Nepal do not have air access. Those accessible areas are not easily accessible due to the rugged terrain, difficult airstrips, and challenging views. Helicopters are a potential means of transportation used in countries like Nepal, where remote areas can be reached without much difficulty. Helicopter charter services are popular services because of the easy booking facility. Helicopter flight is Nepal's fastest means of transportation. The way to Everest Base Camp and returning is the same by foot so returning by helicopter is best. This way one can experience a once in a lifetime opportunity, Once you reach the himalayan valley the view of snowcapped peaks will be breathtaking. Many maountains and picturesque villages will be visible very close from the helicopter. A different world of mountain life and a colorful old monastery which have rare and valuable idols will be visible.

Everest Base Camp Trekking

2. Everest Base Camp Trekking

The Everest Base Camp trekking is arguably the most famous trek route in the world and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see some of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable. Nepal is a fascinating country and the trek Everest base camp trek gives an insight into the lives and culture of the friendly Sherpa people. During the trekking seasons there are numerous daily flights into and out of Lukla, weather permitting. The flight from Kathmandu, which takes around thirty-five minutes, passes over the fertile middle hills, with their scattered villages and terraced fields, with an amazing panorama of the high Himalaya as a backdrop. Before long the mountains close in and you are sweeping down to land at the gateway to Everest then you start your trekking next day you reach Namache Bazaar where we suggest to rest for acclimatization. There are two routes lead without high pass to Everest base camp one going though Phortse village and another directly via Tengboche is a normal route to Everest base camp. If you prefer just to go Everest base camp then return that we don't suggest because without visiting Kala Pattar (5555m) is not interesting as you expected so this stunning trek visits both, Everest base camp and Kala Pattar, a viewpoint recognized as the best vantage point to see Mount Everest which is a premier goal for many adventurous walkers in the Himalaya. After Everest base camp and Kala Pattar same way trek back to Lukla then catch the morning flight to Kathmandu.

Kanchanjunga Trekking

3. Kanchanjunga Trekking

Kanchenjunga region is a beautiful wonderland in the far-eastern region of Nepal. The beautiful foothills of Mt. Kanchenjunga (8586m), the third highest mountain in the world, offers thrilling adventures to avid trekkers worldwide It is neither hard nor easy. Kanchenjunga trek is a spectacular long-duration journey full of interesting scenarios. This immense Himalayan trail takes you through virgin territories in remote landscapes, barely anyone has ever been to. Moreover, trekkers can also immerse themselves in the beautiful Himalayan view of the region. Kanchenjunga, also spelled Kangchenjunga, is the third highest mountain in the world, with an elevation of 8,586 meters (28,169 feet). It is located on the border between Nepal and India in the eastern Himalayas, and is considered one of the most beautiful and remote mountains in the world. The name "Kanchenjunga" is derived from the Tibetan language, meaning "Five Treasures of the Snow," referring to the mountain's five distinct peaks. The mountain is sacred to both Nepalese and Sikkimese people, and is a popular destination for mountaineers and trekkers.The Kanchenjunga mountain range is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including the endangered snow leopard and the red panda. The area is also known for its unique cultural heritage, with many ethnic groups, including the Limbu and Sherpa, living in the region. Trekking in the Kanchenjunga region is a popular activity, with many trails passing through remote villages, alpine meadows, and high mountain passes. The region offers stunning views of the Himalayas, including the Kanchenjunga massif, as well as a chance to experience the local culture and customs. Overall, Kanchenjunga is a significant mountain in both spiritual and natural terms, attracting visitors from around the world who are seeking adventure, spiritual connections, and natural beauty. This is the second time I have been exposed to the corona virus in 2020. covid 19 (1) Into the wild Himalayas (2) VIew of mountains above 8000 meters like Kanchanjunga, Mt.Everest etc. (3) Lifestyle of the peoples living in the Mountains Kanchanjunga region lies in the eastern part of Nepal. Kanchanjunga translated in english is “The Five Treasures of the Snow” which represents the five prosperties of God, which are gold, silver, gems, grain and holy books. Mt. Kanchanjunga 8586 meters tall, which makest it the world’s third highest mountain. Kanchanjunga trek offers an exciting experience in the Himalayas of Nepal. Kanchanjunga trek is a strenuous trek which has Tea houses and hotels throught the trail. Kanchanjunga trek starts from the tropical lowlands with dense humid forests slowly gaining altitude till we reach the sub-alpine shrubs and glaciers. The beautiful Rhodendron forests in the temperate region is one of the most beautiful aspects of this terk.

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