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Galapagos Isalnds: Los Tuneles full day snorkelling trip

1. Galapagos Isalnds: Los Tuneles full day snorkelling trip

Discover Los Tuneles in the Galapagos Islands — a captivating destination of lava formations, crystal-clear pools, and breathtaking marine life. Snorkel with sea turtles, playful sea lions, and vibrant fish. Encounter white tip reef sharks and rays. Immerse yourself in the true beauty of Isabela. We meet about 15 minutes before departure (7.30 or 11.30) at our office (Av. Antonio Gil y 16 de Marzo). There we fit the fins, masks and if requested wetsuits for you, so you going to have a comfortable experience while snorkelling in los Tuneles. Then we take you to the pier, where you will board a speedboat, meet your guide and be given life vests. Generally speaking, the ride to los Tuneles takes about 45 minutes. If you tend to get seasick, we recommend taking medicine in advance, just to be sure, you are not missing anything from your experience. Once we arrive in Tuneles the guide and captain are assessing the best itinerary for the day. You either start with discovering the lava tunnels on land and are able to observe the blue-footed boobie colony nesting there or with the unique snorkelling experience. Los Tuneles is quite shallow and is bursting with life. You can expect to discover colorful reef fish, different rays, white and black-tip sharks, sea lions, turtles and even penguins. Your guide will do his best to show you the variety of this place and also looks out for the Pacific Sea Horse that can be found in this area. Furthermore, he gives you insights and information about the fascinating biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands and answers all the questions you might have. Please make sure to follow all instructions of the guide as he is familiar with the place and keeps you safe. After we have had Lunch, we will be returning to Puerto Villamil, where you are going to receive the pictures of the day and get to rest after an amazing experience. Pro Tip: Keep your eyes on the water, sometimes we encounter whales or manta rays on our boat ride.

6-Day Tour in San Cristobal & Santa Cruz: Wildlife & Snorkel

2. 6-Day Tour in San Cristobal & Santa Cruz: Wildlife & Snorkel

Experience the incredible wildlife diversity of the Galápagos islands with a thrilling six-day excursion to San Cristobal & Santa Cruz Day 01: San Cristóbal – Carola Beach – Tijeretas /(L) Welcome to Galapagos Islands! Arrive to San Cristobal’s airport, your guide picks you up and take you to the hotel. You will visit the Interpretation Center, where the guide will talk to you about the formation, colonization, and actual situation of the islands. Frigate bird hill, a viewpoint from which you have a beautiful view over the island. Snorkel the shallow waters of Tijeretas Bay or Carola beach (your guide will take you to the best spot), where you can see sea lions, various tropical fishes, and turtles. Your small hike will finish at Carola beach. Overnight in San Cristobal. Day 02: Kicker Rock/ / (B, BL) Kicker Rock - snorkel. You will visit the famous Kicker Rock (Leon Dormido), a volcanic formation amid the ocean. There you will be able to snorkel with sharks, rays, turtles, and if you are lucky also with hammerhead sharks! In the afternoon you will be back at the port. Overnight in San Cristobal. Day 03: Santa Cruz – El Chato / (B, L) Breakfast in the hotel. At 6:30 pick you up and take you to the harbor 7:00 speedboat to Santa Cruz (approx. 2-hour ride). A local guide will receive you at the harbor. Your guide drives up to the ranch in the highlands to see giant tortoises in their native environment! Overnight in Santa Cruz. Day 04: Full day navigable tour / (B, BL) Breakfast at the hotel. Depending on the dates and/or navigable site available, pick-up from the hotel will be early in the morning (6-or 7:00 am) to take you to the small vessel at the embarkation point in Puerto Ayora for a unique experience with Galapagos wildlife and endemic vegetation. The destination can be either Santa Fe, South Plazas, North Seymour, Pinzon, or Floreana. The activities will include hiking, snorkeling, swimming, and breathtaking sightseeing. Return to the hotel in Santa Cruz where you can relax. Overnight in Santa Cruz. Day 05: Tortuga Bay – Charles Darwin / (B, L) Pick up from your hotel. You will take a small road 2,500 meters long up to the access to Tortuga Bay. Enjoy a 2-hours hike (both ways) up to this beautiful beach which is perfectly preserved, and with the presence of wild animals such as iguanas, beach crabs. Tortuga Bay is a white sand beach located on the south coast of the island of Santa Cruz. After lunch, you will visit the Charles Darwin Research Station where you will have the opportunity to learn about Galapagos conservation in action. Over 200 scientists and volunteers are involved with research and conservation efforts here. Return to your hotel. Overnight in Santa Cruz. Day 06: Transfer out to the airport in Baltra / (B) Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport to board the flight to Quito or Guayaquil. Arrival and connection with the international flight.

Santa Cruz: Galapagos Islands 4 Day Explorer Tour

3. Santa Cruz: Galapagos Islands 4 Day Explorer Tour

Day 1 Arrive at the airport of Baltra Island and meet the National Park guides, followed by a transfer to Santa Cruz. Check in at your hotel and in the afternoon visit the Charles Darwin Scientific Station and the Interpretation Center of the Galapagos National Park. Day 2 Head to the stunning Turtle Bay Beach, a postcard-worthy beach with white sand and azure sea. Stop to observe the marine life, iguanas, and many other wildlife species Travel next to a private ranch, where you will be able to see the protected giant turtles living in their natural habitat. Finally, the adventure will conclude with a hike through the underground lava tunnels. Day 3 On the third day, head to the dock to sail to the islet of La Loberia. Take some time for snorkeling, before traveling to Punta Estrada. Keep a look out for frigate birds, sea lions, and other marine life. Day 4 After breakfast at the hotel, be returned to the airport for your departure flight.

From Santa Cruz: Galapagos, Excursion to Tortuga & Tour

4. From Santa Cruz: Galapagos, Excursion to Tortuga & Tour

This full-day yacht tour from Santa Cruz takes you on a discovery of the beautiful Galapagos Islands. In the morning you will walk approximately 40 minutes to Tortuga Bay Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of the islands where you can enjoy swimming and spending some time on the beach. After lunch you tour around the bay on board the yacht. You will then visit La Lobería, a beach which owes its name to the presence of many sea lions. Here you will be able to swim or snorkel. Next you will head to Canal del Amor (Channel of Love). At the end of this channel you can observe reef sharks from the viewpoint. From here you will continue on with a short walk to see the marine iguanas in their natural habitat at Playa de los Perros before visiting Punta Estrada.

From Baltra Island: Galápagos Islands 5-Day Nature Tour

5. From Baltra Island: Galápagos Islands 5-Day Nature Tour

Discover the unique flora and fauna of the Galápagos on a 5-day tour with round-trip transportation from Baltra Island. Benefit from hotel options to suit your budget. Day 1: (L) Travel by public bus to Itabaca Channel to catch the ferry to Santa Cruz. Drive to the highlands ranch of El Chato to see giant tortoises in their natural environment. Discover the Twin Craters in lush green forests dominated by endemic scalesia plants. Walk along the crater rims to better appreciate their magnitude, and keep a look out for short-ear owls. In Puerto Ayora, we will have a short visit to Charles Darwin Station Day 2: (B, L)   Relax aboard a yacht as you sail to the uninhabited island of Santa Fé, Plazas, Floreana, or Pinzon, depending on the program of the National Park. Look for land iguanas and other wildlife in a small group of no more than 12 people.  Day 3: (B, L)   Visit Las Grietas and see the impressive fissure of the Channel of Love. Snorkel in the crystal clear waters of The Cracks, and hike to Tortuga Bay to observe the magnificent wildlife before arriving at a beautiful beach.  Day 4: (B, L)   Relax aboard a yacht as you sail to the uninhabited island of Santa Fé, Plazas, Pinzon, or Floreana, depending on the program of the National Park. Look for land iguanas and other wildlife in a small group of no more than 12 people. Day 5: (B)    Breakfast in the hotel. You will be dropped off at Baltra airport to take your flight to the mainland.

Isabela Galapagos: Tintoreras snorkel tour.

6. Isabela Galapagos: Tintoreras snorkel tour.

On this half-day tour, dive into the world of the Galapagos with a naturalist guide by your side. Experience this unique biosphere on a hike around the lava-rock landscape of Las Tintoreras to see iguanas, penguins, and sea lions. Later, snorkel in the clear waters with your small group. Begin your tour in Puerto Villamil with the convenience of hotel pickup. Once you've met your guide, prepare for your tour by selecting your snorkeling gear before you head to the water. Then, embark the vessel and chart a course for the small islets of Las Tintoreras. Continue your adventure as you disembark and begin exploring the islands on foot. During your hike, watch for unique fauna, including marine iguanas, Galapagos penguins, and blue-footed boobies. Admire the scenic natural beauty of the island landscape. After your hike, don your snorkeling gear and hit the water for a refreshing swim. The clear waters around the islets offer a stunning window into the underwater realm of the Galapagos. Along the way, you may see sea lions and turtles sunning themselves on the rocks. Once you've explored the islets, return to Puerto Villamil with your group to conclude your tour.

Bartolome Day Tour

7. Bartolome Day Tour

Description Bartolome will welcome our guests to the incredible natural wealth of teeming Galapagos wildlife where they will be amazed with the dramatic views of the luscious landscape. It is a fantastic spot to take personal and group pictures and it is a jewel-toned setting for charismatic penguins, skittering crabs and marine iguanas. At the sandy cove the adventurers will start to snorkel with the speedy Galapagos penguins. Also, hundreds of colorful reef fish, sea turtles and rays are surrounding the island. At the shade of the Pinnacle Rock our excursionist will have the best place to snorkel and to take photograph of the endemic penguins and the rock looks out across pale beaches and blue-green water, their colors offset by the coal-black lava flow at Sullivan Bay. A hot lunch and refreshments are provided on the boat. At the end of the journey the boat will come back to Santa Cruz, after that a bus will take you to the most comfortable and environmentally friendly lodge. It is recommended to wear a wetsuit in order to neutralize the sea temperature, because it falls below 20ºC from June to November and it is up to 27ºC from December to May. Departure: 6:45 am bus pick up at the Puerto Ayora Pier Returning time: approximately at 5:00 pm and it will drop you off at Puerto Ayora Pier Journey Time: 40 minutes ride by bus until Itabaca Channel then comfortable yacht will travel around 2 hours to Bartolome Island. Difficulty Level: Intermediate Highlight activity: walking and snorkeling Transportation: shared bus and yacht Important: A day before to the tour all passengers must be at 6:00 pm in the Galapagos Path for wetsuit fitting.

5-Day Galapagos Land Tour on Isabela: Small Group Tour

8. 5-Day Galapagos Land Tour on Isabela: Small Group Tour

Day 1: Transfer from Baltra Airport to Isabela Island Start your tour with airport pickup from your certified guide. Make your way to the Itabaca Canal and board a ferry. In Puerto Ayora, take another boat in the direction of Isabela Island. Stay overnight at a hotel. Day 2: Cabo Rosa Tuneles Start your day with breakfast at the hotel. Take a boat to Cabo Rosa, where lava once flowed into the ocean and formed lava tunnels. See penguins, blue-footed boobies, and sea turtles. Go diving and see sharks, turtles, sea lions, rays, seahorses, and tropical fish. The tour to Cabo Rosa lasts approximately 5 hours. The rest of the day is free. You can enjoy the beautiful Isabela Beach or snorkel in the Laguna de la Concha de Perla. Stay overnight in Isabela.  Day 3: Sierra Negra Volcano Enjoy breakfast at your hotel before you're picked up by your guide. Then, take a walk through the lava landscapes overlooking the volcanoes of northern Isabela and Fernandina. The hike to the Sierra Negra Volcano and the Chico Volcano is 10 miles (16 km) long. See the second-largest volcanic crater in the world and explore different areas of vegetation. Enjoy lunch and the rest of the day free. Explore the beautiful beach in Isabela or dive in the Laguna Concha de Perla. Stay overnight in Isabela. Day 4: Tintoreras Enjoy breakfast at the hotel before visiting Las Tintoreras, a chain of small islets full of coves and hidden beaches. See sea lions, marine turtles, iguanas, manta rays, and more at one of its bays. This bay is connected by a superficial crack with crystalline water which is closed off during low tide. In the crack, it is possible to see the sharks swimming with the rest of the tropical fish and sea lions if you snorkel. Speed boat to Santa Cruz at 15:00 pm. Stay overnight in Puerto Ayora Day 5: Transfer out At Puerto Ayora, you will have breakfast and depart for Baltra to catch your flight back to the mainland. Your flight to Quito or Guayaquil will need to depart at 11:30 AM or later.

Kicker Rock Tour from San Cristobal: Snorkeling & Wildlife

9. Kicker Rock Tour from San Cristobal: Snorkeling & Wildlife

Meet your guide at 7:30 am at Puerto Baquerizo and get ready for 2-hour navigation towards your Kicker Rick Galapagos snorkeling adventure. The day tour will have two visiting sites: The first one will be the underwater of the Kicker Rock lava formations. This is one of the most outstanding snorkeling sites in the Galapagos. On the surface, you may catch sight of some of the many birds inhabiting the towers emerging from the ocean floor. You can spot Nazca boobies, blue-footed boobies, frigatebirds, and tropicbirds. Be ready to swim alongside the most iconic Galapagos wildlife. Hammerheads, sea turtles, Galapagos sharks inhabit the area. The walls are connected below the surface through a 60ft deep channel running between them. Depending on the day, the tour will end or begin with a visit to Cerro Tijeretas. You will get ready to swim and snorkel once again! Another option is a deserted beach (either Manglesito or Puerto Grande) to observe wildlife and relax in the pristine sand. A box lunch will be served in the boat as these parts of the islands are inhabited.

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