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5 historical facts to take on your Florence walking tour

Lace up your hiking shoes and put your art hat on: you're finally ready for that walking tour of Florence! But why not get a headstart on a few interesting facts your guide might not cover?

It contributed to the death of Latin

It contributed to the death of Latin

Florentine writers such as Dante and Boccaccio were among the first to abandon Latin in favor of Tuscan, which went on to become Italian. Still, Latin's decline was hardly overnight!

Florence Nightingale was born here

Florence Nightingale was born here

Though British by blood, the founder of modern nursing was named for the city of her birth. Her sister was less lucky. Born in Naples, she was given its ancient name - Parthenope!

Only one of its bridges survived World War II

Only one of its bridges survived World War II

Much of medieval Florence was destroyed by the retreating Nazis, including every bridge but the Ponte Vecchio. Allegedly, Hitler demanded it be spared because of its unique beauty.

It boasts more artistic wealth than anywhere else

It boasts more artistic wealth than anywhere else

Florence is home to some of the world's most renowned galleries, including one of the oldest - the Uffizi. The city is reported to hold almost a third of the world's art treasures!

It's the birthplace of the piano

It's the birthplace of the piano

Though the harpsichord was already a popular Renaissance-era instrument, the pianoforte was invented in Florence by Bartolomeo Cristofori, originally from Padua.

Planning Your Visit

How hard is it?

Florence's heart is fairly easy to cover by foot and most walking tours clock in at just an hour or two, unless they include tours of the Uffizi or other galleries and museums. If you're concerned about lasting the length of even a short tour, we'd advise you to check the itinerary doesn't include a climb up the Duomo's 463 steps, or uphill to the Piazzale Michelangelo.

How do the free tours work?

Free walking tours are perfect for those visiting on shoestring budgets or simply unsure how much to pay in advance. There is a catch, though! Remember the guides do this for a living so bring some cash and pay what you think it was worth at the end. Otherwise, brace yourself for a guilt-trip!

What people are saying about Florence

We had a great guide who gave us a lot of information about the history of the palace and of Venice since the palace was erected. He was especially well educated in art history and pointed us to the most interesting spots. We would have missed many of them without his help. Besides the statues and paintings, we were most impressed with the building itself and its history in connecdtion with the history of the city. We were truly impressed to see for the first time the original painting of Machiavelli which is so well known from the title cover of his most famous book. We were very grateful for the competent guide.

Florence: Palazzo Vecchio Guided Tour Reviewed by Ursula, 09/25/2020

The walking tour was amazing! Eduardo gave us a great introduction into the history of Florence. He knew how to get and keep the attention of all of us (2 adults and one child) and managed well to include our son into the tour. Eduardo was very nice and we enjoyed the tour very much!

Florence: 2 Hour Guided Walking Tour Reviewed by , 10/09/2020

Excellent! We were 22 minutes late ue to a train delay and our guide sweet talked the security to let us in anyways, and then she ensured we made it all the way to the top! I really appreciated the extra effort and the knowledge she provided. She even took great photos of us as well!

Florence: Dome Skip-the-Line Guided Tour Reviewed by Jeff, 09/22/2020

Our guide Laetizia was excellent. She had a great way of making the tour fun as well as educational. The tour includes academia and uffizi as well as a tour of the city where you can learn more about the key monuments .

Excellent day with superb guide who knew everything about her home city with a superb understanding of art and history. if you only have a day in Florence choose this tour.