Flight of the Gibbon

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We offer tours that are both exciting and educational. Learn about animals on our safari tour. Immerse yourself into the Thai culture with an overnight home stay. Buckle up in our state-of-the-art safety gear for a treetop eco-tour on our zip line tour. Your safety is always our #1 priority. Flight of the Gibbon maintains the highest safety standards using only top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art equipment from Europe. Our trained Sky Rangers and Guides are all trained in zip line instruction, wilderness skills, and first aid to help you at any time. Get your thrills with Flight of the Gibbon adventure tours! Our zip line / skyline course is the longest in Thailand at over 5km of zip line. Our multi-day adventure packages combine zip lining with another outdoor activities, like river rafting, mountain biking, trekking or rock climbing. Flight of the Gibbon’s superior construction, expertly-trained staff and impeccable safety record ensures that all of our tours are perfectly safe for everyone, from young children to grandma and grandpa. Flight of the Gibbon is a conservation effort that is dedicated to education and wildlife awareness. A percentage of all profits go toward protecting and rehabilitating the endangered gibbon ape and rain forests. We also fund projects like "Giving Back," which is planting 1 million trees.

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