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Fethiye: Tandem Paragliding Experience w/Hotel Pickup

1. Fethiye: Tandem Paragliding Experience w/Hotel Pickup

Expect to be part of an adrenaline-boosting flight above Oludeniz, and to experience unique emotions. This paragliding activity is available on a daily basis, and at any time of the day that suits you the most. Get picked up from your hotel in Fethiye in a comfortable and fully air-conditioned car, and drive towards the take-off site, which is 45 minutes away. The action takes place at Babadag Mountain, which is the only mountain in Europe from where you can paraglide from a 2000-meter height. This mountain surrounds the beautiful Oludeniz and creates a truly imposing backdrop. Upon your arrival there, a team of professional instructors will brief you on the flight. They will explain everything you need to know, answer your questions, and provide the necessary safety equipment. Once ready, the pilot will attach his uniform to yours, and you start running together toward the end of the cliff. Without even noticing, you will find yourself flying! The flight lasts for almost 30 minutes, but the duration depends on the weather conditions. During the first moments, you will start feeling your adrenaline levels increase. The flight is an ideal opportunity to observe some breathtaking views of Oludeniz, Belcekiz, Kayakoy, and Fethiye itself. Feel the emotions and the positive energy that this activity stirs in you. Don’t worry about missing a thing. The pilot has a camera and will be taking photos and videos. Upon landing, you can preview and purchase these photos, at an extra cost. At the end of your paragliding experience, a car will transfer you back to your hotel.

Ölüdeniz: Butterfly Valley Boat Trip with Buffet Lunch

2. Ölüdeniz: Butterfly Valley Boat Trip with Buffet Lunch

Explore the beautiful coastline on a traditional boat tour from Ölüdeniz, with a buffet lunch onboard during the day. Visit the Blue Cave, Butterfly Valley, Camel Beach, and Soguksu Bay with several stops for swimming. Start with pickup from your accommodation in Ölüdeniz and board the traditional wooden boat known as a gulet in Fethiye, and set off on your adventure. First, head to the Blue Cave and admire the many vibrant shades of blue in the water. Next, set sail for the Butterfly Valley, home to a variety of butterfly species, and known for its dramatic cliffs enclosing a sheltered beach. Enjoy some time to explore this gem of the Turkish coastline. Climb back onboard and set off for Aquarium Bay. During this part of the journey, enjoy a delicious freshly-prepared lunch onboard. Upon arrival at Aquarium Bay jump in the clear water to swim with a variety of curious fish species. Next, stop by St. Nicholas Island, where it is rumored that Santa Claus likes to spend his summers. Visit Camel Beach and enjoy some time paddling in the shallow waters. Finally, head to the calm and cold waters of Soguksu Bay to refresh after a day of exploring. Relax on the return journey back to Fethiye. Then board the minibus to take you back to your accommodation in Ölüdeniz.

Fethiye: Blue Lagoon Tandem Paragliding w/Photos & Video

3. Fethiye: Blue Lagoon Tandem Paragliding w/Photos & Video

You’ll be met at your hotel in Fethiye, Calis Beach, or Ovacik and head out on a 40-minute drive to the top of Baba Dag, 6,500 feet above sea level. Travel by the operator’s comfortable and modern safari truck as you begin your 3-hour paragliding adventure. Flights are available 5 times per day. The first is at 08:30, with the morning light and very clear air offering the best opportunity for stunning photos. You’ll be able to see more than 200 square kilometers of the beautiful Fethiye scenery. If you choose the second flight of the day, at 11:00, it’s likely to be the longest due to thermal activity. You take off from 6,500 feet and could reach heights of 9,000-10,000 feet above sea, if you want. The flight lasts about 40 minutes. The third flight is at 13:30 and is a bit longer due to stronger conditions. With hazy, misty weather, conditions are not as good for photography, but the take-off and landing are easier. At 15:30, with the fourth flight, the thermal activity is weaker, meaning a smoother flight. It can be a bit hot in the middle of the summer, however. The day’s last flight, or sunset flight, departs at 17:45. With the sun low behind the island of Rhodes, conditions make for some wonderful sunset photography and a smooth and pleasant flight. You’ll get a briefing from the instructor on what to do and what not to do, and you’ll receive the appropriate boots and helmet, and a flying suit if the weather is cool. Typically you’ll fly side-by-side, and close together, making for better pictures of you and your group in the air.

Oludeniz: Butterfly Valley Tour & St. Nicholas Island Cruise

4. Oludeniz: Butterfly Valley Tour & St. Nicholas Island Cruise

After hotel pickup, drive to Ölüdeniz Harbor and board the 2-deck boat. Enjoy the sun and sea breeze as you pass by the changing coastal landscape. Make your first stop at the Blue Cave where you will have the opportunity to swim in the bright blue waters of the bay and into the cave. Then, continue sailing to the Butterfly Valley nature reserve. Take another chance to swim in the clear waters here and sunbathe on the beautiful beach. After this, enjoy a short hike through the area and climb up to see the waterfalls. Marvel at the wildflowers and spot colorful butterflies as they fly around you, keeping your eyes peeled for the rare Tiger Butterfly. Then, enjoy a delicious lunch back on the boat. Finally, continue your adventure as you sail on towards the next attraction, St. Nicholas Island. When you arrive, discover the ancient ruins of the 5th-century churches. Climb to the island's highest point and admire the spectacular views. Make your last stop of the day at the Cold Spring Bay where you can enjoy a refreshing final swim in the freshwater spring which flows into the sea. Return to Ölüdeniz Harbor where you will be dropped off at your hotel by around 4:30 PM.

Oludeniz: 6-Island Boat Trip with Swim Stops and Lunch

5. Oludeniz: 6-Island Boat Trip with Swim Stops and Lunch

Fethiye - Oludeniz Daily Boat Tour With the difference of "Hanuman Travel", you will add a different meaning to your holiday with daily boat tours in the turquoise coves and beaches of Ölüdeniz, the world famous beach of Fethiye. Blue Cave, Butterfly Valley, St. You will visit Nicholas Island, Aquarium Bay, Cold Water Bay and Camel Beach and enjoy the deep blue bays all day ROUTE: 1- Blue Cave This is the first stop of our tour. When you swim in the clear waters of the deep blue sea and swim into the cave, you will meet with its mysterious beauty and you will go on a unique discovery by watching underwater. 2- Butterfly Valley During your journey to Ölüdeniz's most popular valley, you will witness a few shades of turquoise, caught between high cliffs, and you will encounter one of the rare beaches that have managed to remain natural. You can see the waterfall formed between the steep cliffs of the valley, which comes from the high altitudes of Babadağ by walking in the "Butterfly Valley", which contains more than eighty butterfly species. It is our stopping point where you will take lots of valley photos and save the unique beauties in your memories. 3- St. Nicholas Island Our third stop, "St. Nicolas Island", named after its historical monuments and its church on the island, is one of the rare locations that draws attention to people who are interested in history. You can get the menu you want from the open buffet, visit the island and historical places, and swim in the deep blue waters of an ancient island. 4- Aquarium Bay "Aquarium Bay", a perfect bay where you will see fifty shades of blue and discover the unique beauties of the underwater, is our 4th stop. We continue our tour after a swimming break in the bay, which is one of the favorite points for divers. 5- Cold Water Bay "Soğuk Su Bay", one of the most popular bays of Ölüdeniz boat tour, is located on the slope of the mountain, surrounded by pines, at a point where sea water and fresh water meet. You can have pleasant experiences in the ice-cold and clear sea water, where you can't get enough of swimming. Before ending the Ölüdeniz boat tour, you can look at the sun to enjoy the approaching sunset and feel the happiness that the day leaves you. We continue to the last bay on our "Oludeniz Boat Tour". 6- Camel Beach Thanks to its calm waters and small beach, for those who want to enjoy the last sea of ??the day and enjoy the sunset, our last stop, "Camel Beach", we continue from here and come to Ölüdeniz beach

From Fethiye: Pamukkale & Hierapolis Day Trip w/ Meals

6. From Fethiye: Pamukkale & Hierapolis Day Trip w/ Meals

When booking our Fethiye Pamukkale Tour, you can expect to be part of an interesting and exciting sightseeing exploration. A professional tour guide welcomes you in the bus at the doorstep of your hotel, during the morning. For the purposes of this excursion, you will arrive at Pamukkale with a fully air conditioned and modern bus. Along the way, you can observe some stunning views and relax. Furthermore, the bus will stop for an energising breakfast stop, before arriving to your destination. The schedule of this tour is carefully designed to offer you a complete overview of Pamukkale’s history and natural beauty. The infamous travertines form the most iconic natural wonder in Pamukkale. This multi-layer, limestone mountain, has natural pools filled with thermal water. As you walk around, take your time to observe the interesting formation of this mountain, and don’t forget to snap some photos. Thermal springs in Pamukkale are of high importance since antiquity. For this reason, the guide will accompany you on an interesting visit at the ancient city of Hierapolis. The ruins include, among others, Roman baths, an ancient theatre, and a necropolis. To better understand the benefits of thermal water, you may, also, visit the Cleopatra’s Pool. This antique pool is 2000-years old, and famous for its rich concentration in minerals. Entrance comes at an extra cost, but the experience is rewarding. The schedule includes a lunch break at a local restaurant in the area. This tour finishes in the afternoon, with a transfer back to Fethiye, and a drop off at your hotel.

Dalyan: Full–Day Mud Bath & Turtle Beach Tour from Fethiye

7. Dalyan: Full–Day Mud Bath & Turtle Beach Tour from Fethiye

Enjoy a relaxing full-day tour of Dalyan on Turkey’s Lycian Coast, sailing by boat across the turquoise sea to Turtle Beach, officially known as Iztuzu Beach. Departing from Fethiye, admire the remarkable rock cut tombs of the Kings of Kaunos along the coast. Founded around the 9th century B.C. on the border of the Kingdom of Lycia, Kaunos became an important Carian city around 400 B.C. and its culture reflected aspects of both kingdoms. The tombs were designated for the kings and other powerful people of the city, and filled with food, money, jewelry and other valuable items. Marvel at the Dalyan Canal as it weaves its way from Köyceğiz Lake to the beach, a peninsula jutting out from the mainland. Famous for the endangered loggerhead turtles that lay their eggs in the sand, as well as blue crab, the beach is now protected to help conserve the turtles, making it out of bounds to the public from May through September. Jump into a mud bath for an indulgent and therapeutic wallow before your return transfer to Fethiye.

From Fethiye: Dalyan Day Trip with Mud Bath and Turtle Beach

8. From Fethiye: Dalyan Day Trip with Mud Bath and Turtle Beach

When joining our Dalyan Tour from Fethiye, you can expect to unfold the natural beauty of Dalyan River, and to create long lasting memories. The excursion begins in the morning, when a bus picks you up from your hotel in Fethiye. A professional driver will transfer you, for almost 40 minutes, towards the starting point of the boat trip. As the excursion is guided by a professional guide, expect to get a complete overview of the area’s history and importance. The schedule is designed in such way to offer you the best images of the area. When at the port, you will enter a spacious boat, and make yourself comfortable on the decks for an unforgettable river cruise. The boat trip is a great opportunity to unwind, snap some photos, and observe the unspoiled surroundings. At a point, you will be able to see the 4th century BC, rock-cut tombs of the ancient city of Caunos. An interesting stop takes place at the mud baths. During this time, you can enter the mud pools, and enjoy a relaxing and revitalise mud bath. The mud is known for its high concentration in minerals, and for having beneficial outcomes for the muscles and skin. The excursion’s highlight is, of course, the visit at the point where the river meets the sea. Turtle Beach is one of the most famous places in the area, as you can actually swim in both, the river, and the sea! The sandy terrain and the exceptionally tranquil setting are about to take your breath away. If you are lucky enough, you may spot some careta turtles. The tour finishes in the afternoon, when the bus drops you off back at your hotel in Fethiye.

Fethiye: 12 Islands Boat Tour with Swimming, Buffet, and Bar

9. Fethiye: 12 Islands Boat Tour with Swimming, Buffet, and Bar

One of the most beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean, Fethiye, which stands out at the beginning of the day tours, is the 12 Islands Boat Tour. After your pick-up from your hotel, our tour starts with the meeting of all our guests on our boat in the port of Fethiye. We are visiting the dodecanese islands and bays during our tour in the unique landscape of Fethiye Bay, where blue and green meet. Our bar, where you can find all kinds of Hot and Cold drinks at an affordable price, our fully equipped boat with a number of sun beds proportional to the person capacity of our boat and our toilets and bathrooms, which are always praised by our guests for their cleanliness, are at the service of our esteemed guests. Our 12 Islands Boat Tour route, which includes the beautiful bays and islands of Fethiye from each other, also stops at world-famous islands such as Yassica Islands, Kizil Island, Tersane Island. During the approximately one-hour swimming breaks we will give on each island, you can swim, sunbathe or go for a walk around the unique islands. Fresh chicken and fish cooked on the barbecue will be served as an open buffet in the most convenient view for lunch, while our boat is stationary. We are sure that you will love this unforgettable blue cruise towards Fethiye bay and its islands very much and you will want to join again. Our tour will end after our boat is connected to the port and your return service to your hotel.

Fethiye: Butterfly Valley Full-Day Boat Trip with Lunch

10. Fethiye: Butterfly Valley Full-Day Boat Trip with Lunch

1st. Stop Camel Beach 2.nd Stop Aquarium Bay 3.rd Stop St. Nicholas İsland (Open Buffed Lunch Time) 4.th Stop The Most Populer Places Butterfly Valley 5.th Stop Cold Water Spring Bay 6th Stop Blue Cave Each Stop You Going To Have 1 Hour Swim Time And End Of The Day We Are Coming Back to Ölüdeniz Beach Around 17:30 And We Will Drop off Back From Your Hotels About 18:00

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My wife and I had a great time flying with Hanuman, it was an incredible experience. Everything was perfectly managed from communication with the office, to punctual pick up service and highly experienced pilots. My pilot was Deniz and he was extremely safe and professional. My wife had Baris selected as her pilot as my wife was quite nervous and he has very good English, so he was able to talk with her and calm her down and made her so relaxed that she considered this flight as her number one experience of our one month holiday in Turkey! She thoroughly enjoyed her time in the air as did I. Well done Hanuman!

I went paragliding with Hanuman paragliding. It was absolutely astonishing! I have never experienced something like this before. Not only the paragliding was amazing but also the trip toward the peak of a high mountain with gorgeous views. The pilots of the flights were really kind and helpful. There wasn’t one moment were I felt unsure. I highly recommend paragliding with Hanuman to everyone whom is visiting Fethiye ! Thanks a lot to the crew from Hanuman

This was fantastic. We had never bin before and the staff were wonderful. I would recinrnd a pair of gloves ,sun glases and a coat as it gets a little cold with the wind . Flight is about 35-45 mins depending on wind . Minibus up to the top of the hill and Flight back down . It was brilliant.

Best jeep safari I have been on. Excellent customer service and soo much fun. I would recommend this to everyone

Awesome experience, exilerating! Bucket list stuff.