Amsterdam for couples: the most romantic things to do

Looking for date ideas in Amsterdam? Look no further than these romantic things to do in the city, from sunset canal cruises to sensory dining experiences.

As one of Europe's most charming cities, Amsterdam has an abundance of romantic activities for couples to enjoy. Whether you’re planning a date night or a big anniversary trip, there are so many amazing places to visit in Amsterdam with your partner. A stroll or cruise along the city's picturesque canals is just the start — the city is filled with hidden gems and nighttime experiences that are sure to dial up the romance.

You could try a couples’ massage. Capture your memories with a professional photographer, Amsterdam’s iconic landmarks as your backdrop. Or how about discovering the best food in the Dutch capital on a food tour or a pitch-black restaurant that heightens your other senses? These romantic experiences all contribute to what makes Amsterdam one of Europe’s most enchanting destinations for couples.


1. Capture the look of love with a personal photoshoot

Amsterdam is a beautiful city with countless picturesque locations: canals, narrow streets, and colorful buildings, just to name a few. A private photoshoot is a great way to create lasting memories of your trip with your loved one.

Best time to go:

Spring is perhaps the most beautiful season in this city, with blooming tulips adorning every street and canal. A late afternoon stroll along a canal with the setting sun casting warm light on old Dutch buildings can create some magical shots.


2. Visit Holland’s famous tulip fields

Whether you're looking to stroll through winding pathways lined with vibrant blooms or simply sit and enjoy a picnic in stunning gardens, a trip to Keukenhof, the world’s largest flower garden, has something for every couple.

Best time to go:

During spring, the garden comes alive with a sea of colorful tulips and other springtime flowers. Exact opening dates vary each year, but early April is considered peak season, and certainly the most romantic.


3. Take a romantic journey through the city’s canals

Glide through the peaceful waterways of Amsterdam on a canal tour with plenty of bubbly. Pass under scenic bridges and past colorful houses, and get swept away by the beauty of this charming city.

Best time to go:

"Golden hour" begins around an hour before sunset and provides a magical and romantic setting as the sun reflects off the canals creating breathtaking colors and patterns throughout the city.


4. Bask in the glow of sunset

On a sunset canoe tour in the Dutch countryside, the gentle flow of the water, combined with the soft glow of the setting sun, creates an idyllic atmosphere and an opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner while enjoying nature's beauty.

Best time to go:

The ideal time for this activity would be during the summer when the days are long and warm, providing a stunning orange-red sky at sunset.


5. Discover Amsterdam’s romantic history with your loved one

Explore the city with your loved one at your side and visit its most romantic locations and landmarks. When you play this Romantic Fairytale Outdoor Escape Game, you’ll find that two is better than one when it comes to finding clues.

Best time to go:

During the summer, early mornings and late evenings offer cooler temperatures and the chance to explore the city before it becomes too crowded. It also offers the chance to see the city in the most romantic of lights.


6. Pamper yourselves with a couple’s massage

Indulge in an couples massage session and you won't be disappointed. In a 3D capsule that blocks out disturbances, you and your loved one can relax the way you deserve to.

Best time to go:

There’s never a bad time for a massage, but to maximize your relaxation, try scheduling your session after a long day of walking or exploring the city to wind down and prepare you for a loved-up evening.


7. Plan for popping the question

In a city renowned for its diamond merchants, get an in-depth look at all aspects of diamond selection, grading, and jewelry setting, and learn how to choose the best cut, clarity, color, and carat weight during a diamond engagement ring workshop.

Best time to go:

No matter what time of day or year, it takes roughly two hours to complete this workshop. Plan ahead and set aside some time accordingly in the weeks leading up to popping the big question, or make it a surprise part of your trip.


8. Take a trip to the fairytale-like Dutch countryside

This Amsterdam boat cruise to Windmill Village at Zaanse Schans gives you the opportunity to take in picturesque windmills, quaint villages, and beautiful scenery while cuddling up close with someone special.

Best time to go:

As the weather warms up in the spring and summer months, there's no better way to appreciate the spectacular scenery than being out on the water and seeing the countryside come alive.


9. Star in a couple's photoshoot against incredible backdrops

Book a professional photoshoot at Rijksmuseum and Museumplein before your trip and you’ll soon be capturing stunning photos in a historic setting. With the help of an expert photographer and lighting equipment, you can bring out the best in your images and be sure that your final results exceed all expectations.

Best time to go:

During the "golden hour" of photography, one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset, the light is softer and warmer, creating a beautiful soft glow that can enhance any photograph.


10. Let your senses guide you through dinner

Take a sensory journey with your partner during a three-course Dinner in the Dark. Focus on how each dish tastes without visual distractions for an unforgettable shared experience.

Best time to go:

The restaurant is open year-round, but this is a great idea for the short winter days when you won’t be missing out on canalside dinners at sunset.


11. Cuddle up on a wintry walk

Summer in Amsterdam is great, but there’s plenty of romance in the chilly winter air too. Cozy up to your partner on a winter walking tour through the center of the city and to Jordaan before you cap off your evening with a tasty holiday treat.

Best time to go:

Join the guided walking tour in December as close as possible to Christmas for a festive experience that is only heightened by the warming complimentary gluhwein.


12. Drink some DIY cocktails

For a date idea that’s fun and engaging, try a cocktail making class where you can both experiment with your favorite spirits to create delicious drinks for each other.

Best time to go:

Late afternoon and turn it into cocktail hour — a perfect precursor to dinner and drinks at any time of year.


What are the most romantic activities to do in Amsterdam?

Couples can take a leisurely boat ride through the city's canals, admiring the captivating architecture and lush greenery. Visiting one of the city's cozy cafes or exploring local neighborhoods by bike are other great ways to spend time together.

What are some offbeat romantic things to do in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is full of unique activities, making it the perfect place to have a romantic adventure. Explore unusual neighborhoods, such as De Pijp or NDSM Werf, where local bars and music venues create a fun atmosphere perfect for couples. Alternatively, opt for an urban exploration tour together and discover art installations or interactive playgrounds.

What are the most romantic spots to watch the sunset in Amsterdam?

One popular spot is the Magere Brug, also known as the Skinny Bridge, which connects Amsterdam's city center to the River Amstel. With its delicate arch shape and charming lights that illuminate the bridge at night, it makes for an ideal place for couples to enjoy a quiet moment together while watching the sun dip beneath the horizon.

What are some romantic day trips from Amsterdam?

One popular option is Zaanse Schans, a picturesque village with iconic windmills, traditional wooden houses, and artisanal cheese makers. Couples can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the river and indulge in some cheese tasting at local vintage shops. Another must-visit destination is Keukenhof Gardens, where visitors are surrounded by colorful tulip fields that stretch as far as the eye can see.

What are the best places to take romantic photos in Amsterdam?

The classic choice is one of the historic bridges that cross over the city's canals, such as the Magere Brug or the Blauwbrug, which offer stunning views of Amsterdam's iconic gabled houses reflected in the water. Alternatively, head to one of Amsterdam's many parks for a more natural backdrop.