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Explore Messinia operates in the area of Messinia in southwestern Peloponnese, Greece. We provide alternative tourism services through guided activity, sightseeing, recreational and naturalist tours in sites of great natural beauty and historical interest. More precise, we are a company specializing in guided Sea Kayaking Τours, Hiking Tours and River Activities such as river trekking and river rafting Each tour takes place in areas of great natural beauty and is designed for the delight and appreciation of the natural environment, and the cultural elements of the past and present. The mission of Explore Messinia is to highlight the beauty of the coastal and terrestrial natural environment of Messinia while helping to preserve and protect it. The objective of Explore Messinia is to offer alternative tourism services to anyone motivated by love for the natural environment seeking a little bit of adventure and action, but also to those looking for just the beneficial contact with nature. The philosophy of the company is interwoven with the principles of ecotourism and operates under the following guidelines: - Supports and contributes to the protection of the natural environment - Creates environmental awareness and sensitize visitors to environmental issues - Minimizes negative impacts on the natural environment - Contributes to education and knowledge of visitors to the local culture, customs and other local traditions.

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