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From Marrakech: Essaouira & Atlantic Coast Full-Day Trip

1. From Marrakech: Essaouira & Atlantic Coast Full-Day Trip

Experience the bohemian vibe of Essaouira on the Atlantic coast on a full-day tour from Marrakech. Transfer by air-conditioned vehicle across west Morocco, enjoying views of the arid landscape and argan trees en route (subject to availability). Stop at the town of Chichaoua for coffee. Arrive in Essaouira approximately 2 hours after your departure from Marrakech. Get your 1st views of more than 6 miles (10 kilometers) of golden beaches, popular with surfers for the constant, bracing winds. Once in Essaouira you are free to explore the medina and Portuguese architecture on your own. self guided to the Skala du Port and bastion southeast of the medina.  Stroll the labyrinthine streets of the medina, hearing traditional Gnaoua Muic music on every corner. Watch artisans at work, crafting thuya wood crafts. Continue to the fishing port to see the fishermen selling their catch of the day. Taste fresh seafood over lunch in the port. Then, take a walk along the beach before your transfer back to Marrakech.  En route, stop at an argan oil cooperative to see how the Berber ladies process the traditional argan oil, known locally as “liquid gold.”

Friend-Guide Essaouira city tour

2. Friend-Guide Essaouira city tour

Start the tour exploring the harbor town with possibility to enjoy oysters of the day. Continue to the square of the medina to enjoy and learn about the famous international heritage of Gnaoua music, Wonder along the Romantic alleys to explore different handmade ( you can tailor your own clothes ), Visit The Scala and learn the brief history of the Town, Stop for a cup of tea in local style to experience and feel the local life, Continue to explore facts and believes that can be seen in doors of houses and homes, Visit the Souks and the Local fish market with your possibility to Enjoy buying fish and cook on place, Explore a workshop of the most famous artwork of Essaouira ( Thuya wood ) End the tour at a place of your choice in the Medina.

Essaouira: Area Highlights 3 hours E-Bike Tour

3. Essaouira: Area Highlights 3 hours E-Bike Tour

Enjoy an unforgettable experience, combining cool driving, views, visits and encounters. We'll start our adventure with an easy introduction to the use of our electric bikes (easy and accessible to all) in the shadow of the Kasbah mosque, then ride from Bab Sbaa along the beach to a picturesque viewpoint over the island of Mogador, which will hold no secrets for you. We will then reach the Oued Ksob and Dar El Sultan, the sumptuous sandy palace. We then continue our ride through the old hippy village, stopping for some memorable photos. We carry on exploring to Ghazoua, the village of the first argan trees, where you can find out all about this plant treasure and its uses. After a tea and cake break in a magical spot, we'll head gently back down to the town, following the course of the river. On the way back, you'll be able to enjoy a number of magnificent views of Essaouira's sumptuous medina... Join us for an unforgettable experience in the picturesque landscape of Essaouira!

Essaouira: Guided Quad Bike Tour and Camel Ride

4. Essaouira: Guided Quad Bike Tour and Camel Ride

Experience the thrill of a quad biking adventure in Essaouira with a group of friends or family. Discover the hinterland of this beautiful region accompanied by an expert guide. Explore diverse landscapes including vast sand dunes, lush pine forests and cherished landmarks like Dar Sultan Palace, Bourj El Baroud and more.  Whether you’re an experienced driver or just a beginner, benefit from an expert instructor who will tailor your experience to your skill level and preferences. Pump up your adrenaline as you zoom around this stunning location and snap some atmospheric photos as souvenirs along the way.

Essaouira: Guided Dromedary Riding Tour

5. Essaouira: Guided Dromedary Riding Tour

Our well-trained dromedaries are led by one of our experienced guides. During the ride, the dromedaries walk in a caravan, one behind the other, according to Berber tradition. To mount, they lie down and the participants can sit on the specially made dromedary saddles. The adventure begins: Leisurely step we leave Diabat to stride towards the sea. After a short while we reach the palace of the black sultan, which was also the background for several movies. Then we reach the ocean, with its wide, endless sandy beach. You can meet fishermen, or cows and donkeys that visit the fresh water springs on the beach. A break to take a souvenir photo and it goes back to Diabat by another way, through the Mimosa and Tuja Forest. 0-4 years free (sharing the dromedary with parents, maximum one child with one adult) 5 to 8 years: half price if sharing the dromedary (maximum one child with one adult) and full price if riding alone from 9 years: full price if riding alone or sharing the dromedary NB: each dromedary can have a maximum of two people on it, even in the case of a baby, for safety reasons. If there are three children in a family of two adults, the oldest child will have a dromedary on its own or with the guide, paying the corresponding fee

Essaouira Atlantic coast Day trip from marrakech

6. Essaouira Atlantic coast Day trip from marrakech

This day trip to Essaouira from Marrakech will enable you to see the lovely seaside town of Essaouira. Throughout your excursion from Marrakech, you’ll get a chance to make two or three stop for a cup of coffee in Chichaoua village, after that, you will head to across the Argan trees forest, on your way admire the beautiful olive groves, and even goats climbing Argan trees. stop for some pictures before you continue your day tour to Essaouira. Here you will visit the Berber women cooperative and Learn how they produce rich Argan oil, named the Moroccan liquid gold. Upon arrival in Essaouira, You will have enough free time out of experience to explore the city on your own, Also called Mogador, Essaouira is a lovable, serene town on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. First thing you can Visit the old port of Essaouira and the Scala. It is an eighteenth-century bastion that protected the city. On top of the bastion, you can see medieval war cannons its an advantage of the picturesque overlooking at Atlantic ocean, As you can free yourself in the vibrant streets of the popular Medina. Have we mentioned that there are also delicious restaurants here? Indeed, the seafood restaurants along the beach are accessible in different varieties and very reasonable prices, Explore the tradition of the city of refined artistry, The beaches are perfect for windsurfing, as winds here blow continuously on the quiet ocean. Travelers like you can also can take advantage of riding on a camel while you’re on the beach. Late in the afternoon, You will end your day trip to Essaouira with a drop off at your hotel or the nearest car-accessible point to your riad in Marrakech

From Casablanca to Essaouira: An Enchanting 11-Day Trip

7. From Casablanca to Essaouira: An Enchanting 11-Day Trip

Day 1: Casablanca Your journey begins in the vibrant city of Casablanca. Explore the iconic Hassan II Mosque, a masterpiece of Moroccan architecture, and stroll along the lively Corniche, enjoying the views of the Atlantic Ocean. Day 2: Rabat Travel to the country's capital, Rabat, where history blends seamlessly with modernity. Discover the historical landmarks such as the Royal Palace, Hassan Tower, and the Kasbah of the Udayas. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the city's bustling markets and savor the flavors of Moroccan cuisine. Day 3: Chefchaouen via Romance City and Meknes En route to the mesmerizing blue city of Chefchaouen, make a stop at the romantic city of Volubilis, renowned for its ancient Roman ruins. Continue your journey to Meknes, another imperial city known for its historical significance. Day 4: Fes Arrive in the cultural heart of Morocco, Fes, where you will spend the night. Lose yourself in the labyrinthine streets of Fes Medina. Immerse yourself in the vibrant souks, visit historical sites like the Al-Attarine Madrasa, and experience the bustling atmosphere of this ancient city. Day 5: Fes Tour Embark on a guided tour of Fes, delving deeper into the city's rich heritage and architectural wonders. Explore the famous tanneries, visit the stunning Bou Inania Madrasa, and witness the vibrant life unfolding in the narrow alleys of the Medina. Day 6: Erfoud and Merzouga Journey south towards Erfoud, known as the "Gateway to the Sahara." Experience the changing landscapes as you venture into the Sahara Desert, reaching the captivating dunes of Merzouga. Enjoy an unforgettable camel ride through the golden sands and witness the mesmerizing sunset over the Sahara horizon. Day 7: Ouarzazate via the Gorges of Toudra Travel through the awe-inspiring Gorges of Toudra, marveling at the towering cliffs and dramatic scenery. Continue to Ouarzazate, known as the "Hollywood of Morocco," and pass by the magnificent Kasbahs that dot the landscape. Day 8: Marrakech via Ait Benhaddou Visit the iconic Ait Benhaddou, a Unesco World Heritage site and a stunning example of a traditional Moroccan ksar. Journey through the picturesque High Atlas Mountains, capturing breathtaking views, before arriving in Marrakech. Day 9: Marrakech Tour Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Marrakech, exploring its bustling souks, historic palaces, and lively Djemaa el-Fna square. Discover the architectural marvels of the Bahia Palace and the Koutoubia Mosque. Indulge your senses with a visit to the colorful Jardin Majorelle or experience the tranquility of the Saadian Tombs. Day 10: Essaouira Head west to the charming coastal town of Essaouira. Known for its stunning beaches, vibrant medina, and Portuguese influences, Essaouira offers a refreshing escape from the bustling cities. Explore the picturesque harbor, wander through the narrow streets of the medina, and savor the local seafood delicacies. Day 11: Return to Casablanca

9 Days Tour from Tangier to Marrakech

8. 9 Days Tour from Tangier to Marrakech

Day 1: Tangier airport/port transfer Upon your arrival at Tangier airport/port, our agent will welcome you and take you on a fascinating city tour, tailored to your schedule. Free time & overnight stay in Tangier. Day 2: Tangier to Chefchaouen via Akchour waterfalls After breakfast, The journey from Tangier to Chefchaouen via the Akchour waterfalls. Free time and overnight stay in Chefchaouen. Day 3: From Chefchaouen to Fes visiting Volubilis Our journey from Chefchaouen to Fes takes us on a historical adventure, with visits to some of the most culturally significant landmarks in Morocco. We'll explore the ancient city of Volubilis. Our next stop is the imperial city of Meknes, then we continue our drive to Fes. Free time & overnight stay in Fes. Day 4: Walking Tour of Fes After breakfast, our local guide will take you on a tour to explore the historical & cultural heritage of Fes. Overnight stay in Fes. Day 5: From Fes to Merzouga Desert Early departure from Fes to Merzouga desert via Ifran, Midelt, Errachidia, and Erfoud. Upon your arrival, you'll be treated to a delicious dinner under the stars, accompanied by traditional local music and a cozy campfire. Your private tent will be waiting for you, providing a comfortable overnight stay in the heart of the Merzouga desert. Day 6: From Merzouga Desert to Boumalne Dades Experience the wonder of an early morning wake-up call to witness the captivating magical colors that adorn the sky. After breakfast, our journey takes us to Boumalne Dades via Todgha Gorge. Overnight stay in Dades Valley. Day 7: From Boumalne Dades to Marrakech After breakfast, we drive to Marrakech via the Valley of Roses, Ouarzazate visiting the Atlas studio. We visit also the ancient Ait Benhaddou Kasbah and Telouat Kasbah. The drive continues via the high Atlas Mountains to Marrakech. Free time & overnight stay in Marrakech. Day 8: Walking tour of Marrakech + Essaouira Our local guide will take on a cultural tour of Marrakech, then we drive to Essaouira. Free time & overnight stay in Marrakech. Day 9: Half day free in Essaouira, transfer to Marrakech Free time to explore the coastal wind Essaouira or Taros in Berber. The city attracts plenty of windsurfers between April and November. The city is well known also for its fortified medina and its art galleries and boutique, or watch the fishing nets and traditional boats constructed in the hugely atmospheric port. The city also has a vibrant cultural mix. Transfer to Marrakech and drop off at your accommodation.

From Marrakesh: Essaouira Day Trip

9. From Marrakesh: Essaouira Day Trip

Essaouira day trip from Marrakech offers a delightful escape to the coastal city known for its vibrant culture, captivating history, and picturesque scenery. Departing from Marrakech in the morning, you'll embark on a scenic drive through the Moroccan countryside towards the Atlantic coast. Upon arrival in Essaouira, you'll be greeted by the city's charming blue and white medina walls, which create a striking contrast against the azure sea. As you step into the narrow winding streets of the medina, you'll find yourself immersed in a lively atmosphere filled with colorful shops, bustling markets, and the aroma of freshly cooked seafood. Stroll along the ancient ramparts that encircle the city, offering panoramic views of the ocean and the picturesque harbor filled with traditional blue fishing boats. The refreshing sea breeze and the sound of seagulls overhead create a serene ambiance as you explore the charming streets lined with art galleries, handicraft shops, and quaint cafés. The beach in Essaouira is a popular spot for relaxation and water activities. Feel the sand between your toes as you take a leisurely walk along the shoreline or enjoy a refreshing dip in the Atlantic waters. You may even have the opportunity to witness local fishermen skillfully maneuvering their boats or practicing the age-old art of net fishing. Seafood lovers will delight in the abundance of fresh seafood available in Essaouira. Savor a delicious lunch at a local restaurant, where you can indulge in the city's famous grilled fish and other local specialties. Afterward, take your time to continue exploring the city's cultural landmarks, such as the Skala de la Ville, a fortification offering stunning views of the coast, or the lively Place Moulay Hassan, where you can soak in the lively atmosphere and observe the local way of life. As the day comes to a close, you'll embark on the return journey to Marrakech, carrying with you memories of Essaouira's charm, coastal beauty, and vibrant cultural scene.

Marrakech: 2 hours Religious understanding private tour

10. Marrakech: 2 hours Religious understanding private tour

Meeting point at the square of Kououbia mosque. We learn the history of the site, the Believe of Islam faith and understand religious and social dimension of the architecture. We continue through alleyway to learn the culture if neighborhood and the believes that can be seen in house doors. We exteriorly visit one tomb among 7 saints of Marrakesh to understand the religion between yesterday and today in term of education and learning. We continue the tour along the Souks to arrive the Medrassa Ben youssef. Here we learn spiritual dimension of calligraphy that can be seen in wood, limestones and Mosaics architecture. We are open to any kind of question you might have and end the tour…. We will be pleased to give you more time and open to discussion.

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We had fun exploring Essaouira, i want to give all the credit to our driver Ishmael for giving us a wonderful experience. He became our driver consecutively from a different tour (Sahara Desert). I believe this tour is worth it since you’ll get to experience different scenery out of Marrakech. And if you’re a fan of GOT you’ll truly enjoy this tour.

It’s a long way to Essaouira, about 3h , from Marrakech. However we got lucky and our driver was very nice ( Ismail). The town it’s really nice and full of gift shops. There is also a little beach zone. The guided tour at Essaouira was nice but it felt short.

It was a very good experience. The guide in Essaouria was very helpful, he gave us several tips in addition to explanations. The people in Morocco are very friendly in general. You will really enjoy this experience.

It was Phenomenal!!! I loved the experience and learning about the camels and desert. The guide - Mustafa - was the best!

Great and affordable trip. The guide in Essaouira was exceptional!