What to eat in Las Vegas: 12 must-try local delights

Wondering what to eat in Las Vegas? Explore the city's culinary treasures and take the best food tours to try these foodie highlights.

Culinary masters from all over the world have turned the Las Vegas dining scene into one of the hottest gastronomic landscapes in the United States. It draws foodies from across the world in search of variety and big flavors. They find them in Sin City, from one-pound Italian meatballs to Wild West-inspired BBQ dinners. And seeking them out is just one of the fun things to do here.

From classic American comfort food to international flavors, late-night street eats to romantic meals, whatever you crave in Vegas, you’ll find in Vegas. Jump straight into a culinary adventure with this guide to the best food to eat in Las Vegas.


1. Dive into a classic shrimp cocktail

Shrimp cocktails have been a classic in Las Vegas’ restaurants since the manager of the Golden Gate casino brought them to the city in 1959. The freshness of seafood finds the perfect match in the tangy and zesty ingredients of cocktail sauce.

How to eat the best shrimp cocktail in Las Vegas?

The Luxor Hotel and Casino serves shrimp cocktails around the clock. Since you’re here, continue with the classy and nostalgic theme by visiting the grand dining rooms at the Titanic: The Artifacts exhibition.


2. Bite into the original Legendary burger

The Legendary burger is one of the most in-demand menu items at the legendary Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas. The origins of the dish go back to 1971. While burgers seem a basic meal, getting every ingredient right is a completely different story, and that’s where the Legendary burger creators got it right.

How to eat the best Legendary burger in Las Vegas?

Have a two- or three-course meal at Hard Rock Las Vegas on the Las Vegas Strip, which also includes unlimited soft drinks, dessert, and VIP priority seating.


3. Taste the sea in an Italian brodetto

Brodetto is a traditional fish stew brought to Las Vegas by great Italian chefs. Fishermen in the Venice area have been making brodetto since the 16th century, though every region has its own recipe. Now you can try this dish full of Mediterranean flavor in Vegas, a city where Italian cuisine still has a strong influence.

How to eat the best brodetto in Las Vegas?

Book the Buddy V's Ristorante lunch and helicopter flight and try Buddy V’s Sardinian-style brodetto in a very classy setting.


4. Saddle up for an authentic BBQ dinner

Whether at a formal restaurant or in an informal outdoor setting, BBQ dinners are an emblem of American food culture, thanks to their slow-cooked succulent meat cuts, smoky flavors, side trimmings, and delish sauces.

How to eat the best BBQ in Las Vegas?

Find out how Nevada excels at BBQ dinners with a Wild West sunset BBQ dinner and horseback ride. This tour of the Wild West takes you into the desert wilderness and ends on a high note with a campfire BBQ dinner.


5. Experience a fiesta of flavor on a taco tour

Mexican cuisine is huge in the States, and Vegas is no exception, with great variety of tacos you can sample while in Sin City. Many taco joints lay claim to the best bites in town, so it’s best to have an insider lead you on a tour.

How to eat the best tacos in Las Vegas?

Do it the Mexican way and wash them down with tequila during a tacos and tequila walking tour.


6. Savor a traditional Italian pizza

Pizza lovers could spend their entire stay in Vegas sampling them all: from Sicilian style to Californian pizza, including wood-fired pizza and gluten-free options, they’re all available in the streets of Vegas. And they’re the real deal too.

How to eat the best Italian pizza in Las Vegas?

Pizza Rock and Good Pie are conveniently located in downtown Vegas and serve specialty and artisan pizzas. Follow up with a craft beer tour for the perfect combo.


7. Have a scoop of gelato bliss

When it comes to must eat food in Las Vegas, few people would think about gelato, but the truth is that this Italian treat matches the carefree spirit of Sin City to perfection. Over the years, local gelato makers have turned this frozen delight into art, adding unique twists to the original recipe.

How to eat the best gelato in Las Vegas?

The Venetian hotel has an outdoor gelato bar with more than 30 flavors on offer. This would be the perfect way to reward yourself after a 2-hour Segway tour of the city.


8. Try the bold flavors of drunk dogs

Nobody knows exactly how or when drunk dogs made their first appearance in American cuisine, but they’re now a staple in most pub and bar menus. If you like sweet and tangy sauces with a touch of bourbon or beer, you’ll love drunk dogs.

How to eat the best drunk dogs in Las Vegas?

Several bars in the lively Arts District feature drunk dogs on their menus. Get introduced to the neighborhood’s bar scene with the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District and Brewery Row walking tour.


9. Zest up your evening with lemon spaghetti

Try this classic pasta dish that combines zesty lemon with the creamy texture of Parmesan and olive oil. You can find this dish at some of the best Italian eateries in Vegas, but Giada De Laurentiis’s restaurant at the Cromwell Hotel and Casino is the place to try it.

How to eat the best lemon spaghetti in Las Vegas?

If you’re inspired by the chic and sophisticated atmosphere of the Cromwell, make the entire evening a classy experience by going on a Mobsters, Casinos, and Speakeasies Bar Crawl.


10. Discover the best donuts in Las Vegas

Treat yourself to some of the best donuts in Vegas. PinkBox Donuts is a Vegas-based chain that has managed to make an art of this classic American sweet treat. There are three PinkBox locations in Vegas, offering nearly 80 varieties in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors.

How to eat the best donuts in Las Vegas?

Your visit to PinkBox got you hooked on donuts? Indulge your sweet tooth on the Underground Donut Tour.


11. Satisfy your cravings with a delectable tri-tip

Meat lovers won’t be able to resist the heavenly flavor and texture of tri-tip, a good-quality cut that makes for a bold and satisfying steak.

How to eat the best tri-tip in Las Vegas?

Get your ticket for the Marriage Can Be Murder dinner show, where in addition to playing detective, you’ll get to sample a feast that includes a succulent smoked bourbon brown sugar tri-tip.


12. Indulge in one-pound meatball madness

There’s no better example of this than the famous one-pound meatball, a Vegas-style take on a classic Italian dish. That’s one whole pound of meat, sumptuous Ricotta, enhanced with the flavor of fresh Italian herbs.

How to eat the best one-pound meatball in Las Vegas?

This one-pound delight is available at various restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip, including Lavo Italian Restaurant.


What are the must-try traditional dishes in Las Vegas?

Some of the top foods to try are pizza, tacos, and classic American dishes like juicy burgers or mouthwatering steaks.

What are the best food tours in Las Vegas?

If you want to know what food is Las Vegas known for, taking a culinary tour is the best option. Guided tour recommendations include Secret Food Tours Las Vegas and Craft Beer101 - Brewery Tour & Unlimited Tastings, which includes a BBQ lunch.

What are the top local food markets in Las Vegas to visit?

Try popular food and soak up Las Vegas’ lively ambiance at Container Park, which is also one of the top attractions in downtown Vegas, or drop by Broadacres Marketplace, the biggest of its kind in Nevada.

What is the best time of year to visit Las Vegas for food lovers?

Early fall and spring are the best seasons to visit Vegas if you’re a food lover. In October and May, Las Vegas is home to several food festivals where visitors can sample the most exquisite culinary delights of world cuisine. Some food festivals of note include the Great American Foodie Fest and Las Vegas Food and Wine Festival.

How much should I budget for food in Las Vegas?

If you’re going to stick to street food and cafes, $50 to $100 per day should be more than enough. Eating out in mid-range restaurants will cost upwards of $100 per day, and a high-end fine dining experience can cost $200 per day and above.